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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 161 - Miraculous transformation of the soul-crypts. Robert receives his celestial name, the angel Sahariel as leader

1. After Robert, returns to Me with dispatch and saturated with love for Me and beside himself with joy for the grace I showed his Helena, the gravestones suddenly all disappear, and mighty lights akin to suns rise in their places. These rise and hover upwards in a delightful succession, hovering until they come to rest in the high heavenly firmament in clusters as powerfully shining stars of the first magnitude.

2. After a while of marvelling by all those in attendance, a shining spirit is seen floating down. He comes to stand at the spot where the abovementioned pyramid has stood, holding a pleated, sky blue robe studded with shiny stars in his right hand.

3. Everyone is so taken aback that they hardly dare breathing for reverence. Even Robert, filled with consternation, stands before Me, hardly daring to move his tongue. Only Helena, although thoroughly intrigued, summons courage to ask Me the meaning of it.

4. Say I: “Behold, My daughter, all this comes out of Robert’s flesh! The angel over there has made the latter into a gown and in response to My command has brought it over to Robert as if from the Heavens. You yourself have contributed much to this important purpose, for the great love power of your heart helped much to dissolve and purify the flesh. Hence go over to the angel and lead him here, that he may hand the celestial dress to Robert and put it on him! For this already is a true garment for eternal life!”

5. Enraptured by My prompting, she hastens over to the shining angel, praying him to come over to Me, and the angel obliges and they come. Arrived, he bows down deeply and hands the garment to Robert with a most friendly mien, Robert nearly dissolving for love and reverence, finding himself dressed the same moment the angel hands it to him.

6. Standing in front of Me in the gown of immortality, I ask him: “Well now, my friend and brother Robert-Uraniel how do you like this vestment, and what do you think of this transformation?” Says Robert-Uraniel: “Lord, Thou only one, holy Father filled with deepest love! I had already sometimes on Earth dimly perceived that in the course of the more pure life, there are moments that make man’s tongue dumbfounded, with even though standing still. Wanting to speak, one found no words. How much more must this be the case here in the kingdom of spirits, where one extraordinary miracle follows another! Whence, oh Lord, You will forgive me if I am all but speechless for great joy and love of You. This sublime thing came too suddenly for me to get a hold of myself. But if You will allow me a little while then I shall be able to say a few words about all these things.”

7. Say I: “Very well then, just go along with this angel! He will now show you this museum as an actual one. But come back when finished and reveal to all here what you saw and heard in there. But to be able to cope with the effort, you shall be moving with true spiritual speed at this angel’s side. Upon Earth you often referred to such speed as that of thought.” (Turning myself to the angel) “Sahariel, behold your brother Uraniel! Lead him through these wonders of his soul and also show him his first Earth, from where you too went forth! Be it so!”

8. And Sahariel says to Robert-Uraniel: “Come brother and look and learn and adore the Father’s wisdom!” They rise immediately and disappear before the eyes of all who had arrived here with Robert-Uraniel in the world of spirits.

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-161 Chapter