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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 52 - The good effect of Robert’s spirit. His heart is shaken by the Lord’s condescension The good effect of his sympathy.

1. Say I to Robert: “My dearest friend, brother and son! Your heart is well and truly flexible, which brings Me much joy. You speak as if from out of yourself, and yet it is I Who speak. This is a good thing here in the kingdom of spirits, the friend’s mouth loudly proclaiming the good and the true that is in his neighbour’s heart. Your heart accurately perceives My thoughts, and My will is no stranger to it. And behold, this all is the work of My Spirit, awoken widely within you.

2. “This pure spirit out of Me therefore can penetrate to My depths and behold and probe My thoughts and will. This has now become the case with you to an advanced degree, wherefore you already perceive what I think and will as if you had already been initiated into holy concerns for a thousand years. Continue thus, and you shall soon be a proper weapon for Me.

3. “And now that our dancers are aware of what they have to do, we shall proceed with the door-opening, where we shall at once encounter the threesome Vienna hero cloverleaf, debating among themselves.

4. “But I must first ask you whether you think the dancers, as you now see them, are sufficiently beautiful, or whether we shall make them more beautiful?”

5. Says Robert, smiling: “Lord, how good, gentle and condescending You are beyond all concepts! You verily are conversing with me not as eternal Lord of infinity but like one earthly friend to another, as if in truth You had need of my advice. This indeed makes You endlessly greater to me than if You were to create entire hosts of new worlds and heavens before my eyes. That You are, as God and Lord, endlessly mighty within Yourself, able to create the unlimited, seems normal to my heart, but that You should speak and act with me, Your creature, in confidence like one real brother with another – that fully numbs my heart before Your greatness!

6. “As for making these dancers still more beautiful, this of course I leave to You. The first ones, in my judgement, don’t look too bad at all as a group. But the others have a pointed look and their dresses remind me of a troupe of passing actresses. If You could improve their appearance, it would not harm – provided it does not make them more vain. Right now they don’t seem to be troubled thereby, the reason they might be keeping in the background.”

7. Say I: “Very well, My most beloved Robert. As you wish, so shall it be. Look over there, a wardrobe at the wall. Open it, showing it to those dancing girls whose beauty you wish to enhance. There are a lot of dresses that they can put on, which shall become them well!”

8. Robert immediately does as told, and the dancers are highly pleased, quickly putting on the dresses.

9. On putting them on in a few moments, Robert is astonished at their forms. He hurries back to Me, saying: “This is mind-boggling. Not only do these heavenly dresses suit them as if cast on them, but they also affect their figures. How lovely their faces now, and how beautifully white and round their previously jagged arms! What fullness of breast, not to mention their feet. No, on Earth no poor sinner gets to see something like that! Which is all the better, as I would have stalked such feet on Earth. At Your side however I could not care less.

10. “But now they show up the other, previously more beautiful mistresses. You shall have to also improve their looks a little!

11. Say I: “Right so! Go back and open the same wardrobe again, the right number of dresses shall be found for them as well!”

12. Robert tells the first dancers, and these, leaping for joy, also dress themselves with celestial beauty in moments.

13. Robert likes these even better than the others, so that he can’t get enough of an eye-full, returning to Me and saying: “Oh Lord, not even the most perfect spirit shall ever gauge what to You is so easy! No, the beauty of these little angels standing there! The heavenly gracefulness, freshness and cheerfulness now streaming out of their eyes cannot be described! In truth, these could even tempt me to a kiss – ! This would have to get a Blum into a soup. But there is no doubt, they are beautiful! Well, my dear Viennese out there, when you see these, you devils shall run amok again. Might we now go over to the three heroes?”

14. Say I: “Indeed, come along!”

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