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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 39 - Robert takes a good turn. Explanation about the biblical John the Baptist. Dawn of everlasting light of recognition in Robert.

1. Say I: “Now now, My most beloved friend and brother, this I certainly will not do! We shall stay together; but in the way we are now, this could not be realised, because it would offer you little help.

2. “But now I detect a real change for the better in you and can assure you that it will soon be better with you; but you must grasp what I am going to reveal to you the way I will prescribe it, and act strictly with your heart accordingly, and you shall soon begin to see more brightly. – Things about which you are still very much in the dark shall become clear and vivid.

3. “Behold, where in the Gospels there is mention of John the Baptist, it says among other things: ‘I am only the voice of one crying in the wilderness, preparing the way of the Lord; I am not worthy to undo the shoelaces of Him Who comes after me. I baptise only with water, but He shall baptise you with the spirit of truth, with the spirit of God, for everlasting life! This my most exalted successor shall wax among and within you, but I, John, shall wane!’. What do you think this, the greatest of the prophets, meant by that?”

4. Says Robert: “Indeed, my best Friend! If I had understood this I would not have reached the sorry state I am in now.

5. “My non-understanding of these texts was the very reason I began to doubt Your Deity – the main reason also why I became a New Catholic.

6. “Oblige me therefore with an explanation of these most mystic texts, for on my own I shall never discern same, nor shall quite a few others.”

7. Say I: “Well, so hear Me! In relation to the church, John the Baptist physically is what in every man is the outer worldly intellect, and every person’s intellect should be like that of John’s. Just as John prepared the way for Me, just so the right exterior intellect should wane before the understanding intellect of the heart – which understanding of the heart is like unto Myself. Because I Myself take this heart-understanding out of My spirit, and like a good sower, I cast same into the soil of the heart which is the right love, superbly manured through meekness and gentleness.

8. “John is a crying vice in the wilderness, and a right outer intellect has to be that, because the world from which the intellect draws its first concepts is a desert, and this because otherwise no man could be completely separated and set free from God. And so the outer intellect, which draws its concepts, ideas and judgements partly from this desert, partly through indirect and direct revelation from the heavens, through this very taking up of revealed truths is ‘the voice of one crying in the wilderness’, preparing through faith the way to the understanding of the heart.

9. “This proper outer intellect therefore baptises the soul with the water of meekness, and a voluntary obedience. The heart’s understanding however, within which resides the eternal Spirit out of God must, through the awakening of this spirit necessarily baptise with this Spirit, because the Spirit out of God is the true light, fullest truth, love and therewith eternal life itself.

10. “It speaks for itself therefore that the outer intellect must necessarily wane and ultimately indeed be arrested and decapitated, if the true understanding of the heart, which represents Me is to wax within every human, growing to a most glorious tree of eternal life, within which resides supreme recognition. Which will make it obvious that the outer cognition is as little worthy of undoing the shoelaces of the heart’s understanding as is the light of a lamp endlessly insignificant compared to the sun’s light at noon.

11. “I do not now intend to mention your earthly deeds – whether they were right or otherwise – because they all proceeded from your outer intellect, into which the voice of the crier could not penetrate, because the noise of the desert – the John-less world, had to drown out the actual John – My revealed doctrine. Because where great hurricanes and thunder roll through the desert, there the crier’s voice easily goes under. Then Judgement and death take in their harvest unhindered.

12. “But I then also come there, to save what can still be saved, not however upon a way prepared by John, but as lightning shining from East to West, as is now the case with yourself. Whoever accepts the light of this lightning shall be saved. But he who does not accept same perishes, that is, he sets out upon a path upon which it will be hard to achieve the goal set by God.

13. “You have however properly seized the light of the lightning, and hence the Redeemer Himself came to you, guiding you along the right way. But you must now willingly follow the Saviour, not placing any obstacles in His path through your outer intellect, or you shall yourself delay the reaching of the goal.

14. “What will you do now that I clarified those texts which, according to your admission, his Him Whom you should have clearly recognised?”

15. Says Robert, pondering: “Oh Friend, - endlessly more indeed than just a friend! Only now begins it to mightily dawn within me! Oh Lord, Lord! How can you tarry with me, for I am a sinner!

16. “What kept my eyes tied over, stopping me from recognising You? My powerful love towards You indeed told me that You must be more than what my intellect took You for; but a devil or something constantly kept a veil over my eyes. But now I recognise the endless abyss between me and You! Now I can but say: ‘oh my great Lord and God! Be thou gracious and merciful to me, poorest and most foolish sinner, before Thee!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-39 Chapter