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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 166 - Cado frees himself and takes revenge. The chieftain gives way. Satan’s infernal plan

1. The Franciscan Cyprian, together with Baron Bathianyi however moves up closer to Me, focusing their eyes upon the scene of terror. After a while he starts to talk, unasked: ‘Oh you nameless terror! Cado, torn with endless pain, rends all bonds like loose spider webs. He attacks his tormentors like a tiger, tearing to shreds whoever he can grab! The particles arch and writhe and bound upon the seemingly red-hot ground like chopped snake-pieces! He grinds the glowing throne to dust; the spears are destroyed, and he attacks his earthly chieftain, who takes up a defensive stance, shouting at the enraged Cado with terrifying voice.

2. “Don’t touch me, you dog, or you’ll get to know the sharpness of my revenge! Don’t think I am abandoned here, and impotent before you. Touch me with one finger and you are surrounded by millions of the mightiest spirits and flung into torments that will make the previous seem like cooling balm! Having however noted a certain power in you, and if you would consider an alliance with me against another prince, then all the outrages you committed against me upon Earth shall be forgiven you. You shall be my intimate friend and fully share my kingly prestige as my son-in-law.

3. Cado holds back somewhat, after a while still shouting furiously: “Miserable devil! If you now make me this peace offer after you tasted my incomparable power, why didn’t you do so when I encountered you earlier so amicably? You truly could have found me a friend with whom you could have lifted the entire creation off its hinges. But now you made me into an enemy as all of hell cannot produce. You thought you could annihilate me but were bitterly disappointed, and as the vanquished one you are now making peaceful sounding offers. But Cado is going to give dammed little credence to your words and return what you loaned me a thousand-fold!”

4. Here Cado reaches out for the chieftain, but the latter jumps backwards, saying: “Blind donkey! You would have never gained such power, had I not done that to you; because over here great spirits are purified only through much suffering, being made into great heroes. And thus I have done you much friendly service through seemingly shocking methods, feigning immense thirst for revenge. This however I did for you only due to our close kinship, to enable you to quickly gain such power, without which no being can assert itself in this kingdom. But should you intend to not acknowledge this, then just proceed against me, and you shall be convinced that you are not the most powerful in this world yet!”

5. Here Cado becomes even more irresolute, saying after some looking around: “You stupid rogue of a Bedouin chieftain, if that’s how things are, why didn’t you say so straight away? But I shall give you credit for it as my father-in-law, and assume that it is so. But beware if you bamboozle me! You shall pay me back a million fold! But tell me the name of this place, and whether there are no castles and laden caravans that one could relieve somewhat? For surely we will not have to discontinue our earthly handiwork over here?”

6. Continues Cyprian: “Nice plans; couple of fellows that only lowest hell could have fashioned! “The chieftain ponders, then saying with singular bravado: “Friend, upon Earth we were mere fly-catchers, but over here we have developed into mighty lions challenged by quite different plans. You are aware that up till now the old Deity has exercised its oppressive tyranny, wrapping it up even more firmly through its incarnation. We primary spirits of this kingdom of unrestricted power have through our acumen found out the old Deity’s hidden weak spots. We intend in the not too distant future to plunge it from its throne, and deal with it the way you have heretofore done with your tormentors, after which we shall annihilate the old creation, putting a new and completely free one in its place! What do you say to these plans?”

7. Cado shrugs his shoulders, saying: “The plan would be worthy of us, but I doubt that we should ever succeed, for the old and dreadful Deity is very wily and sees with the greatest accuracy precisely where we deem it blind. Wherefore I feel that putting such plan into motion should come to nought.”

8. Says the Chieftain: “In this field you are an upstart, speaking most narrow-mindedly. Your concept of the Deity is still too dimly terrestrial, still crediting it with omniscience and omnipotence. You still conceive of the Deity as an undivided, all prevailing being who only has to will it, to call forth a myriad of new worlds. It can so indeed and also perpetually does so, as this brings it the greatest satisfaction. But we know where this predilection will lead the Deity in the course of time. Behold, friend, the old, enfeebled Deity has become beggarly childish. Its object is to keep on creating regardless of the result. Did you upon Earth never notice how the Deity has lost the plot? It crams the trees with countless blossoms, not ultimately having sufficient substance to turn them into fruit. Thus it also keeps populating the Earth with humans upon humans, but when it runs out of sustenance. It has to let its darlings die like flies. And you shall find similar embarrassments in everything, without of course suspecting the cause. We however know the Deity’s gradual enfeeblement only too well, and how it must go to the dogs, together with its household. And so we are enabled to spawn plans for its demise.

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-166 Chapter