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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 48 - Wonderful house interior. Robert’s anger at what he sees in the garden. Scandalous scenes among the Viennese. The Lord takes up the healing of the wicked souls.

1. Says Robert: “Oh Friend and Brother! Wondrously glorious! The glory and roominess cannot be discerned from this house’s exterior. And the beautiful views through the tall windows! How glorious the garden, with the mountain-ranges in the distance! And how sweet the many cottages upon the surrounding hillocks! Ah, this goes over the celestial!

2. “But look here through the first window! What kind of rabble is this? No, such riff-raff I have not seen yet! – There, there – what barefaced cheek! A bunch of lousy males stripping some merry hookers! Ah, this goes too far! These we must get out of the garden!”

3. Say I: “Behold, there you already have a few “Viennese friends”! These are the ones that agreed with you on everything outside. But after we moved indoors they preferred to stay outside, enjoying their favourite pastime. Look around and count how many followed us in, – and you shall find none! Because those few mistresses are more to them than we and all your instructions, and shall be so for a long while yet!

4. “If you were to go out there and give them a sermon, they would be all ears again. I say unto you that there are hardly any type of sinners who are harder to convert than the hedonists of the flesh, and that because they externally accept everything glibly, for so long as they don’t feel restricted in their inner lust. Try however to earnestly hold them back from their lust and you shall experience wonders of willfulness and brutality. But we will leave them to rage to saturation point in their lust. Then we shall step out to them again to ask why they did not follow us into the house. You shall not be able to sufficiently wonder at what excuses they will come up with.

5. “But I shall first cause a few really sumptuous mistresses to join them; then you shall witness some real obscenities! And so pay heed!”

6. At that point twelve pretty maidens join the crowd: a type of battle cry of jubilation resounds and everything male starts pouncing upon them like tigers.

7. At this sight, Robert almost bursts with rage for the naughtiness, intending to rush out there with thunder and lightning; but I advisedly hold him back, and he just fumes through the window.

8. After a while of watching to saturation-rage the diverse obscenities among his Viennese friends, he says to Me: “Oh Lord, now I’ve had my overfill of rage. But notwithstanding all Your holiness, what is true is true – theses real rogues are not getting any better by a hair’s breadth, and I realise that I was foolish to have been angered by it.

9. “You could of course change the thing instantly if You desired it, and You wisdom considering it good and proper. But being the most enormous patience, love and gentleness, You watch this rumpus with the ease of someone Who could not get stirred to anger by it even by appearance. Oh, in that case I shall not get annoyed in future even with a thousandfold such rumpus!

10. “Only one thing I don’t comprehend: how normally refined people can allow such filth to become their vice? I myself surely was a person of hot blood, and served the flesh here and there. But this act never got to the vice stage. For I always felt shame, saying to myself: Robert, what are you now? You should be a righteous man in everything, but are an animal! Shame on you, Robert, you are a silly donkey! You are no man but a tail-chaser, – a slave of woman. How can you let it weaken you? Yuck on you! You are no man; an animal cannot act consciously but only indulge thoughtlessly like a pig!

11. “Thus and even worse did I lecture myself when I became weak every now and then, especially when on festive occasions I took too deeply to the bottle. But it never became a vice with me!

12. “These canine fellows however take these things to venial greed! What amazes me above all is how the old rams and donkeys care on the most! Just look out there at how those three old dodgers carry on with a damsel under that fig tree! Should this not provoke thunder; is there going to be no end to this piggishness?”

13. Say I: “Have a little patience. I intend to haul a few mistresses over to them; these are going to be still more voluptuous than the previous ones, although more recalcitrant and chaste. We shall see what your friends will do with these.”

14. Says Robert: “Oh Lord, one does not have to be omniscient to know that. These fellows shall carry on a thousand times worse! I am not even inclined to watch for the start of this mad rave-up; but say unto me, sole Lord over all heavens and worlds, how will this end? Shall these rogues never get sick of this? Shall they turn into actual animals instead of spirits?”

15. Say I: “Just calm down; you will soon be enlightened. For now, be a quiet spectator like Me. Once I open your eyes wider you shall see how one has to proceed here, to still convert such pigs into humans if possible. But whatever is not accomplished by love shall be turned over to the judgement of hell, residing within the souls themselves. But silence now; the damsels are on their way!”

16. Robert looks out the window at the newly arrived damsels, saying after a while: “By my poor life – truly, these twenty or so are not bad looking in worldly terms! Upon my soul and all elements, the three front ones are dressed like Parisian ballerinas! These are bound to dance these human Viennese animals into fits of lust?

17. “I think the appearance of two dozen bears would be more appropriate than these pretty dancers; perhaps such vibrant Forest and alpine dancers would have a more wholesome effect upon my brutish friends than the curvaceous curvy-footed, full breasted ballerinas!

18. “But I marvel at how the Viennese spirits, at the sight of these beauties are so self-restraining, unlike the previous ones with their raving, canine attacks! Perhaps these beauty-queens overly impress them, not daring to approach them.”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-48 Chapter