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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 158 - Robert’s fiery love of God. Helena’s commendable speech, her timidity before the most holy. The Lord’s bracing response

1. With these words Robert actually jumps down from atop the pyramid, forgetting even his most beautiful wife in his rush towards Me. Coming up to Me, he intends to sink down at My feet and pour his heart out to Me. But I remind him that this time he forgot his wife Helena.

2. Robert, stirred, says: Oh Lord, Father Jesus, who can in Your presence be conscious of anything other than Yourself! I indeed love the most beautiful and pious Helena like one of my better limbs or my entire spiritual body, but You alone are now My everything forever – My God, My Lord and Father! What would a world full of Helena’s be without You?? Nothing! But if it pleases You, then I can be completely happy without a Helena. Nevertheless, I’m going to fetch her, as she is a gift out of Your hand, and hence endlessly worthy, dear and pleasant.”

3. Say I: ‘Indeed, go and get her! For she is watching us in sadness, thinking she somehow offended you because you left her!”

4. Robert hastens over to Helena, saying: “Come come, my beloved wife; only out of exceeding love of the Lord did I forget you for a brief moment. But all is well again! Hence come with me over to the Lord, and cheer up!”

5. Says Helena: “My loving heart to the Lord and you, thankfully, for looking at me again! For my heart was truly troubled that it had somehow sinned. But now all’s well again, for you were drawn by the only just and true love, away from me and towards God, the holy Father! But now haul also me over before Him, who is still the only Lord of my heart, and shall be so forever. Let our hearts be united before Him Who first filled them with His love, so that when your flesh shall presently be purified through resurrection in the fire of God’s love, mine shall also be purified, enabling us two to then be happy as one heart, one mind, one love, one most blessed life and being; before Him.”

6. Robert nearly melts for love, bringing Helena over to Me. She too is intent on falling down upon her face on arrival. But I prevent her from doing so, saying to her: “Well now My most beloved Helena, do you no longer dare to love Me the way you did a short while back? Look you here, I am perpetually the same!” Says Helena, whining: “To the eye indeed, but you have become completely different to the heart, much greater and more holy! The heart now quivers before Your greatness and holiness for You truly are the only God!”

7. Say I: “Well, most beloved Helena, this you already knew before, yet you had no such holy inhibition. You kissed Me with your entire heart’s fervour! Think back and stay consistent, just as I always remain unchangeable true to My own self, and you shall then not drop back into such unnecessary fear of My godly majesty!”

8. Says Helena: “Oh Lord, you exceedingly good, holy Father! This is no longer possible by any means, because at first encounter Your godliness still has a predominately human aspect, making You still bearable for the heart of a poor sinner; but after the steadily multiplying effect of the most wonderful occurrences, the endless difference between you, oh Lord, and a creature that in time, and with your system, has to develop itself freely: that puts an end to the human veneer. How undisguised Your deity in all its holiness then stands before our eyes! It is then obvious that we must be overcome by a certain holy inhibition.

9. I was filled already to excess with wonder when glimpsing the first two chambers within this Robert’s mansion, wondering unceasingly and praising You for Your goodness, love and wisdom. Subsequently however, Your love escorted us to this museum, where Robert’s carnal nature is presented in images of correspondences, and here there is no end of intrigue, especially the exalted signification of those peculiar inscriptions upon the steps of the great pyramid, where one could dissolve to the last drop of heart-gripping reverence and adoration for You, oh Lord! Whence there can no longer be any talk of my first, fearless stance!”

10. Say I: “Well, your excuses don’t count for overmuch with me! I know best what you are presently feeling; but I also know that it is written ‘be ye therefore perfect, even as Your Father in Heaven is perfect!’ But how can a child achieve this if it fears the Father more than the rabbit fears the roar of a lion!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-158 Chapter