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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 49 - A flock of former show-dancers enter the house, after much suffering in the spirit world. Humble begging for bread and accommodation

1. Robert hardly finished speaking when these two dozen beauties come over to us in the chamber one by one, with artistes’ bows, asking whether there might be a theatre in this glorious palace where they could give a performance of high class choreography?

2. Says Robert: “Behold, next to me stands the actual Lord, ask Him. I have been the proprietor of this house for only a few moments and am not yet acquainted with any chamber other than this one. It actually astonishes me how in this spirit world – where in order to become a perfect spirit, one should seek God the Lord alone, practicing love towards Him – you are given to concerning yourselves with such scandalous arts? But if it pleases and meets the aims of this house’s Lord, then do as you will! As I said unto you, the Lord Himself is next to me!”

3. Say the three at the front: “How is this? Outside we were told you are the owner of this palace, whilst you now tell us it is this your friend!”

4. Says Robert: “Yes, and repeated a thousand times – this is the actual Lord of this house! Whoever told you that it is I was a foolish and blind person! Hence ask this One or see to it that you get out of the Temple!”

5. After which the three turn to Me, asking Me whether I really am the lord of this palace?

6. Say I: “In the world of spirits everyone is a lord, meaning as owner of what is his. And since this is My friend and brother, I also possess him as that which he is to Me. Hence I am also his Lord and of that which is his, whilst he can witness to you the same thing about Me.

7. “That I am more familiar with this house’s lay-out is due to My finding Myself in this world of spirits many years longer than My friend here.

8. “Wherefore I can tell you with certainty that nowhere is there to be found a theatre nor dancehall within this entire house, excepting at this house’s most extreme north side, where there is a kind of speaker’s stage, with a depression, through which impure spirits not intending to submit to God’s order can be well preserved, sunk to hell! Should you wish to give such a performance for these guests, then such speaker’s or Hades’ chamber can be placed at your disposal! But you shall have to take care not to crash through such depression with your choreography. For once in there, it shall be hard for you to find your way back! Did you comprehend this?”

9. Says the first of the three prodigies: “Hearken, dear friend, this is rather terrible! Such a hall would certainly not suit us! Are you unable to let us put on our fine art in the garden?”

10. Say I: “Outside indeed you may dance and leap as much as you wish and we shall not object right now. – Hence return outside and do what you will outside! There is no way that you can do your thing in this house!”

11. Says one of the three: “Dear friend, we did very well when we were still on Earth, for we were the idols of the big cities. All who had the opportunity to marvel at us were enthralled. Besides earning the favour of the greatest regents, we also earned much money and other treasures. But suddenly our bodies succumbed to a fatal disease, making us waste away and die!

12. “Now we have been in this most meagre world of spirits for some thirty years already and fare terribly! There are no earnings for us anywhere. Wherever we knock, we are treated the same as here. And hunger is causing us dreadful pain. We don’t want to earn our bread in too common a manner, since we truly are too good for that. In particular do we want to have nothing to do with that lousy rabble out there, as we often denied princes upon Earth what they sought from us. But over here, no man or spirit gives us even a drop of water. From that you will gather that we are most miserable and poor here!

13. “Will you not let us have accommodation in this house for whatever service, and provide us with enough bread to still our most burning hunger? Let me beg you most fervently on behalf of us all!”

14. Say I: “Well, My dear dancing prodigies, this does not depend on Me over here, because the actual owner of this house as well as of this extensive region is this My friend and brother. If he wants to give you what you have need of then I shall not object, but it will, quite to the contrary, make Me very happy. But I shall not discuss it with him, hence you turn to him!”

15. The speaker is about to turn to Robert, but he anticipates her, saying: “My dear dancing artiste, and all you two dozen of the same occupation, the only thing I knew about you so far was that your legs are more pliable than other people’s, not knowing that you also possess the fine noses of foxes! If it were only up to myself, I would at once show you the door. But since it pleases this my Friend if I accede to your request, I shall in God’s name also take you in! Therefore stay! Over there in the corner of this chamber there is a small table with some bread and wine. Go and fortify yourselves. Then rejoin us and we shall give you an occupation to which you shall strictly adhere. – Go over now to where I advised you!” – The dancers immediately follow this command.

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-49 Chapter