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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 168 - Powers of darkness. Infernal malice and celestial wakefulness

1. The Franciscan steps a few paces closer to obtain a more unhindered view; but I say to him: “Cyprian, you must not approach the place of abomination too closely, as it would leave too evil an impression upon you. Retrace your steps therefore, and you shall also be able to see the thing from your previous position.”

2. Cyprian steps back at once, saying: “Oh Lord, I thank You for Your fatherly rebuke, without which I may have been attracted too closely, which could have been most unfortunate for me. But the infernal thing is under way over there and taking a sinister turn! Oh cross, lightning and thunder, that motherly region is taking on a dreadful appearance. A dark chasm is yawning wide open in the cliff walls of a mountain range, from whose ravines and crevices a steadily thicker smoke is building up, and I also hear an immense roaring like that of a distant sea storm. Ah, this is turning ghastly! Upon the mountain peak, above the dreadful chasm I notice two angels of gloomy appearance; I wonder who these two angels might be?”

3. Say I: “Have a better look and you shall recognize them!” Cyprian looks more intently and soon recognizes Sahariel and Robert Uraniel. He is about to name them to Me but I forbid it on account of Helena, whose heart is too fickle to cheerfully watch her husband in such seemingly dangerous spot. Cyprian understands, keeping silent about it. But Helena, notwithstanding her leaning her face against My chest, asks Cyprian if he has recognized the angels yet. But Cyprian gives an evasive answer: “I have indeed but have no time to say right now; have patience – they shall be here soon anyway! Helena relents, hiding away her face in My chest from the announced horror scene from hell. An increasingly mighty seething and raging indicates hell’s intentions to present something exceedingly rough.”

4. Cyprian, who is not at ease with the thunder-like din, says to Me: “But, Lord, most Holy and best Father! What is to become of this worsening throbbing? Even the ground we stand on is beginning to quake and heave! And that dreadful and widening chasm, from which flames and massive smoke are billowing! Dreadful thunder clouds are rolling down the mountain like mighty ripped off cliffs. The thing takes on a most vile aspect, even whilst the internal group is still peacefully assembled at the entrance to the terrible grotto, noting nothing terrible and not even showing any signs of undertaking anything. I beg you Lord – tell us what these peculiar preparations portend? I don’t notice anything other than multiplying flames billowing from the grotto together, with thickening smoke out of the grotto and from the mountain crevices, with increasing thunder clouds. The angels at the mountain peak hold their peace and don’t seem to notice the dreadful preliminaries; the dim of the storm does not seem to reach their ears.”

5. Say I: “My dear friend! Hell is never more dangerous and ominous than seemingly quiet outwardly, but raging that much more inwardly, as is right now the case. Heaven on the other hand also is never more vigilant towards hell than seemingly quiet and indifferent towards infernal machinations. Heaven does not step in where hell is still seething only inwardly. But when, encouraged with time, it puts its rage into exterior action then Heaven shall certainly unravel its antidote with telling effect. Take note of how hell shall now renew its ancient endeavour to catch and bring me to fall under the guise of treacherous outward peacefulness. If you now cast a glance at Earth by just looking over your left shoulder, you shall distinctly discern how hell is trying likewise at the courts to actively step in, to precipitate the entire Earth into an all destructive war. It shall indeed occasionally bring its plans to fruition, but then watch how its handiwork shall be frustrated. Wherefore just watch this infernal eruption and its sequel, and you shall become aware of how everything that is happening here has its relevant reproduction upon Earth. Hearken, the racket is already intensifying; the flames in the grotto are getting more intensive, whilst the smoke itself glows! The bunch in front of the cave gets more numerous and starts to move towards us. The show will be on soon!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-168 Chapter