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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 42 - A true brother. Parable of the target shooting. Love towards the Lord determines everything.

1. “Oh Lord”, says Robert after a while, “if only You would not call me, a sinner, Your brother! For I shall eternally not be worthy of such immense grace.”

2. Say I: “Just suffer it to be so for now. Does not My image now dwell within you? Because through your love for Me you are in Me, as I in you, and so we are one in love. And behold, such unity is a true brother. Notwithstanding that we each are separate, this in no way inhibits a most intimate brotherhood, which is a proper unification through love. Because there is only one true love and one true goodness, and these are the same and therefore one in all the angels and blessed spirits, and completely equal to My love, and the good therefrom. And behold, this complete sameness verily is called ‘a brother’!

3. “And so you now, on account of your true love for Me also are a true brother. Just as I once, upon Earth, called brethren all those who followed Me in deed: not out of a kind of amicable courtesy but in the fullness of truth. Let it not trouble you in future therefore if I call you brother, for now you know why!

4. “But say unto Me now whether you like this second offer better than the first?”

5. Says Robert: “Oh Lord, You exceedingly good, holy Father of all men and angels, here nothing further can be said, all comparisons falling away. For whatever You determine always is the best, because as the most endless goodness, You have determined it thus. Is speaks for itself however that this second offer has to obviously please me even more than the first. For no being that loves You as indescribably as I do, could be equally pleased with either Your only seeming absence and Your visible presence at its side!

6. “But since You are so endlessly merciful, I would ask you from the depth of my heart that You would indicate to me how I could make myself, at least by a hair’s breath, more worthy of Your love than unfortunately until now!”

7. Say I: “Beloved brother! On Earth you no doubt watched a game called disc or target shooting quite a few times? You think to yourself: ‘Indeed, I have quite often joined the shooting and even won several times!’ – Good, then say unto Me how and by what merit did you win? Surely all who competed for the prize had to pay the same deposit, and yet you won the prize!

8. “Now you say to yourself: because I luckily hit the centre of the disc. The prize-giver certainly did not gain thereby, yet he was nevertheless much pleased that I hit the centre.”

9. Continue I to Robert: “Behold, thus it is with Me! I am an eternal prize-giver to all My beings, and especially those who proceeded to become My children. The target disc is My Father-heart; the marksmen are My children. Their guns are their own hearts, and the target again am I, together with the most perfect, everlasting life, with and out of Me!

10. “What merit therefore do the children have to earn to win the prize determined for them? Behold, nothing other than to load their hearts and shoot at the centre of My heart. On hitting same, they at once have the target in their life-pockets. An it is the easier with Me since I require no deposit, as I allow free shooting to everyone.

11. “But just as you were sometimes a champion marksman on Earth, so you also succeeded here to shoot the centre of My heart with your own. And so you have already therewith everything I ask of you, namely true love. This alone makes you worthy of My reciprocal love, it alone being recognised by Me as a true merit. What other merits should be worthy of My grace? For if I am already pleased with you, then I would like to know what you can do to make you still more worthy of Me?

12. “But in what way you shall be able to share My love in you with your diverse brethren, you shall have to work out through your future attitude, which however shall not be added for your greater merit. Because you will be granted greater perfection of your being for your own greater bliss – hence for only your personal advantage! – But there can be no talk of increased worthiness of My grace, since you cannot possibly do more than love Me above everything else, which alone I ask of you and everyone else.

13. “Hence do not be troubled about greater merit, which I shall have no need of eternally, but take note of what shall now take place in front of your eyes.!

14. “Behold, we still are upon our most meager little world, and you still see nothing besides what provides us a sparse view. You had assumed that this world was a kind of developing comet, which may eventually turn into another planet, after trillions of Earth years. It may perhaps have arisen on account of the gravitational attraction of My nature, in reaction to which atoms from endless ether accumulates around Me, but it is nothing of the sort.

15. “This small, most bare and meager world is out of yourself, corresponding to your erstwhile inner state, upon which I Myself am of course the best portion. Like this world, and the way you first saw Me upon it, your inward parts had been constituted: a small and weak ground, and I upon it just as an ordinary human!

16. “But now that your heart recognised Me, kindled with fervent love for Me, this small and sparse world shall at once turn into a bigger, firmer and more bountiful one.

17. “I am at present still maintaining your interior screen, so that the powerful light of your spirit would not immediately pour into your soul. But as I am about to rend this inner screen in twain, as I once did with the veil in the Temple, by which the Holy of Holies was exposed – you shall at once behold a quite different world and be exceedingly astonished! And so pay heed!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-42 Chapter