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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 167 - Cado’s infernal confrontation. The chieftain’s impudent salvation plan

1. Cyprian continues to report: “Cado shakes his head again, saying: “Friend, yours are vain plans! Notwithstanding my resolute enmity towards the Deity, it is not on account of its weakness but its immense power. It is my express free will to either remain here at the place of my torment, or turn back and take potential possession of all possible joys of a celestial life. Yet I prefer to tarry here, being only too well aware of the Deity’s endless power. If the Deity were only one degree weaker, I would join it and defend it against all comers. But it is on account of its very omnipotence and unconquerability that I am its most determined foe. I know my enmity to be barest stupidity, and it could annihilate me any moment. But for me as long as I possess free will I want to render it my most determined defiance, to just show it that, notwithstanding its omnipotence and wisdom, it can still accomplish nothing with me for as long as it leaves me my current free will. It is the greatest thrill for a hero to, as a mere atom to stand one’s ground with the endless greatness of God that he can do nothing about it! Wherefore I shall now attempt to probe its suspected weakness but above all its endless power. The more strength and power I discover within the Deity, the more unbending I shall be. Behold, this is my intent, worthy of a hero! Hence your plan to depose the Deity belongs with ultimate absurdities. The Deity is in every respect an endless being! Hence ditch your plan and do as I do. You shall experience the greatest thrill by proving to yourself that in spite of your zero power, you can still confront the highest divine might.

2. Says the Chieftain: “You silly donkey! Do you think you are anything out of yourself? You are judged and shall never be capable of any different volition. You deem yourself capable of opposing the Deity on account of being the way it actually wants you to be, and not the way you want to actually be! As long as a being is subject to the fetters of Commandments, it is not free but enslaved to a higher power. And so long as the Deity sets limits to our action, we are the most miserable slaves. There can be no talk of freedom for us for as long as we are unable to completely shrug off the Deity’s yoke. If we are capable of opposing the Deity however and the Deity has to bear the humiliation, then it is a sign of its weakness. But if weak in one attribute, then it is perhaps bound to be still weaker in many other things. Hence it is our task to thoroughly probe all its weak points and then attack and utterly annihilate it with our superior power.”

3. The Franciscan to himself: ‘dreadful rogue; what commendable ideas! I used to imagine that in their terrible torments, infernal spirits would feel burning contrition for their transgressions, whilst having no hope whatsoever of salvation. But here the thing is quite different. They want all this just to stubbornly defy You. The only thing giving them pleasure is their limitless obstinacy, quite commendable! In that case, if I were you, oh Lord, I would oversalt their pleasure slightly. Oh you chief rogues, this pleasure cup shall be filled with gall to lick upon for eternity!”

4. Say I: “My dear Cyprian, you have to watch this phenomenon dispassionately, or you shall fill your heart with the very stuff these two infernal spirits’ hearts are filled. For threat, revenge and war are the attributes of hell, as they are now on display. Just look at how a horde of glowing dragons are now emerging from a smoking cave, encircling both robber chiefs, greeting them and praising their infernal attitude. Watch how they begin to assume a well-developed dragon shape, which is to say, they now transcend into typically infernal quality, now fully developed within them.

5. I say unto you that these spirits shall receive no concessions; every blasphemous word shall turn into a glowing stone upon their heads, and such weight burden will soon show them whether they are more powerful than the Deity and whether capable of ever carrying out their wicked plans against me! God is purest love, through and through, and there from the highest wisdom, order and might. Everything you ever see, may it seem ever so shocking, is My love, wisdom and order. It all must happen in this way, so that all may persist and nothing is lost!

6. For these spirits, the real infernal torment will only come now. You now see also the tormentor-spirits, torn up by Cado, gathering themselves up again, but not in human but serpentine form. Watch closely and you shall see the fun get under way. You, Helena, must not watch further, as it would be too evil for you! But you others watch, and you Cyprian can give us a running commentary!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-167 Chapter