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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 51 - Three of Robert’s comrades-in-arms before the Lord. Reform also for them. The grateful dancers as tools.

1. I continue: “There was talk of your three friends – Messenhauser, Jellinek and Becher. Your friends did not give them a brilliant witness. Although this was awkward and rough, there nevertheless was some truth in it, as secretly they were driven by an entirely different spirit to yours. Taken in a worldly sense and perception, you had a good aim, terrestrially, which you sought to implement. But your three friends did not strive after such an aim, respectable in a worldly sense. Whereas you acted in a humanist fashion, the three, with small differences of orientation, strove for the most liberal authoritarianism. Failing this, it would be for a fat purse, by means of which they would make their getaway by night under favourable circumstances.

2. “But luck would be elusive, The first friend did not discern that the crystal ball under Fortuna’s cornucopia warned against the changeability of all worldly fortune! And Messenhauser’s earthly luck thus changed soon.

3. “Towards the other two, this Fortuna was of course not so favourably disposed, although they did everything to win her favour. They fought with the weapons of the quill, beating them unsparingly about the heads of the so-called reactionary Philistines. But no one had the intention of dying from these quill wounds, whilst Fortuna was obstinate, not wanting to tell them of a friendly future. This infuriated them, and they cast off their initial weapons, borrowing those of Mars. That made them still worse off. Fortuna became infuriated, throwing so many balls under their feet as to prevent them from standing upright; therewith their hymn to Fortuna came to an end.

4. “Upon their fall, these three heroes stepped off their display and testing place in the outer world. Now they have, like yourself, wandered off into this everlasting new world, naturally with countless curses for yonder world authorities, who transported them here by express post. They therefore are without any doubt here in the spirit world, and not too far at that.

5. “You say within yourself: ‘this is bound to be true, but are they perhaps still floating within the ether somewhere between heaven and Earth, or perhaps hidden somewhere near this house?’

6. “I say unto you: neither within the ether, nor in a nearby hiding-place, which is by nature similar to your heart. But just as they are present through your loving remembrance of them, so they in actuality are present in this house! Only one door separates them from you and Me. When we open that door, you will meet them exactly the way they left the Earth.

7. “When I open the door, however, you must not immediately speak to them, but listen to them for a while, at My side, to what they resolve among themselves. Only after their decision shall it be the right time to address them and show ourselves to them. This is for your strict adherence!

8. “But first we want to exchange a few words with our dancers and prepare them somewhat for our measures. Because we shall yet make better use of these dancers than you can at present imagine.”

9. Following this briefing we move over to these dancers who greet us most cheerfully, thanking us firstly for the exceedingly good service, and then also for the resolute protection from those of nasty intentions towards their already unhappy dilemma. They also beg Robert for a thousandfold forgiveness for first taking him as hard-hearted, whilst he had now shown himself to be a loving and righteous man.

10. Robert, although not entirely minding such praise, nevertheless plucks up courage, saying in his normal, rather rough tone: “My dear, poor sisters, don’t be overly rash with your praise and thanks, for you do not for a long time yet know Who the actual Giver of all good gifts is!

11. “You can take it from me that I am definitely not the giver, but someone entirely different. I myself am here only a crude domestic servant but an honest to goodness one, praise God. But it now makes no difference whether you thank me or the actual Lord of this house, as I don’t accept what is not mine, but faithfully give it back to my only Lord.

12. “But now to another matter. Tell us both whether you still insist on giving a dancing performance in this house? Or have you truly given this bizarre idea away?”

13. Say the dancers: “Oh you best friend of poor mankind! Such desire on our part would now be the greatest folly! Because we only wanted to put on a show to earn enough to still our ravenous hunger. Since however we have been most warmly received without a performance, it would be madness if we still had such thoughts, and that much more for being now convinced that our miserable earthly art would be an abomination before your celestially pure eyes! If you both will continue to be so gracious to us, we intend not to hear another thing about our art eternally! Of this you can be assured.”

14. Says Robert: “This makes us happy and is nice and good of you! But if nevertheless on some future occasion, for a good cause, we asked you for a little production, would you remain faithful to your praiseworthy resolution even then?”

15. Say the dancers: “Oh friends, we shall do whatever you desire, as we know only too well that you desire only the good. And so we shall dance if you demand it. For henceforth, your wills shall be our wills!”

16. Says Robert: “Very well, in that case be ready, for an occasion shall shortly arise.”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-51 Chapter