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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 47 - Entry into Robert’s house. Spiritual correspondence of the storeys. Cautioning with the Viennese crowd. Heart communication with the Lord

1. Thereafter Robert moves with Me into the house, which has three big storeys, besides its majestically beautiful ground floor. Each storey is coloured differently as follows: the ground floor is a light juice-green, variously ornamented with white and red; the first storey is completely white, with light yellow and blue ornamentation; the second storey is light blue, with violet and rose patterns, with the third storey coloured morning-red without any ornamentation.

2. Robert finds these different colours remarkable, asking Me on the side: “Oh Lord, do these colourings and patterns have to be like that, or has this to do with local builders’ taste? Because in quite a few places in Europe, such building-style, which over here looks quite good, would be regarded in many parts of Europe as either Chinese or crazy. Wherefore oblige me with an explanation; I would graciously appreciate a few words from Your most holy mouth, if it pleases You!”

3. Say I: “My dear brother, firstly, in front of your many guests you must speak to Me only in your heart, so as not to give Me away before time! For if these recognised Me like you did, I would have to depart, as they have too little firmness to fully bear my presence. If however you desire to say something to Me audibly, in order to raise their cognition, then call Me only friend and brother, but not Lord! Then you shall make quick progress with your friends, this being My fervent desire!

4. “Regarding your question however, you are well-versed in the language of colour and flowers, and know exactly what the various colourings of this house signify. Behold, there your asking is vain, especially in the presence of these many, who may not know Who I am for a long while yet.

5. “Hence be very careful in future, especially when it involves talking about Me, for then, with the best of will you could do more harm than good! Because you cannot count on these friends’ concurrings, and believe that they are near their perfection if everything pleases them. I say unto you that often the opposite to what you think is the case.

6. “Behold, I know some people here as also on Earth who know Me much better than you do. I say unto you that to these I mean as little as a worn-out coat! The strength of their love towards Me is such that a maiden of very little sensual attraction can consume them to the last drop, and I then have much to do not to be completely forgotten by such followers.

7. “Behold, this very thing could also be the case with these your friends. They are hedonists and rumpus-heroes one and all. If we were to constantly produce miracles for them, also entertaining them well and constantly escort a lot of sumptuous maidens to them, with whom they could carry on uninhibited, they would also remain our best friends and we would even become indispensable to them. But were we to start a somewhat more serious discourse, you would be astounded at how they would one after the other turn their backs on us; they shall be giving us plenty of trouble yet. But through wise guidance they can still be won! – I verily say unto you in confidence that some shall have to taste first degree hell, in order to cast off their great womanising lust. We shall certainly try whatever tallies with their freedom; but should none of it bear fruit, then we shall have to move to more extreme measures! Hence be cautioned, not giving Me away through some facial sign. Strive above all to make them aware of their sensuality and its consequences, and we shall yet fare more easily. I too shall work them over but, as said, they must not for a long while yet find out Who I am.

8. “But hearken now to what briefly the diversely coloured storeys of your home signify: the juice-green of the ground floor depicts the spiritually natural state, whose main life-thrust expresses itself in hope, which hoping is dressed in faith and love. The first storey represents the pure and true faith that is clothed in gently constancy. The second storey represents love activity arising from pure faith – corresponding to the terrestrial sky colour, through which also the constant love activity of light is easily recognised by all those of an understanding heart. Wherefore this storey is also decorated with deep celestial wisdom (violet) and the purest love of neighbour (rose red). The third storey finally signifies, through its maiden-like noble dawn-red of the highest innocence and purest love heaven, the actually completely true Heaven, in which I dwell with those who love Me above all. This Heaven therefore is without decoration, because it already in the nature of its colour is imbued with all imaginable perfection, having Me alone as its decoration.

9. “There briefly you have the proper meaning of the peculiar colouring of your house. But ask no further, because by the degree of ascending the various storeys of your house you will in any case receive clarification of what you cannot grasp yet.

10. “But we shall now move into the ground floor, where we shall get ready for the first storey. And so let us go ahead and let the others follow, if they wish. Let those who do not wish it however do what they will. Did you comprehend Me?”

11. Says Robert: “Yes, Brother, and I shall strictly adhere to it! But it is nevertheless odd that there could be such obstinate and thoughtless beings among these otherwise well disposed people; verily, this is the puzzle of all puzzles!”

12. Say I: “Yes, My beloved brother, you shall yet be much intrigued on encountering diverse characters in the spirit world! You shall be finding the most handsome, clad externally in snow-white wool, yet internally they will be rapacious wolves, lions, hyenas, bears and tigers!

13. “But behold, we are already in your house, and that in the ground floor’s first reception rooms. How do you like them?”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-47 Chapter