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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 165 - Cado in the infernal sweat-bath. The Lord’s unswerving will power

1. Finding himself alone, Cado says to himself: “Thank hell I am rid of these two bastards! Well, well – do I see acquaintances, even several colleagues – even my erstwhile chieftain! This shall be a jubilant reunion! (after mutual recognition) Do they not still look exactly as upon the stupid world?”

2. The crowd steadily approaches, with his former chieftain bursting upon him, grabbing his throat with a dreadful shout: “Ah – scoundrel; miserable dog! You here at last, so I can pay you for the way you obtained my kingly daughter for a wife! Wait, scoundrel, this humiliation you shall expiate in a sweet bath to remember! Shocking pain has been inflicted on me here, with flames and ambers, but none worse than finding out at the place of my torments that a most common cur has made my most exalted kingly daughter his wife. But you dog shall be punished like no hell has dreamt of!”

3. Says Ludwig Bathianyi to Dismas, Pater Thomas and the General: “Well a notable reception! The royal chieftain seems quite a powerful fellow, for Cado can’t wriggle from the chieftain’s claws. Now his helpmates get into it, and curses make the toughest spirit wild! They are winding glowing bands around him, like spiders winding their webs around flies. Cado now smokes and is screaming pitifully for help. Oh Lord, this is shocking! Watch how they push and roll him along. And over there I see a throne like glowing white metal. They are rolling poor Cado towards it: how will this end? Should this be the promised sweat bath? Oh Lord, I zealously beg You to forgive me my sins! This is too terrible! They really are standing him on the throne from which flames are now blazing in all directions. And he is furthermore bound with glowing chains. What blood-curdling screams of pain from the gagged Cado! Lord, will You imbue me with sufficient power to go and free him? Others are coming with glowing spears, thrusting through him from every side! Intensely glowing lava flows from the wounds! Lord, I pray You, give me power and let me rush over to free this truly miserable devil!”

4. Say I: “Let that be, and rejoice in the unbridgeable chasm between them and us – or even the chosen ones would be tormented. Just give it a little time! Soon the thing will take on a different aspect, because the excessive pain shall soon give Cado the mastery over his bonds, whereupon you shall witness the second act to this drama.”

5. Says Bathianyi: “Lord, I am satisfied with this one already, beyond all measure, like the others here. Dearest Helena too seems to have more than enough!” Says Helena, completely shaken: This goes way beyond everything, and further!”

6. Say I: “My dear children, you must see this for your complete purification; every angel must be acquainted with hell and its constitution, and the fruit which its wicked love yields. Do not think I permit this from a kind of wrath or revenge. Oh, let this be far from My Father heart! Yet you know how every deed yields certain fruits, and that every deed has to have a certain consequence, just as every cause its effect, and this because of the eternal order out of Myself, without which not even one atom could have been created, making maintenance of same even less thinkable. Now, this spirit has acted so contrary to the free order set for him that he prepared the necessary consequences for himself. We cannot change same, on account of maintaining eternal order; until this unfortunate being, due to the painful consequences of his former actions, is driven to other actions out of himself, which shall then draw either better or still worse consequences after themselves!

7. If someone casts good seed into soil, good fruit shall spring forth. But if someone casts wild cherry seed into the soil instead of wheat, he shall reap wild cherries instead of wheat.

8. But some could say: this would be alright oh Lord, but You should not have placed Your order between such extremes! Good, I say but ask: Is the light intensity of the sun a fault of my order because some eye is insane enough to look into the sun for hours on end? Or is the all-consuming fire perhaps imbued with too intense heat? Is the weight of the mountain too excessive; the velocity of lightning too great, the coldness of ice too intense and the mass of the ocean water too enormous? But how would a world fare without such elements? If the heat of fire were gentle, could it melt the hard metals? But If metals were to be soft, what would they be good for? If the entire Earth were soft like butter, what creature of some weight could persist upon it? And if the sun did not possess such intense light, would it be capable of providing the necessary warmth and supremely essential light to the planets, many millions of miles away?

9. But some might say: Let there be such extremes by all means, but why man’s extraordinary sensitivity to pain? The answer is easy: imagine a mankind without sensitivity to pain, and imbue them with free cognition and a completely free will, then sanctioning the laws any old way, and none shall abide by them! For he who has no pain sensitivity also has no pleasure. And would not humans imbued only with sensations of pleasure and agreeableness soon mutilate themselves if at the accidental severing of a limb they only felt pleasure?

10. If this Cado, howling with pain, were not sensitive to pain, he would be irretrievably lost. But as things are, he could still be defiant for some time. But if eventually gripped too mightily with pain, he will be ready to accept persuasion and enter upon better ways.

11. From these My words you now see that every human capacity, as also that of animals, is well-calculated within My order. There must be no minutest lack of anything if man is to become perfect, as he is capable of. If it all has to be so however, then all of you here must think with Me: whatever someone desires in spite of the great privations associated with it, such person can be done no injustice eternally, even if he fared a thousand more times more badly! But now pay attention to the unfolding action, and you My dearest Helena tell us what you see!”

12. Says Helena: “Oh Lord, this is dreadfully shocking! Fortunate for you Robert Uraniel, that you are not witnessing this with us or you would shudder with horror!” Say I: “Be not troubled about Robert, for he is witnessing this scene as well as you dare if not better! For in the spirit kingdom, distance cannot diminish the clarity of an occurrence. In this world there are quite different proximities and distances, and these are located entirely within every spirit’s heart. The more fervent the love between spirits, the closer they are to each other, and the feebler the love, the greater the distance between them; do you understand that? Just watch the scene bravely!”

13. Helena now watches more bravely and resignedly, realizing that things can’t be otherwise than what harmonizes with the maintenance of eternal order in aggregate.

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