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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 44 - Robert’s task in the new home. The first reception. Fallen political friends. Robert counsels them.

1. Continue I: “Nearby you see a large and magnificent dwelling. Behold, you shall now be occupying this. And I shall at all times be with you and help you whenever you shall call Me from within your heart, which is to say: ‘I shall remain with you always!’

2. “Nor shall you be alone, even when I visibly leave you for a few moments. For in this house you shall have a far lager fellowship than you would ever find anywhere. This region also is fully inhabited as far as your eyes can see. Wherefore you shall from now on never fear a lack of fellowship.

3. “But I say unto you that these congregations shall be for the most part of a radical nature. Wherefore your main task shall be to bring all these radical unto the one path I have now brought you. If you succeed in this work, then you shall discover still quite a number of other amazing things besides those you found at My side until now. For only in this very way shall you properly enter upon your own treasure and miracle trove, within which things shall reveal themselves to you which you never dreamt of so far!

4. “Above all you shall have to make sure that you don’t give Me away to any of those you will soon meet here! For these all don’t know Me, as their faith will be even more deficient than was yours. Were you to give Me away before time, you would do them more harm than good; hence be careful.

5. “But now follow Me through the garden! A large company shall welcome us in the hall!”

6. Now I move ahead, with Robert following Me with the greatest love, reverence and humility.

7. Coming to a magnificently shaped hallway from the garden, masses of people of both sexes come streaming out, shouting: “Vivat! Long live our most honoured Robert Blum, the greatest people’s friend of Europe! Be honoured, foremost and greatest German of the nineteenth century! A thousandfold welcome, you greatest friend of ours and most courageous ringleader against the enemies of man’s freedom! How long have we already tarried here for you, but you did not want to make an appearance, although we knew that you preceded many of us here. How heavy our burden to revenge our blood on those barbarians who had us shot like common dogs from their most dictatorial ambitions! But we lacked a ringleader. But now you are here as the one initiated into all laws of nature, and the world of spirits. Hence get us organised in line with our abilities and lead us to where we can exercise the most burning revenge! These terrestrial, glittering rapacious animals in human form shall experience a most amazing vengeance we shall take on them!”

8. Says Robert: “Friends, time shall bring us counsel! First of all my thanks for your heartfelt greeting, and praise God for allowing me to meet up with you all here! First I would say unto you: as upon Earth, everything takes its time here. The apple does not fall from the tree until ripe. Why should we strain ourselves here before time, to take revenge on those brutes who upon Earth at present deem themselves lords over all men? Let us leave them their miserable joy for a few weeks or months; they shall then come to us by themselves. Once we have them here, dear friends, we shall have a few words with them! I hope you got what I meant?”

9. Scream all of them: “Indeed, indeed, we got you! You have always been a clever man, and are bound to be so here, in this world in which we still can’t make our way, not knowing yet how we got here and where we actually are.

10. “It is indeed most beautiful in this area, - like a true paradise actually. But we know only what a pair of amicable men told us on arrival here: ‘this house belongs to Robert Blum, together with everything that your eyes behold.’ ‘In that case the stars upon the firmament as well?’ we asked; ‘yes, also the stars’, answered the two men. – Whereupon they commanded us to tarry here quietly until you, the owner of this magnificence himself comes with another great, good Friend. You would then anyway, together with your good friend, tell us what to undertake in this region.

11. “Thus we quietly tarried in your house and its chambers until now. Only when we saw you arrive with your friend did we rush out to meet you and tell you our main problems.

12. “Now please be so good as to tell us what we are to actually take on. Because to just indolently sulk about will make even the most beautiful time and region boring. In short, we are placing our best hopes in your wise insight and brotherly sense. For a Robert Blum shall in future never fail again! – Vivat!”

13. Says Robert: “Well and good indeed! Whatever you wish for shall come about. And it brings me extraordinary joy to see you no less obedient than you were upon Earth – which over here is certain to also bear you more fruit. But let me now first of all move into my house, so that, as owner, I can look it over.

14. “But I would like to also inform you not to laud me with a ‘long live’ from now on! This would be sheer foolishness over here, where we begin an eternal, indestructible life which shall not be followed by death eternally; why should we laud each other with ‘long live’, where we have through God’s grace received the actual highest life?

15. “Let your future call be a different one: ‘Highest praise and love be to God the Lord in Christ Jesus – Whom we took to be a man only, but Who nevertheless is eternally the only God and therefore Creator of infinity, together with everything within it!’ – When you call out thus, then you shall have cause to imminently rejoice in a perfect life, whilst any honour you bring me shall not get you further by a hair’s breadth!

16. “Remember also that Blum is no fool, having good reason to proclaim to you right from the start what he himself unfortunately doubted to the highest degree upon Earth! And Blum, as upon Earth, does so over here as your best and truest friend. Considering this well, it shall hopefully be easy for you to accept your friend’s word for it. Friends, you ought to believe what I tell you, as you well know that I don’t naively just accept things, especially in the things of faith and religion!”

17. All of them shout: “Indeed so; we unconditionally accept whatever you teach us, knowing that our Robert would not mistake a white cow for a black one even in the darkest of nights; whatever you tell us is bound to be true. For you also, upon Earth in Vienna, advised us to stay away from the front line, as the enemy was too strong and the defense of Vienna too loose. But we did not believe you, saying: ‘has Blum also turned into a coward now?’ And you gave us a manful shout: ‘Blum does not fear even a hundred thousand devils, let alone these cheeky mercenaries! Hence all arms into the fray, to die at my side’; and weapons in hand we belatedly realised that you were right!

18. “Now however we take you at your word without arguing; just remain our leader and teacher, as you are wiser in one finger than all of us together! But now look your house over without hindrance, and then give us something to do commensurate with our strength!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-44 Chapter