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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 170 - Infernal power doomed. As survivor, Cado shows better stirrings. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak

1. Miklosch continues: “Cado, shaking, watches the fleeing chieftain, noting glowing fire closing in on his heels. The escapee howls dreadfully, and sparks lick his skin; it terrifies Cado, and he seems to feel the chieftains burns.

2. The flood reaches the chieftain, and Cado yells: “Almighty God, he is swallowed up, and no being to help! His mighty warriors are already buried. I am on this hill – half encircled by the dreadful flood, leaving me just a narrow strip to negotiate towards morning – just about to merge my fate with his, running over there won’t help him, I stay; let divine almighty do with him as it will – there is no escape. This sea of fire must have some heat intensity I can hardly bear it from here.

3. Great God, sharpest pain will soon be my eternal lot! So this is that terrible hell, whose worm never dies and whose terrible fire never goes out! Oh Deity, have mercy on a child of hell that is indeed most evil but at least acknowledges its abominations, and unfortunately repents them belatedly! Although I have already made a dreadful pain tour of hell, the sight of this purely divine power of punishment has robbed me of all power, feeling hardly the strength of an insect, having to hence allow my capture by the just flood-fury of divine fire-retribution.”

4. Continues Miklosch: “Now Cado collapses upon his hill, awaiting the all-consuming flood, still surging back and forth but no longer rising. Except for Cado, it has swallowed everything that took up arms against us. Only one thing intrigues me – that the mighty celestial princes are still not minded to depart. Nor has the grotto, still over half-filled with the fire flood, lost its threatening aspect.”

5. Say I: “The battle is not over yet, and Cado not completely lost; pay attention to the sequel! Only then shall you receive adequate clarification.”

6. Miklosch now concentrates on the hill where Cado has sunk, crouched down as if dead, reporting further: ‘but since the terrible flood is not minded to reach his skin, he starts to straighten out, to see what could be happening to this divine wrath storm. He notes that the sea of fire no longer rises higher than its erstwhile spread and substantial rise over an incalculable area.

7. This phenomenon injects Cado with more courage, and he says to himself: “What fun did these donkeys once more get out of trying to take up the fight with the almighty Deity! But I am an ox too for not accepting yonder two messengers’ offer to save me from a shuddering demise! Whereare these glorious ones now? I am surrounded by night, except for the subdued rage shimmer thrown on my cursed existence by the glowing fire-sea. Towards morning over there at immense distance I detect a much friendlier shimmer than this one. What If I go over there; surely it can’t be more dangerous anywhere than here, in amidst of lowermost hell!”

8. Cado gets on his legs, moving in our direction, but his motion resembles one who is making fun of his own fast legs, for he remains wriggling on the same spot. What holds him back in spite of his determination?”

9. Say I: “The cause is that such spirits, notwithstanding their best resolve and cognition, nonetheless have a heart filled with filth, from which adverse mists constantly rise to the will chamber, initiating retreat where the better but weaker portion of the will desired to advance. That’s how it is with many upon Earth; they know the good and the true and are resolved to do it, but the moment they want to take it by the will, their flesh also slackens; they grow weak and are rooted to the spot in spite of their striving. And so the spirit is always willing but the flesh is weak! With Cado over there you have a living example of how man or spirit can do nothing out of himself without Me, but everything with Me! ’

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-170 Chapter