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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 218 - Emperor Joseph’s experiences with the clergy. Reason for the early death of this emperor – now engaged as a judgment angel against Rome

1. Here Emperor Joseph steps up to Me, saying: “Lord, be Thou gracious unto me, a sinner: I ought not to actually talk about others, as I am still full of all sorts of guilt. But I am unable to keep silent about the lofty Roman clergy! I’ve gotten to know this brood like no one before and probably not after me. But the method of my anointing them also shall stay in their memory eternally. Oh Lord, I am hardly able to relate to you what I went through with these beings as emperor! Disgracefulness and unscrupulousness reached levels beyond description with this caste.

2. As confessor of your pure doctrine I was only too keenly aware of the gulf between the doctrine of Rome and Your purest celestial truth. I could have put an end to this false Roman woman forever. Had I been granted life for ten more years then, in your holiest name, I would have done it. But these very ogres, to whom I had become the worst bone of contention, knew how to creep cancerously behind my earthly life-thread, gnawing it through before time, and my plans were therefore put on hold.

3. But with a successful beginning I am pleased to have at least forged the way to their demise. Because whenever I receive news of Earth in this world, it is that the whore of Babylon suffers incurable consumption, and this is true bliss to me, in heaven, actually! Oh Lord, bless my work, that it may bear good fruit upon Your Earth! I would rejoice much if told by Yourself that I was not a completely useless servant to you upon Earth!”

4. Say I: “My dearest brother Joseph, I can only say to you that you were a servant like few before you, and no one after you until now! You acted completely in accordance with my heart and were faithful in the house hold entrusted to you. There is a reason for My letting you serve me only a short time on Earth, mankind being not worthy of you. Wherefore I also visited wars and all sorts of tribulations upon it, by which high and low were humbled like hardly ever before. And these humiliations shall continue until the last evil seed is destroyed from the Earth.

5. But I shall only now provide you with a sword for heaving into the whore of Babylon, quite differently to what you would have ever been able to do on Earth, for you are a select fighter for me in this most important affair! ! But you need not over here tell me what abominations Babylon and its black, scarlet and crimson servants were wreaking, for all this I know best, wherefore the time of their judgment has come.

6. But watch now: Over there form one dark vault, an Archbishop of your time comes traipsing towards us; you will recognize him at once he you. Give the appropriate answer the way I shall place it upon your tongue.”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-218 Chapter