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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 160 - Pater Cyprian offended at Helena’s love-storm. Thunderous words at priestly presumption

1. After a lengthy period of Helena’s indulgence at my bosom from fervent love, Pater Cyprian approaches, saying: “It seems to me that this one wants to possess You by herself! What shall be left over for us? This Robert’s wife is in love with You, oh Lord, lock, stock and barrel, and this seems to go somewhat too far! Behold, the most blessed virgin and a great many other women present surely love You above all as well, yet without that kind of fussing. You are of course the Lord, and I would not hazard advising you in all eternity; but the thing seems odd, for this one has verily sunk her teeth into You! No, such besottedness I have not seen in my life! She will not hang fire!”

2. Say I: “Will this not amaze you! And anger also is stirring you. But I say unto you: he who is offended in Me does not fare well! He who does not love me as this Helena, verily shall have a feeble part in My kingdom!

3. If you loved Me like this one then her love would not seem exaggerated to you. But because you are much poorer in love than this one, her great wealth is a thorn in your eye. But concerning Me, I say unto you that her great love does not in the least embarrass Me. But your remarks have really started to bother Me!

4. The fact that mother Mary and a great many other women don’t exhibit their innermost love towards Meso conspicuously in Paradise is because, as celestial beings for a long time already, they bear the same love internally this Helena now manifests externally; now you know enough! And now step further into the background, or this one shall not be able to give her heartfelt, much desired love free reign!”

5. Says the Franciscan, tarrying a little longer: “Lord, will I have to stay in the background even if my heart too is kindled with such zealous love for You?”

6. Say I: “True love is here the deciding measure, determining how close someone can get to Me! If you have the right love that is devoid of all self-interest then you are the closest to Me. But the greater the number of self-love sparks flashing from your heart, the further removed your position from Me.

7. Behold, the Roman Bishops are right now holding conclaves upon Earth, about their ecclesiastical affairs, such as money, their standing and concessions, to further dim the human condition; self-interest drives them to it. Wherefore they are immensely far removed from Me, and their sittings and counsels shall remain fruitless and vain. I say unto you: self-aggregating precedence ahead of Me, these are the very last!”

8. He who pretends to love Me but exhibits jealousy of My love for others is not My friend and not worthy of My love! And he who says: ‘only through this or that method of repentance can you assure yourself of God’s love and eternal life in heaven is a liar and belongs to hell, together with all his ilk! For I am a Lord and love whosoever I will, and am gracious to whoever I will and make blissful whoever I will! I do not bind Myself to status-seeking and selfish, fattened prophets who constantly hold feeble mankind in heaviest bondage. Beware all who have the audacity to mete out My love to mankind as if they had such right to do so! Their rights shall soon be drastically foreshortened!

9. Behold, my friend Cyprian, just as the Roman Bishops now hold their councils for the aim of upholding their ancient power and glitter levels, whilst the welfare of my nations means little to them – just so there is something typically Roman Catholic within you, which would envy and disturb my dear daughter’s love towards Me. Whence I will not forbid you outright from staying, since you have already passed certain tests of purified love towards Me. If you can stay, then stay! But if your envy and anger will not permit it, then go!”

10. To these words, the Franciscan’s face turns gloomy, saying to himself: well, I never thought Him to be that severe! My God and My Lord, what’s to become of me if He shows me the door? He is indeed eternally right; there is not one good hair upon us pastors’ heads. But what happens to us if He tells us to go? But he also said I could stay! But am I capable of staying, free of envy and anger? Unfortunately not, but this shall and must change! The Lord indeed once said that mankind’s souls and bodies stem from the fallen and judged Satan and that from one or the other part of the Prince of the lie. I am bound to come from his horns, because nothing if not revolting stuff stirs in my heart. And other things too will be out of Satan’s most wicked heart, as they seem to be made up of nothing but envy, meanness, domineering, arrogance and many another devilishness. Oh Lord, drive Satan out me too!”

11. Say I: “You shall now be able to stay with Ludwig and his friend! But have a word also with your colleague Thomas and his friend Dismas; these will drive the Satan residues out of you.”

12. Cyprian does so with a more cheerful face; I however summon Robert.

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-160 Chapter