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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 130 - The flock before the Lord. General Theowald’s life-journey towards God. The secret of Earth-life revealed in the beyond. Jesus’ words of light and love.

1. Responding to the General’s words, all turn their eyes to the hall entrance, falling on their knees on seeing Me. All pray, hallow and praise Me, to the best of their ability of souls that serve as a dwelling place of relatively unspoiled spirits, therefore betraying a life of feelings rather than intellect. I leave them in such an uplifting state for a while, in order for them to gather themselves up in their inward parts.

2. But I summon the General over to Me. He actually remonstrated his unworthiness to approach Me more closely. I however refer him to the Zachary of the Gospel, who was a great sinner, whose house I nevertheless entered in order to partake of a meal with him.

3. This emboldens the General somewhat, and he approaches me with the greatest reverence, saying: “Oh Lord, forgive me and all of us our great audacity in daring to look into Your holiness’ countenance! But what can we poor creatures do if the relationship between us and the eternal Creator is such a miserable one? We all together are as completely nothing before You, and You alone are all in all. It is already unspeakable bliss if a being, after the casting away of the body is made capable of beholding You. What greater thing could I still wish for over here? Oh God, You exalted One! What joy floods my entire being, to be able for once at last to hear the almighty voice of Your mouth!

4. “How often upon Earth did I ask: “Is there a God or not? If there is, where is He, and what might He look like? Is the Jewish teacher Jesus what legend would have it? He, a man like us, supposed to be God? The God who filled infinite space with countless myriad of beings of every kind, out of Himself? But to all these questions I could never get a satisfactory answer. Because heaven was closed, and mortals sometimes tried to give me a different concept of God. They spoke of Your miraculous deeds upon Earth that sounded like fairy tales, and hence too feeble to give my investigative spirit what is sought! In short, I sought but found nothing! I knocked everywhere, but nowhere did someone truthfully say: enter friend, here you shall find what you seek!

5. “In this way I lost all faith in a God! In my imagination, everything became a work of pure chance through dumb natural forces. This then tossed me into the world’s turmoil, in which I afterwards found that evil death, which opened the portals to this life. And now I am here and see a different life – and behold, also You, Who alone gave me life! The kingdom of much questioning is at an end, and in Yourself, oh Lord, the living answer stands before me! Yes, it is so: Earth-life is no more than a big question that is only answered over here! – Oh eternal thanks to You for regarding a worm of the dust!”

6. Say I: “My dear Theoward! Life-conditions upon Earth are different from those of the spiritual, imperishable world. But they have to be, so that this true, perfect life can go forth from them. Every carnal man is of course, already on Earth, called to hit upon the right path, in order to secure for himself this perfect life, through strict keeping of My word – written down mainly in the four familiar Gospels. But since every human in order to become an eternal living spirit, must have his freest life, it happens only too frequently, especially in this epoch, that people allow the worldly siren-voice to deafen their ears, and to blind their eyes with the deceptive light of worldly glitter.

7. “Hence such people hardly, if ever at all, get to where they are called, but rather to where they should not end up – in self-love, selfishness, domineering, greed, meanness, gluttony, lust, unchastity and whoring! These however consume, rather than multiply life. And so, after the casting off of the flesh, many fare as you and your crowd did. They have to be, in this world, abandoned by everything that had occupied their crude senses, and they have to become most miserable in order for their life to gather itself up in such spiritual wasteland and desert. When it has found itself, as yours has now, then the necessary help comes your way – but not as imposed, but seemingly as asked for by the needy himself.

8. “For which reason also My messenger Thomas said unto you that your own will is the sole judge and giver of everything you desire, good or bad. But you then asked for the good, and asked for Me personally – and behold, what you desired in your heart now stands truly and vividly before you. From now on, My particular will shall be made known to you. If you make this your own, you shall live a truly blissful life! Go and pass this on to your flock!”

9. The General Theowald does so at once, the entire unit taking it in like a military command, at once obeying the General’s words. Having soon and easily carried out this order, he at once returns, saying: “Lord Father, God Jesus from eternity! What You wanted of the whole unit is, through myself, accomplished. Your most holy will be our eternal command forever. Since You spoke of only now making Your personal will known to each, we pray You, most beloved Father, to do so now! We promise to never in own will or deed depart by even one hair’s breadth from what we hear of Your will!”

10. Say I: “Well, it really pleases Me to hear this from you all, as if from one mouth. But you should nevertheless examine yourselves as to whether all that you welcome into your hearts as My will, finds you capable of acceptance as completely feasible!”

11. Says Theowald: “Oh Lord, who knows better than Yourself as to what our hearts are capable of! Hence we shall leave this to You alone forever. You are certain not to burden us with more than we are capable of carrying out. Wherefore we shall merely consider whether we are worthy of taking up Your especial will into our as yet impure hearts. I think that for this we shall all have to undergo a thorough cleansing.”

12. Say I: “My dear children! I must admit that although you are nearly all children of the world, you are in many things cleverer than the children of light. Therewith you have spared ourselves many a thing that you would otherwise had to bear up to. But because you are of an intelligent heart, allowing so much love and trust to well up in your hearts for Me, much shall be spared you! But rejoice that you were no dictators upon Earth, for these shall get to see Me in a quite different mantle! – Let you all arise now and hearken to what I say unto you:

13. “Let the greatest among you be your servant, and let mutual and actual love be your commandment! – Thomas and Dismas shall be your teachers, and you can regard their words as My own; doing so you shall be capable of fully entering upon My kingdom! Love them as your most intimate friends and brethren. For to them it is given by Me to lead you into the kingdom of everlasting life. These shall also provide you with everything you are still lacking!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-130 Chapter