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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 169 - The ‘infernal’ celestial storm breaks loose. Peace spirits upon high –dreadful repercussions for the mobs of darkness

1. Cyprian keeps his eyes glued on the scene. I however give my servants a sign and they know what to do.

2. After a while, Cyprian says timidly: “Lord, we may in the end have to retreat, for hell seems to be setting all its prisoners of thousands of years free to highjack you and Heaven in its entirety into captivity with their combined force. They now march cheekily towards us! And what shapes – some of amusing and dreadful appearance! How some are inflating themselves, then shrinking back to ape size! I also note all kinds of weapons now: spears, lances, swords and rifles of every kind! This augurs real war, but against who? Surely not against ourselves? Can they actually see us, because they are heading for us?”

3. Say I: “Naturally – hell waging war on us perpetually! They cannot see us, but suspect us over here, seeing a kind of brightness in our direction – the actual spiritual noon. They are vainly trying to close in on us, thinking they are moving forward, but their apparent forward is a backwards and a steady self-distancing from us. Hence we let them trot on, knowing how far and where such movement will get them.

4. Eventually, they shall become aware of not moving forward with all their efforts, and this shall herald the breaking forth of their inner rage, with which they shall ruthlessly tear each other apart like wild beasts; take special note of their movement now!”

5. Cyprian watches intently for their strategy: Miklosch and the Baron speak simultaneously: “Lord, supremely great is Your long suffering and patience that enables You to watch with gentle abandon! Were it up to us, we should encounter them with rather odd determination; the impudence of not just trying to confront but actually annihilate You, if it were possible! No, this is hellish beyond belief! We would judge the very thought worthy of everlasting punishment!”

6. Say I: “My dear little ones leave aside whatever goes by the word anger! For behold, all ever so feeble anger derives from hell and does not harmonize with the pure nature of My still small celestial little ones, as you still are. You must not in the least let any appearance whatever annoy you, regardless of how evil, because the anger of the celestial children gives hell substance for reciprocal anger, which only too easily magnifies, giving rise to new confrontations. Think rather that all this has to be so, if a gentler light is to ever permeate the above grotto. Remember that the entire hell consists of beings that became such devils partly through their own and partly through the fault of world renown, causing them to completely forget their spiritual lives. They are now endlessly unhappy and getting steadily more so. It is however up to us – who are imbued with all power, to help them as much as possible, and that through any means still possible.

7. This impending fight against us engages their dim make-believe life with greater activity, by which they are shielded from fullest dissolving. Through this abortive attempt they are reminded that they can do nothing against God. It will make many of them more unassuming, forestalling their participation in similar future undertakings; and that is real progress for these lost sheep. We then have many effective means at our disposal for leading them into more enlightened animation, without laying our hands on their free will, which is their life. But I trust you can see that such trees cannot be hewn down with one stroke.”

8. Says Miklosch: “Indeed, Lord, and Father! Now we are fully in the clear again, and everything You command is good! But I note that bright spirits are assembling above the immensely high mountain peaks, and most powerful, strange angels besides the previous two are standing upon the highest peak. And behold, high up in the air! Immense hordes are floating in well-ordered rows, keeping sharp eyes upon the infernal bunch, which appear to have noticed them, as they now turn their faces skywards, directing their missile weapons upwards.

9. Says Cyprian: “You are right, brother Miklosch! I saw a kind of rocket rise near the infernal rabble, which however did not reach the eighth part of the mountain height. I also see masses starting to climb up the black-grey cliff faces, but with little progress. They are being threatened from below, but are disinclined to continue the climb. The thing is reaching dramatic proportions; now an entire bunch has crashed down a steep face, but at once driven to continue up. There are protestations of impossibility, but they prodded with glowing spears. What dreadful sight!”

10. Say I: “Pay close attention – the real fun starts now! But let Miklosch whose spirit is more composed continue the commentary on the unfolding scene, and that without exclamations of astonishment! Let it be so!”

11. Says Miklosch: “Lord and Father! As a poor sinful being I thank You for this commission to relieve brother Cyprian in what severely engages even the most steadfast observer. But I confess I shall fare no better. For the futility of these internal efforts is too devastating even for hell and its fighters, let alone the impressions upon an ever-so sturdy observer. Hence I beg You to especially prop up my strength, if I am not to already falter in the third sentence of my description, whereupon I shall then, in Your almighty and holy name, keep up my report.

12. Right now an entire cliff face is crashing over the horde that was being prodded upwards, burying and killing a great portion of the infernal fighters. And behind the crashed wall, a fiery bright flood of dreadfully roaring and hissing lava is burying far more than the crashed wall itself. Now I can see the much disfigured Cado and his Chieftain. They seem to consult out front, on further moves, as no devil appears further inclined to climb up the jagged cliffs for nothing. The mightier devils indeed still seem to spurn the weaker ones on with infernal energy, but there is no thought of obedience, each dodging the lava on his own. What dreadful moaning and nameless quandary! Now glowing lava flows are breaking forth from several mountain crevices, plunging to the depths Niagara fashion with deafening racket as molten iron, with the fleeing bunches, great and small, dodging the surging fire-floods howling and cursing.

13. Cado and his Chieftain too are moving rapidly towards us, scaling a formidable hill to our left. Cado chides his chieftain for the insuperable and insane plan of conquering the almighty Deity. Would his silliest crocodile eyes note the victory! Would he stop up the holes through which the Deity has so richly poured fire floods over him and his mishandled hordes, and would he also go and fetch the buried ones? But the chieftain maintains all this to be mere blind noise, and the fine flood soon exhausted.

14. Cado laughs scornfully, saying: “You most idiotic devil, look up there at the swelling flood eruption that threatens to engulf our hill in moments; you shall see how soon God’s wrath –stream will cut off! Look towards the grotto, whose interior probably is your kingly palace: it is already filled with molten iron, upon whose steaming surface entire hordes of your warriors shuddering swim, probably ending up in a bottomless pit with the moving tide. That would be a victory! I trust you will undertake another crusade against the Deity soon? Dear me, the flood has already reached our hill! It means continuing our retreat now, or we shall have to sign up with this divine swimming institute!” The chieftain wakes up to the supreme danger, yelling: “That away, towards evening, where our toughest warriors are heading, on the double, or we are lost.”

15. Says Cado: “Nice bravery, turning on our heels! Oh, I must idiotic devil! Such most honest two messengers the Deity had despatched to me a most miserable ratbag and I abused it! Now I see my shocking demise, with no saviour approaching!” Screams the chieftain: “Flee or perish! For this flood is terrible, and will bury anyone forever! I escape!” With these words the chieftain abruptly plunges down the hill.

16. But Cado stays behind, yelling after him: “Flee, Satan! You shall no more escape from the almighty Deity than I! We two have certainly earned this fate; hence we shall not escape it, for God’s finger of wrath encompasses infinity!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-169 Chapter