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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 41 - Robert: let Your will be my life. – Love upon love.

1. Says Robert: “Oh Lord, my one and only love eternally! Whatever You intend undertaking with me, a sinner, shall be unspeakably right; I can only regard everything as You immeasurable grace and mercy! What am I before You? What is dust before Him Who has stretched out endless space with His exclusive might, filling it with the countless wonders of His eternal love and wisdom! Your holy will is my life! How should anything You have determined for me not be right? Oh Lord! Holy be Thy name, and let Your will be my life!

2. “I will do with a most cheerful heart whatever I am capable of! For You, my God and my only love, have offered it. And how should this not be supremely holy, and pleasant to my love for You?

3. “But that You should abandon me visibly again shall of course hurt me, yet this also is Your holy will. And the latter shall restore You to me again when my heart shall once be more worthy of You than now, when it could still perish with shame for Your holiness. How was it able to be so incomprehensibly blind and blunt as not to recognise You at first sight, encountering You even with pig-headedness!

4. “Oh Lord, my foolishness now lames my tongue, to the extent of being hardly able to account to You here, oh holiest One. Hence You will be done as soon as possible!”

5. Say I: “Now now, My beloved brother – !”

6. Begs Robert, interrupting: “Oh Lord! Call me dust and nothingness before You and not ‘brother’, for how can nothingness be Your brother?”

7. Say I: “I know best how you can also be My proper brother. Hence don’t make too much of it! I suddenly see something that has just developed in your heart. And at your next life-liberty test, we shall not be as far apart as you now imagine. Because where someone begins to bloom with such love as yours is now developing, such one’s path shall thereafter not be strewn with bones of contention.

8. “Look, My dear Robert, all your sins are gone; and I now love you indescribably because you too have begun to love Me so much! How could I then leave you? – Ah, no! Fear not!

9. “Since you love Me so much, I shall not leave you but move into your dwelling with you, and work with you! And so I shall also remit what you would necessarily have still had to endure. For much shall be forgiven him who has much love!

10. “You shall indeed have to bear up to all I pointed out to you – but at My side! Tell Me, My dear brother, whether you prefer this offer to the previous one?”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-41 Chapter