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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 46 - Robert inquires about three worldly comrades-in-arms. A soul-portrait of these ‘people’ friends. Robert counsels peaceful forgiveness

1. Says Robert: “I knew it would be easy dealing with you; remain steadily as you are now, with a soft and flexible heart; then achieving God’s goal for you shall be easy!

2. “But to another matter, dear friend: tell me what has become of our earthly comrades-in-arms Messenhauser, Jellinek and Dr. Becher? I have scrutinised you man for man, but cannot unfortunately discover those three! Did you perhaps leave them behind in this world? Tell me anything you know! Whereafter I shall at once move into this house with my most beloved Friend.”

3. Say some of the crowd: “Oh friend, how can you ask about those three arch rogues? They are not among us, nor were we going to advise them to be seen among us! To these we were going to give a remarkable description of how things are here in the world of spirits!

4. “Do you think that these also strove for us honestly, the way you did? Hearken, these three, who often acted as if they could conquer the entire world with the little finger did so for worldly gain. Had they been able to make off unnoticed with their bulging pockets to Switzerland or some other place, then they would not have been unduly troubled if dogs and pigs had eaten us in Vienna! Their plans having failed however, it was a case of ‘steal with them, hang with them!’

5. “We cannot be absolutely certain about the last two, but Messenhauser knew how to make much noise to fill is pocket! Did he not withhold our ammunition and order the wily defenders of Vienna to where the threat was minimal? But he left the gate, from where the enemy came, open! Oh that was a fine fellow! His thoughts would have been: ‘the silly Viennese take us for their liberators, letting their hair down over it! But I will deliver them all into Windischgrätz’ hands, and he will put me down for a handy informer’s reward!’. But you missed, Mr. Messenhauser! The field marshal is no joker, - did not fuss about with Messinghauser, sending him into this world by express post. Now he is bound to be here, but where? This the angels of God shall know better than us! Praise God he is not among us.

6. “Neither are Jellinek and Dr. Becher, which makes us happy! We don’t know anything particular about them, other than that they fiddled around with the quill more than the Field Marshal with his canons, and that both were tongue artists, ultimately despatching many on their journey of discovery to this spirit world, together with themselves. There are a few who undertook this journey by zeal of Jellinek and Becher, but these know no more about them than we do.

7. “It now concerns us little of course, since we actually life on after death, but if we should bump into the lousy clover-leaves, we shall box their ears Vienna-style! Now of course we are happy to have come through terrestrial chicken-life for all eternity; a life which no honest fellow would miss. But we nevertheless itch sometimes when thinking of yonder unscrupulous rogues who despicably betrayed our trust.

8. “But we don’t give a damn now. God is bound to give them their due. In any case, you would know better than us what they were like on Earth, since you had to exchange words with Messenhauser more often than us poor devils. And so we have told you everything we know.”

9. Says Robert: “My dear friends, I regret the three are not among you. But I say unto you: in this kingdom of eternal peace and love, refrain from all manner of judging, regardless of who it may concern, for we were never able to give anything to anyone that we had not ourselves first received. And so we cannot judge the takers as if they had robbed us of our own property, but only as if the had borrowed from us what we had on load ourselves. The great Owner Who alone is the judge over everything, which belongs to Him alone, shall pass the right judgement.

10. We shall from now on act the way Christ the Lord taught! Namely, we shall do good to our enemies who curse us and bless them; and those who hate us we shall encounter with love. In this way we shall appear well-pleasing children before God the Lord, and His grace shall be with us eternally!

11. “Do we not often pray: ‘Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us!’. Doing so, the Lord shall always forgive us, as often and whatever our transgression was. When we shall have forgiven everything to all, then everything shall also be forgiven us. Are you happy with my suggestion?”

12. All shout: “Yes indeed, we fully agree with you!”

13. Says Robert: “Well then, let us move into the house!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-46 Chapter