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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 162 - Helena in conversation with the Lord. Inhabitants of hell

1. Helena too looks around, but not seeing him anywhere, she asks Me softly where Robert might have vanished, together with the angel?

2. But I ask her even more gently whether she is perhaps fearful about Robert-Uraniel’s disappearance, and she says: “Oh Thou holy Father! How could I be so at Your most love-filled breast? Where could Robert get to without You keeping an eye on him? He who walks by the light of Your eyes shall not eternally get lost, navigated back by his love for You! Oh for the great wonders of Your almighty, wisdom and goodness that he shall behold and the wonderful things he shall be able to share with us!”

3. Say I: “Indeed so. But I could meanwhile tell you of a few memorable miracles that could be even rarer than the ones you expect of Robert; will you believe that?”

4. Says Helena: “Oh most beloved Father, this You could of course do better than all the angels of Your heavens! But were You to relate some things from Your divine history then it may take trillions of years before I comprehend a word at the required depth – although I would be most interested to hear a few things from the Creator of all things.

5. Of special interest to me would be the kind of things You may have discussed with Your disciples after Your most holy rising, and about the things to which the gospeller John refers to me: I have yet many things to say unto You which he is supposed to not have recorded; for even had he written them down in many books, the world would still not grasp and understand them! Nothing left me more dissatisfied than this final remark of the apostle John. There You must have revealed some most memorable things to Your dear disciples!”

6. Say I: “Very well, my dear Helena! But these things were so profound that you would not be able to comprehend it all, because these things are faithfully recorded in My great celestial library. When you shall once get there, you shall get to read a complete Gospel! Hence ask Me for other stories for now!”

7. Says Helena: “Oh You sweetest Father, tell me something about Lucifer’s fall! For that’s one of those things that was always dim to me in the world.” Say I: “My most beloved one that too would be too early for your heart, because this story would be too gripping for you. Hence choose something else!”

8. Says Helena: “Oh holy Father, what in that case is there to tell, about which far more is preached by the clerics upon Earth than about Heaven? Who actually goes to hell? Is there such or not? For behold, Thou most beloved Lord and God Jesus: I myself surely was quite bad in the world, as bad a little Viennese fruit as they come. The Pope and all the clergy would certainly have condemned me to hell without grace or mercy. Yet in spite of all my wickedness I now am blissfully with Yourself! And others too could likewise find themselves here in Your most holy company, enjoying eternal life, of whom some arch papists upon Earth would have said: nay, these fellows are too evil even for hell!”

9. And behold, they are over here in Your holy of holies, praising Your endless goodness, wisdom, authority and power in their hearts! How wicked therefore must those be who get to hell, if there be one at all!”

10. Say I: My most beloved Helena, Your question is not without interest, and the answer shall not be useless. But instead of being necessarily longwinded about it I shall introduce you to a hellish individual, who right now is one leap from hell, and also shall get to lowermost hell. Upon this being you shall see most clearly who actually gets to hell. For there is a hell divided into three parts, of which the lowest is the worst. Whereupon you shall praise Me for your comprehension of how and why someone goes to hell. The evil one shall be here shortly, but fear not!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-162 Chapter