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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 40 - Start of a new life out of God’s Spirit. A new liberty-test upon a higher level of cognition.

1. Say I: “Dearest brother and friend! I say unto you: your sins are forgiven, because you have so humbled yourself that you have fully given up the outer intellect, for what it is worth, taking up the understanding of the heart in its place. Hence there shall be eternally no more discussion about your earthly transgressions!

2. “You have now started a completely new life period, in which you must go through another liberty test. There the opportunity will be given you to completely put your old earthly man away and put on the new one out of Me.

3. “You have until now been completely without fellowship, and also had no ground on which to stand your feet. The meager ground here corresponds to the doctrines accepted by you which, as New Catholic, you took from My Gospel. And I Myself came to you precisely the way that you had, with the help of your intellect, on Earth developed Me in your mind. – namely as merely a wise teacher of yore. But I could not remain thus, but had to escort you through all sorts of doctrine to where you finally, out of yourself, recognised Me as what I have been from eternity, and also shall be!

4. “But this recognition shall not by itself suffice you by far; but you must, to attain to the true heavenly kingdom, vitalise this recognition with the true love of neighbour and from that, all love towards Me!

5. “Wherefore I shall now bring you to a place where you shall not be lacking in fellowship of all kinds. You will receive a substantial ground, together will a big, well-furnished dwelling, and that upon a man road in a very attractive area. Numerous servants also shall be provided, who shall obey you punctiliously.

6. “Many travelers from Earth shall come by your dwelling in this world of the spirits and drop in, friends and adversaries among them. See to it that you receive them with the right love, handing them what they have need of, because they all are My children and hence also your brethren. Thereby you shall make good many time over what you spoilt upon Earth, - not willingly of course, but through lack of spiritual cognition. I myself shall then come to you again and say unto you: ‘Well done with this small household; you shall be set over great things!’

7. “Beware especially of rage, revenge, as well as impure love, for which the occasions shall not be lacking. Then your new life-task shall soon be solved, and your true everlasting life-bliss shall only then take its most vivid inception!

8. “Avoid also curiosity! For this does not make a spirit better or more lucid, but easily more evil and dark. Wherever your strength does not suffice, hand over to Me, and the right help shall soon eventuate. “Therewith you know everything. Hence tell Me how you are satisfied with my offer, whereupon we shall at once find ourselves at the right place!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-40 Chapter