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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 217 - At the ‘Stephansdom’. The dynasts’ commendable petition. Difficulties in healing spiritual arrogance

1. We move forward, soon finding ourselves in front of the so-called ‘Stephansdom’.

2. A few dynasts come up to Me, saying: “Lord, it has pleased You to visit our residential city, to enliven and liberate us through Your love, grace and mercy, and to free from the night of death all the many blind still residing there. May it please You to remember also those poor, physically and spiritually, still buried within this catacomb! We now clearly discern that you slightly favour everything that had been of a lowly state in the world. For such people’s transgressions consist mostly in their lack of proper upbringing, which is not the case with the highly placed ones, where this emanated from their pride and self- interest and that to a stubborn degree. Here only a physician like Yourself, oh Lord, can bring help to such profoundly sick ones. Hence may it please You to also visit the poor of these catacombs, perhaps some will allow themselves to be awoken.”

3. Say I: “My dear friends, who in the world lived largely in accord with My heart! It exceptionally pleases Me that you are mindful of these dead, and I shall presently accede to your heartfelt desire. But this I say in advance: our harvest in this garden shall be meagre, for nothing is harder to remove from a soul, harmlessly and without actual destruction at times, than so-to-say theological arrogance.

4. An emperor or king or prince certainly deems himself greatest among men; it is normal for his position, which is also demanded by his responsibility. But it is a different matter with those below! These are mostly ancient, carnal hierarchs from the dimmest period. These perpetually deem themselves beings whom the Deity itself must obey. This crazy idea they mostly spawned from the false Roman doctrine, that places every priest at twice the loftiness of mother Mary, and the latter as twice as exalted in might as I myself, and that to where I can only be induced towards something through her. To this are added their Masses in the course of which they can so-to-say do with Me whatever they want and exclaim with Pope Alexander: ‘who would dare to argue with me? The entire Earth quakes under the tread of my sole, and God I hold in my right hand! ’

5. From this you see how hard it is to lead back to proper humility spirits who not only deem themselves gods but as commanders over Him. And precisely such reside here below. It shall therefore be hard to accomplish anything with them. A couple of them may perhaps be somewhat more gentle, but with the others you will see wonders of stubbornness! Yet you must not let that anger you, nor inspire you with fear for these shall also work signs through fixation of their imaginations. You nevertheless have to regard all this as deception that is entirely vain and possesses no reality. Now that you are aware of it we can be taking ourselves down there! Be it so!”

6. We climb down the dark catacombs, creating only sufficient light for the newly-won to see the indwellers of these sub-terranean vaults.

7. Finding ourselves in the middle of the vaults, Robert comes up to Me with Helena, saying: “Lord and most beloved Father, allow us to be near you, for I must confess that neither in the world nor the world of spirits was I so overcome by fear as in these vaults! Nobody is to be seen yet, but an occasional half decayed skull grins to us from its coffin, our nostrils being plagued with intense stench of corpses. Yet peculiar dread suffuses my whole being; it is most bizarre, I did not experience any fear like that when a couple of year ago upon Earth I was sentenced to death by count Windischgraez. Will you dear Father allow us near You during this expedition?!”

8. Say I: “That’s fine, My dear son Robert, for it always is My desire that the heavy laden come unto me, that they may be quickened! Hence stay, for the real show will start shortly!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-217 Chapter