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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 45 - Robert’s powerful witness to Christ. The Viennese crowd.

1. Says Robert: “I am well pleased with your willing acceptance of my counsel, my dear friends and bold comrades in arms! But I also assure you that, for as long as this, my and also your best Friend will be at our side, I shall also give you the most thought-through guidance, by which you shall without fail gain the truest benefits of eternally indestructible life, within which you now find yourselves after casting off your heavy bodies.

2. “Much shall of course still be required and you shall have to pass many a test before you achieve full ripeness for yonder lofty purposes for which the holy, eternal Initiator of all existence has set us Earth inhabitants, whom He has chosen for children.

3. “But be of good cheer and stand your ground with true, perfect love for Him, our eternal, holy Father! Therewith we shall overcome all disconcerting happenings, imminently achieving a maturity enabling us to approach Him in spirit and in truth!

4. “Oh brethren! I, your truest friend Robert tell you: that which upon Earth I was not able to even suspect, over here unfolds before my eyes so miraculously that no tongue can utter what God holds out to those who love Him! But everything you see right now is not even a dew-drop compared to the sea. Because unspeakable things await us!

5. “Hearken, a wise man upon Earth once said, enraptured: ‘What riches, what unfailing well-spring of countless heavens is laid into the small heart of him upon Earth who alone among animals, walking upright, calls himself man! If this human could realise all his ideas through a divine ‘let there be’, what would there not be to a human! And yet all such ideas and treasures of imagination in a man is but the faintest shimmer of that fullness, depth and clarity comprising every profound man’s concept of God!’

6. “If however this wise man had such lofty ideas of man and even loftier ones of the Deity – how much more do we now have the right to immerse ourselves into these grand ideas, since through God’s grace we find ourselves beyond the dust of decay, calling ourselves Christians, called to enter the great God’s kingdom!

7. “Unfortunately we are Christians hardly more than in name. Many were ashamed to call ourselves Christians, the main responsibility for which is Rome, and our own stupidity. But this shall not be so from now on. Our heart’s greatest honour shall now be to fully belong to Christ!

8. “I say unto you: ‘Christ is all in all! He is the eternal alpha and omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end! He alone is the life, the truth and the way, – for all beings, men, spirits and angels! In His hands repose all the heavens, all the worlds and everything living upon them. Through Him and His word we can become children of His Father-heart, and be all in all within Him. But without Him there eternally is no existence, no life and no bliss! – Do you believe me, my dear friends?”

9. Shout all: “Yes, we believe it indeed. Even if we don’t yet fully comprehend what you proclaim to us, we yet firmly believe it, knowing that you would not proclaim anything to us that you had not first clearly grasped from its foundations. All honour to God for imbuing you with o much understanding and insight!

10. “We found especial joy in what you now told us about Christ. Do you know that we secretly always thought much of Him. But the way the Roman clerics had Him always do no more than condemn all those men, who did not want to dance to their tune, straight to hell, caused us to actually be ashamed of this otherwise loftiest name! Because no man of modicum intelligence could accept Him the way certain monks made the good Christ Jesus out to be. For does Christ demand Rosary prayer, litany, holy prayers, exorcisms, worshipping or relics, confessions without measure or aim, Mass numbers, and similar nonsense for gaining of Heaven?! Brother, this surely could no longer be accepted in the nineteenth century, especially when, as poor worker, one saw how these servants of God could hardly turn around at the altar for fat, when rattling off their Masses.

11. “But we most readily accept the Christ you spoke about, being overjoyed with Him! That One could easily be God Himself! For in line with our reason He is good, wise and sufficiently mighty for it. The real Christ must have been quite different to what the clergy of Rome proclaimed to poor sinners for money!

12. “What do you say, and maybe your seemingly most loving friend, who has said nothing so far: shall we have the grace to once see the true Christ, even if from afar? Because we cannot demand that a Christ as proclaimed by you should repeatedly reveal Himself to fiendishly mean people like us. Were this possible then we would gladly forego all other joys.”

13. Says Robert: “Dear friends, I assure you that the true Christ, although the loftiest and holiest divine Being, is still what He was on Earth as man! He regards only what is lowly and despised in the world, and those persecuted by the world are his friends and brothers, but everything honoured by the world as great and glorious and favoured is to Him an abomination!

14. “Hence be of good cheer, my friends. You shall see and love the true Christ measurelessly; and not just once but forever. For believe my words: Christ is already nearer to you than you would ever believe! If I had permission then I could turn your heads to where He is, and you could easily see Him. But I must not do so for your own good. Hence be patient for a while until you ripen – then it shall happen. Are you happy with that?!”

15. Shout all of them: “Yes indeed, we are completely happy therewith! We know only too well that we are not worthy of seeing Him for a long while yet, but shall do everything to make ourselves more worthy of Him.

16. “In Vienna, as you know, we were rascals! And so we can’t ask it before time. If the Roman clergy were to be only one per cent right in their hell-fire sermons, then we should be ripe for the very centre of hell. If however God’s, Christ’s grace is greater than proclaimed by the preachers, then we might still find hope! But that will still take much time and patience, and so we are still most satisfied and thank you and your friend for this assurance!”

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