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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 132 - A group of executed arrives, their leader telling their story. The philosophy of godlessness and lovelessness.

1. Thomas had hardly finished his instructions when an enormous crying and wailing is heard outside. Thomas asks the crowd for attention, saying: “As you can hear, that which I announced through the Lord’s grace is already fulfilling itself. A dreadfully maimed crowd is approaching the house. The arrivals must have been shockingly tormented and offended to the highest degree. They are souls of the pitilessly executed people and are closing in on us. Silence now, friends! They are now rushing in from the big garden path. A man of sinister mien, with black velvet vest, head adorned with gold-embroidered cap is strutting ahead of them like a drunk, with some thirty of them behind him with what appears to be flames behind them. It looks terrible, but silence now!”

2. The dismal-looking leader turns around, reviewing his group and saying: “Here we are, a picture of ultimate misery and wretchedness! Oh my poor wife! Vainly does your shadow in the form of vengeance-kindling flames hasten behind your shamefully murdered husband. All hell has conspired against him to eternally not release him. Oh my dear friends, you howl vainly in this dark world of torment. We have now been fleeing and yelling for a lengthy period, with no help or comfort coming from any direction. There is no God, and no retribution. You are vainly calling for revenge upon our murderers! For if there was a righteous God then He could not allow one miserable lot of men to perpetrate such abominations upon other miserable men upon cursed Satan’s Earth!

3. “What did we do to warrant death? We only clamoured for what our emperor and king had promised us; and not wanting to forgo same without a fight, we inquired and were declared rebels and traitors. We defended ourselves morally and even physically. And so they crusaded against us with the power of two emperors, yet would not have defeated us without their extraordinary means. We did not surrender for mercy but the promised Russian amnesty – and here we have it – as slaughtered political criminals!

4. “Oh accursed Earth and your people! Whoever can be rich, mighty and cruel on Satan’s ground, possesses his own right. He can murder away as criminals anyone who will not acknowledge his self-arrogated right pretending to benefit mankind through socialism. They know how to till the ground to obtain their fun at the expense of millions of poor herbivores. Had we done so ourselves a long time since, we would have possessed such right. But they anticipated us and now command all rights.

5. “Every cruelty is right by them, being accountable to no one. Only the rich and mighty has the right to use and possess anything that he can grab with his superior power. Do you now still believe in a God and in pay-back?”

6. Shout the others: “No, no, we believe it no more! You spoke rightly – it is so! There is a hell for sure, and that in the world! But there is eternally no good and just God! For if there was one, He would have had to judge the accursed Earth to all the devils. But since there is no God, the Earth remains the throne of hell! That’s how things are!”

7. Says another from these newly arrived: “Mr. Baron, you are right, I fully agree – excepting that there is no God! But we can be certain that such creating principle concerns Himself with the dust of the Earth no more than we ever concerned ourselves about a drop of sweat. Before the eyes of a Deity, a war among men upon Earth is of endlessly less concern than an infusoria war inside a dewdrop is to the emperor of China. Whence they were right to murder us, knowing how to work the Satan grounds for their fun!

8. “Verily, thieves, robbers and murderers are actually the cleverest people on Earth, for they know best how to assess the value of things and people, and their lives. Billions of people mean nothing to God; whether they all kill each other, or some are left over, is like a liverwurst to God. Wherefore we must be less stupid henceforth. We shall form an alliance, and all comers shall be mowed down ruthlessly!”

9. Says a third: “Yet we ought to show consideration to some individuals such as towards our parents, wives, brothers, sisters, children and intimate friends.”

10. Says the second: “Consideration – what! Consideration is no more than cowardice towards others, whom one leaves alive for some gain, or timidly regards as mightier than oneself. – Parents? – Hell’s mockery! These are the primary tyrants of children! – A wife? Well, young and buxom could be spared, but sparing is to stop at the old and the ugly, as these serve no fun for anyone! – I am all for children as play-dolls, although I regard those Earth natives wiser who slaughter and eat their most opulent children, since their flesh is preferable to the thin ones. Once grown up however, then no consideration for such parasites of their parents! – Brothers and sisters and other friends are on Earth already the most tiresome fellow-men and would be more so over here! Hence no consideration for these at all! If people on Earth had the insight I now have over here, the first-born would know how to rid himself of his younger sibling parasites. But whatever goes by the label of man upon Earth, excepting a few cunning scamps, is of the brutes’ and worse variety. That’s how one remains as a mere burden for the others, until killed by some sharpie, or expires from the old air poison! Hence no sparing or consideration for anyone!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-132 Chapter