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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 131 - The great meal. The General and his friend Kernbeiss. Thomas thanks them for the previous healing. A glance at the terrestrial hell.

1. After these words I step out of the door, commanding Robert to issue, with the help of the ballerinas, a sufficient amount of bread and wine to the two teachers Thomas and Dismas, for their handing out to the new guests for sustenance. Robert immediately does so, and on obtaining such fortifying, the guests are heard to jubilate and praise on every side. In response to My hint, the two teachers then also enter the second hall, where we too are holding a meal.

2. The new guests are not a little astonished at how they all could have been served so rapidly. An adjacent friend of General Theowald says to him: “Dear friend, how do you think that is was possible for the over three thousand of us to be served most adequately with bread and wine by just these two brethren – namely the erstwhile monk Thomas and the familiar Dismas – in one stroke, so to say? Just before that, the notorious Robert Blum, together with two dozen of fatally beautiful dancers, brought along several bottles of wine, and loaves of bread. I thought to myself, when the two brethren took over the distribution: by golly, by the time those two will have, with mathematical and military precision, distributed those few bottles and loaves, the first one will have become hungry and thirsty again by the time the last ones will have received anything! But things were quite different: as if by a magic wand, the entire crowd each had a beaker of wine and a sizable portion of a superbly flavoursome, heavenly bread in their hands. And the thirty or so bottles of wine were correctly emptied and the bread divided to the last crumb. Say how this was possible even along half understandable natural lines? To me it is a puzzle of all puzzles!”

3. Says the general: “My dear friend Johann von hair-splitter Kernbeiss, as they called you on Earth, you are over-quizzical again! Think of the divine wisdom and omnipotence, and it shall be eminently comprehensible to you! Did you on Earth comprehend everything you saw and experienced? Who inflated your lungs, made your heart beat and the pulse swell? Who cooked the meals in your stomach? Who made you grow? Who constructed the eyes and the ears? And how did the Master of such things bring this about? Do you see how on Earth we looked such and a thousand other miraculous things in the face daily? But having gotten used to them from childhood (and used to not thinking over-much), the true miracle of these manifestations did not occur to us, and we could pass them by indifferently.

4. “But over here, rid of all matter, with out thinking-capacity able to carry on with less impediment, all the manifestations of this world must increasingly astonish us, the more quickly we are capable of noticing what is truly miraculous. But that we should break our heads over the ‘how’ would be sheer stupidity. If this were necessary for our future benefit then our two teachers will instruct us. But if instruction is not necessary, then it is enough for us to know that all things are possible to an omnipotent God! Because I regard all things as unfathomable wonders!

5. “God the Lord out of His mercy has miraculously provided us with the best bread and wine, and we were overfilled. Why must we know how He brought this about miraculously? By just thanking the supremely good Giver, we shall be more well-pleasing to Him than if we tried to fathom and dissect Him with the wisdom of all the angels!”

6. Says Johann Kernbeiss: “You are right and I agree with you! Yet this nevertheless remains a marvel.” – Says the General: “For sure, not even an angel would dispute that. But we are not here to probe, but just admire and gratefully consume them!”

7. Says Johann Kernbeiss: “Are you then against all spiritual progress?” – Says the General: “Oh friend, you are wrong if you think that, just because I won’t go into useless examinations of all miraculous things. Oh, I love nothing more than spiritual perfection! Just wait for our two teachers to return. These are certain to be able to tell you more about it than I. I would have to be a fool or a lying loudmouth if I tried to tell you more than I know.

8. “Look, the two are coming already. The plain one without much radiance – Dismas, and Thomas with a veritable solar radiance.”

9. Says Johann Kernbeiss: “Please don’t do this, let this discussion be among ourselves. Why inform the entire celestial company about it? The two would be amused if I bothered them with such questions! Therefore be quiet about it! I am now, and shall remain in full agreement with you!”

10. Thomas and Dismas re-enter this first hall, joining the big crowd. And General Theowald with his friend Kernbeiss cheerfully meet them, expressing thanks on behalf of the entire company to the Lord of glory for the splendid hospitality, with Kernbeiss remarking on the miraculous speed of its procedure.

11. The monk Thomas however responded that his present spiritual development is, after the Lord Himself due mainly to the decisive rebuke on the part of the General, followed by the entire unit, which did him the good service of throwing him out on account of his immense stupidity. Says Kernbeiss to that: “Dear friend, say no more about it, for I was one of those who pushed you out. But whatever has been done cannot be undone. I have already regretted it a thousand times, but man sometimes gets worked up to where he loses track of himself. It unfortunately happens among the best of people. But I think that if human spirits then make good for their indiscretions as well can be, asking one another for forgiveness, holding out their hands for reconciliation, then the dear Father in heaven may not make too sever a mien!”

12. Says Thomas: “Naturally! When people are straightened out among themselves, they are so before God! For God the Lord demands no more of people than that none exalts himself above, or judges, others. We two in any case never had anything against each other and hence don’t need to forgive each other anything. But you assistance in throwing me out does not in the least impinge upon our earthly custom of friendship, and that much less for doing me a great service thereby. Without this, I might still be stuck in my monkish foolishness, whereas through the Lord’s grace I am now already able to make up to you for my stupidities many times over.

13. “How much foolishness have I not prattled to you on Earth, causing some of you even now to be still caught up in the stupidity I put across to you as a priest. But all this I shall make good to you over here. Follies shall be annihilated and wise instruction put in their place on my part – to the best of my ability. May he Who gave me this celestial office strengthen you and me for this cause!

14. “Through the Lord’s grace I was given the ability to see what, right now, is happening upon Earth, and that in our fatherland. You too shall soon receive news from imminent new arrivals here. I say unto you: the great, who were already very small, have found good feed upon the blood of their brethren and have grown fat and strong again. Rather than thank the Lord for the victory over their imagined poor enemies, they don’t know what to do with themselves for pride, arrogance and vengeance. Satan is pushing the entire hell under their feet upon the stage of world politics, and they are grabbing hold of hell, to carry on by its principles.

15. ‘Judge not, lest ye be judged! Condemn not, lest ye be condemned. Be merciful, and ye shall receive mercy!’ These are the Lord’s earnest warnings, which He gave to mankind on Earth. Yet notwithstanding all these earnest divine commandments, the newly empowered are doing with their brethren whatever they like. They judge, condemn and kill according to their whims, being in possession of external power. Soon, a number of those most cruelly murdered by them of late shall be arriving here and start a great lament. These you have to immediately take in, comforting and quieting them down, wherewith you shall accomplish a notable celestial work!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-131 Chapter