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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 43 - Robert’s new, glorious world. Astonished thanks and fervent love. “This world is out of you” – A parable on procreation

1. Robert now looks around himself, intent on espying some better and bigger world, but none is making an appearance yet, in accordance with My words. Straining his eyes, he looks upwards, whether such is perhaps descending from the heavens, to agree with his preconception of a promised descent of a better world? But none is coming from that direction either.

2. After a while of futile expectations, he turns to Me again: “Exalted, eternal Master and Creator of infinity, most beloved Father! – Behold, I have almost worn our my eyes, yet no other world makes its appearance. The problem is bound to be within myself, but I can’t make out where. Hence I beg You to show me the reason!

3. “Oh Lord, if it pleases You, then at last remove the blanket from my eyes!”

4. Say I: “Now brother, I say unto you – ‘epheta’ (open) – what do you say now? Where did this region come from, and how do you like it?”

5. Robert, hardly able to contain himself for joy, amazed, looks around in every direction. For now he vividly sees the most glorious meadows around him, and most beautiful and imposing mountain-ranges encompass extensive views. Small, light green hills rise from the meadows, at the feet of which lie attractive dwellings, all presenting themselves to Robert's astounded eyes. A large building stands nearby, surrounded by a luxuriant fruit-filled and flowery garden. This glorious region is domed by a most pure, light-blue sky which, although still sunless, is studded the more with rare constellations of stars, the smallest of which shines more brightly than Venus above the Earth at its brightest; wherefore this region also is almost brighter from this starlight than the midday sun upon Earth.

6. Robert can hardly take in enough of this spellbinding region. After a while of staring and amazement, he falls on his knees before Me, staring at Me ecstatically, thrusting out the following words from his breast:

7. “Oh God, oh Father, You almighty Creator of never-suspected works of wonder! How should I, barest nothingness, begin to honour You with endless eternal praise? Ah how great must be Your wisdom and power, to bring about such Creation with Your merest wink.

8. “And here You stand with me like an ordinary man? Well, this makes You even more endlessly love and worship-worthy - externally seeming to be no more than an ordinary human. Yet upon speaking and commanding, countless worlds, suns, angels and a myriad of other creatures of unsuspected wonder and glory stream from Your mouth!

9. “Oh Lord! Who can ever grasp You and understand Your love, wisdom and almight? Oh my God, I am surely just the poorest of sinners, yet can do nothing but love You over and over! Most glorious Jesus, who upon Earth understands that You alone and eternally no other being is the highest, arch-eternal divine being Yourself!

10. “And here You are with me as someone who was executed by the world! Oh love of all love! Oh Lord, oh Father, oh God! And You call me, someone condemned by the world - a brother! No! You are too great and Your love to horribly great! Oh, create powers within me so I can love You for Your goodness and condescension with the glow of all the suns of endless space!”

11. Say I: “My dear brother! It makes My heart over joyous that you praise Me thus in your heart - for just having removed the blanket from your eyes and for your seeing another region more beautiful than any upon Earth and more bright than the purest midday of the Promised Land!

12. “You rightly praise My love, wisdom, almight and grandeur of action. For verily, whether you were to praise Me with all the angels’ tongues, you would not eternally be capable of befittingly praise the smallest fraction of My godly greatness and perfection.

13. “But the most pleasing praise is that you love Me with all your strength! Because, as Father, I am accessible exclusively through love, to those beings who are My children; and eternally not through wisdom. Because the wisdom of My numberless angels and spirits is, compared to My eternal wisdom, as is a dew-drop to the eternal etheric sea filling eternal space.

14. “Since you praise Me out of your love however, yours is a proper praise, although unnecessary here. Because whatever you see right now is actually your doing. It is of course My work as well, since you yourself are My work. But it is all your separate work, the way things you made on Earth were distinctly your work.

15. “You indeed ask within yourself: ‘Lord, how is this possible? If this was my doing, then surely I would have to be conscious of how I went about creating such glories and grandeur? Yet I have not the faintest idea!’

16. “Say I: “That is so to begin with, but does not matter. Did you not generate children upon Earth, each of whom is an endlessly greater work of wonder than everything you see here? Did you in reality know that, through the simple and dull act of procreation, you would produce such completely incomprehensible wonders, and in accordance with what pre-determined plan?

17. “And yet it was you and not Me who generated such wonders with your wife. I am, of course, there too, the basic originator and the only planner and arranger ordering things, so that the act of procreation results in a human being. The deliberate act of procreation on man’s part nevertheless has to be added to create a new human being.

18. “Hence do not be too astonished when I say unto you: behold, all this is your work; wherefore everything you behold here also is yours! A spiritual time nevertheless will come when you shall grasp all this. – But now to something else!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-43 Chapter