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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 159 - Parable of the artist and his pupils. The Lord’s gentle counsel leads Helena back to the love of a celestial bride

1. I continue: Behold, I shall give you a parable, and we shall see what aspect the thing I ask of you shall then take on.

2. There was once upon Earth a great master of painting, whose paintings lacked only life itself to fully render the truth presented. This master’s works attracted many admirers from all parts of the world, among them also some talents who sought development. This pleased the master, and he spared no effort to make something out of the young talents.

3. Among his many art disciples there were some imbued with the greatest talents, but their respect for their master was so excessive that they hardly dared to take up the brush, believing that their best efforts to attain even one atom of their master’s greatness would founder. But the less talented thought of themselves: we know of a truth that our master stands there beyond reach in his art and that we shall not be worthy of handing him the water. But we shall not let our respect run away to where we fear to paint at all. We shall on the contrary be so devoted to him that we will learn whatever we can. This is certain to please him more than if we simply remain dumb admirers of the works in his workshop. For this too amounts to a kind of praising the great master if the thousands feel so drawn to his great works of art that they will strive with all their diligence and zeal, under the master’s tutelage, develop into competent artists.

4. Now say unto me: which of these types of disciples shall the master give preference – the too reverent, or the less reverent but greater emulators of his art, for which their hearts are aglow?

5. Or, who would you yourself prefer – someone so stunned by your beauty that he cannot summon the courage to confess his love, or someone whose love is so kindled by your beauty that he has the guts to confess his indescribable love for you! Tell me your opinion!”

6. Says Helena: “Oh Lord, the second one! I already capitulate, seeing my error!”

7. Say I: “Well then, what are you going to do in my case? Will you become as friendly again as after your salvation from the yoke of your spiritual death?”

8. Says Helena, fairly tongue-tied: “Mm, should… of course, b. b. but him, if only you were not so holy! If I consider that you are God, the eternally almighty, holy and all-wise, and I no more than a little thought spark out of you, then an immense reverence for you and your holy eyes overcomes me so that I could sink to the depths before you!

9. You indeed give the gentle appearance of a most pious lamb and the good heartedness of a mother, when her beloved little ones kiss her hands. But it is also storms, lightning, hailstorms and thunder that sometimes come, from Your well-disposed eyes over the entire world, for the alarming of all people. There I think to myself: the almighty indeed looks like man, yet is something completely different! And there is certainly no humour in Him; He is indeed endlessly good to those He loves, but proceeds quite differently with those who will have no bar of his order!

10. Such thoughts enter my heart quite uninvited, and I am not to blame if I am then overcome by deeper respect for You. I would indeed hazard to assert that You cannot even as God Himself properly comprehend what a weak creature must feel if finding itself before You. For You it is bound to be fun to stand before trillions of Your beings and love them as will please Your divine feelings. But we creatures can do so only with a hidden, respectful shudder.

11. If it were up to me then I could of course, as they say ‘clean love you to death. But – yeah there is that awful but! ’

12. Say I: “My, aren’t you clever now! I shall have to receive counsel from you yet. But look, scarecrow, if I could not feel what you feel as creature, from whom else could any feeling have been implanted in you at all? Did I not create you fully rather than half! There you have again come up with some leftovers from your Viennese wisdom!

13. Look here, what good would be a feeble God! God has to be omnipotent and wise above everything, or He would otherwise have to in the end perish, together with you! What will you say now, am I still so shocking, or perhaps not?”

14. Here Helena starts to smile again, saying after a while: “Thou dearest heavenly Father! With Your persuasiveness all exaggerated fear of You must ultimately leave us! But now you are also going to be loved by me beyond all measure!”

15. Say I: “Then come here to My bosom and let your heart go!” Helena hesitates no more, falling upon my chest and covering it with many a tear of joy, love-sighs and kisses.

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-159 Chapter