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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 50 - The Viennese crowd asks for the dancers. Robert’s thunderous sermon. Salvation of the souls at the abyss.

1. For the lustful Viennese friends however, the twenty-four beautiful dancers have been staying away too long in the house. Coming up to Robert’s door, they yell: “For how long are these quick-footers going to stay in there with you? It seem to us you are holding them back for yourself and your friend! Not a bad idea you hanging unto the best part, whilst we can put up the this thin and ugly lot! Many, many thanks for such lovely, marvelous friendship! Listen, we’ll strike an easy bargain, since you are Blum – you can keep a dozen. But deliver up the other dozen of these beautiful English or French women, or we shall start kicking up a din! Should that not bring you over, then we shall smash everything to pieces here!”

2. Says Robert: “Well now! I say unto you: ‘as truly as there is an eternal God, and as long as I am still called by the earthly name Robert, none of these dancers comes out of this castle, (where the true God lives, giving everyone what they deserve), for your shameful pleasures!’

3. “I have taken them up into my house, as hungry and miserable beings. They are now my guests and enjoy all my respect, which every decent spirit has the right to expect! Should you however earnestly desire to violate this holy right of every house over here, then just try! We shall see who will get the better of it!

4. “From what I have seen through the window, I am sure you have debauched to full measure out there! Verily, I know of no animal upon Earth that manifests such shameful instinctual drive as you have done here in God’s kingdom, so virulently as rational humans! But it is not enough that you have sinned your way down to the centre of hell and become like devils; not enough that your lust has made these poorest of female beings a thousand times more miserable than they were before, instead of helping them; not enough that you besmirched this pure, divine spiritual Earth with your shameful slaver of hellish, obscene fornication! All this is still much too little for your insatiable lust!

5. “These poor beings, who for long years had to suffer hunger, thirst and other miseries in accordance with the Highest’s counsel, have now been received by God Himself! These ones who after thirty long years are enjoying a little fortifying bread in the corner over there, thanking with tears the God Whom they hardly knew – these you want to pull down to hell with you! What limitless despicability!

6. “The poor beings out there, whom you had defiled most unscrupulously and who are lamenting in pain, lying there as if half dead – do you know who they are? Behold, these were your own daughters upon Earth! They lost their earthly lives partly through natural sickness and partly through the siege of Vienna. They arrived in this world without any spiritual education, not knowing whether they are coming or going. Due to divine providence they found out that, as their earthly fathers, you were to be found here. Full of joy and in the hope of bettering their sad lot, they rushed over here. Arriving, seeing and recognising you and wanting to press you to their hearts with the child-like calls of ‘Father’, you fell upon them like furious hyenas, and as fathers with their own daughters proceeded to whoring and fornication with them most heinously. In vain were they yelling: ‘For God’s sake, we are your daughters. What are you doing to us? Jesus! Jesus! What are you doing?!’ But that, you did not even hear, because your cursed devilish lust has made you blinder than a lyrebird in its mating season! You verily tore up the poor ones with your raging randiness! Oh you loathsome doers of evil! Here, look out there – your wonderful work – by what name would you describe it? Verily, my tongue is mute!

7. “On arriving here with my great Friend, encountering you all in my house, I was overjoyed with you. It especially pleased me when, after my words, I heard that your greatest desire was to see Christ the Lord at least from a distance. Whereupon I assured you that if you received Him into your hearts with fervent love, becoming more pure through such love, you would see Him, the Lord of eternity, always and forevermore! Whereupon you were seized with joy, humbly testifying that you were not for a long time yet ready for such grace! This pleased me so much that I could have wept for joy.

8. “After entering my house with my Friend however, confiding my joy to Him over it, His wisest mouth spoke: ‘Do not overly trust them. These are all crudely sensual people! I say unto you that several of these shall have to go down to hell, and it shall be hard work reforming them!’ Oh for this strictest truth! I say unto you: ‘you don’t first have to go down to hell – you are right in it!’ Because only through the judgement of hell can God still change the wicked, insatiable, avaricious lust of your filthy hearts!

9. “Now I have said unto you what God has laid into my heart. You are aware of your deeds and intentions, and the unavoidable consequences thereof. Do now as you will! You are still free, but only too soon God’s judgement shall seize you and give you your due reward! But not only yourselves, but also all those still walking physically upon Earth, but not intending to heed God’s warnings, so numerous in this time!

10. “Had I myself upon Earth opened my ear and heart to quite a number of God’s warnings, I would have been visited by no judgement. But following only what my high-flown and fame-hungry intellect prompted me to do, I had to also bear up to a nasty judgement. According to my own opinion I desired only good, but nonetheless made myself guilty of judgement. What however shall become of you, who desire only evil, notwithstanding that you recognise it as such?”

11. In response to this, Robert’s compelling speech, the severely convicted listeners stopped short, one after the other pulling back, and none of sufficient courage to argue even one word, but only murmuring among themselves about not comprehending the change in Robert, and that his earnestness being like thunder and his speech like a flood!

12. Some are beginning to introvert, and a great fear suffuses the, and they are most repentant of what they had done.

13. Robert turns to Me in his heart, saying: “Oh my most holy, truest and best Father, forgive me if I was perhaps too harsh towards these Viennese friends! For You see how, within me, I only meant them the best, wanting through my sharp words only to save them the most sorry judgement of hell. Because an ever-so-sharp reprimand is, I think, incalculably milder than the minutest spark of infernal judgement! And so I thundered away with all my might to these brethren, devoid of every higher education, with everything I had, seeming to bring about a quite visible effect with some of them!

14. “Oh Father, bless my words within them! Perhaps they may still effect what I secretly wanted to bring about!”

15. Say I: “My dear friend, brother and now, son. I say unto you: ‘you said not a word more or less than I Myself laid into your heart!’ Because what you said I thought and willed in your heart. Wherefore you need in no way reproach yourself as if you had, out of yourself, been too harsh with these people, who lack all spiritual life-education. Hence be of good cheer!

16. “For behold, spirits who are already leaning over the abyss about to fall have to be powerfully seized and snatched back, this being the only way to a better way outside hell.

17. “You will soon be persuaded of the good effect of your thunderous sermon! All of them shall of course be evasive, presenting themselves better than they are. But it will be fine if even the majority reform; the minor part shall then be forced to fall in line with time, not finding a way out.

18. “But let us give them a little rest and so let them ferment. When sufficiently leavened, as the wine must be on Earth before being moved to the distiller’s vat for winning the wine spirit – then we shall put them in the vat, under which the mighty fire of our love shall burn. Then it shall be easy to separate their true spiritual from their terrestrial. Meanwhile to something else.”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-50 Chapter