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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 57 - Effects of the celestial wine. Question about Christ and His Deity. Robert’s foreboding answer. Jellinek’s favourite saying.

1. Robert, Messenhauser and Becher all drink, being astounded beyond measure at the inexpressible goodness of this truly celestial wine.

2. Says Messenhauser: “Verily, Lord, is not this a wine! Brother Blum, it is good to be in this house. We should take up quarters here! If possible, lets all stay here together forever! If a poor sinner should turn up every now and then, as we were and still are, then we shall take him in and make it a good day for him here, and may he be one of our worst terrestrial enemies!”

3. Says Robert: “Friend Messenhauser, this was spoken beautifully and with dignity, the words truly from the heart rather than the intellect. I say it myself: ‘were Windischgräz to come here now as a needy guest, verily, he shall receive a better reception from us than we received from him on Earth’.”

4. All shout: “Cheers, let it be so! To be a good Christian one has to be able to return good for evil from one’s deepest foundation. He who still feels rancour is no perfect spirit for a long while yet. Whoever can say: ‘forgive them Father, for they know not what they do’, as that greatest and wisest teacher of the Jews once said from the gallows, is certain to have the greatest freedom of life within him! Indeed, we would assert – such is a God! And this also speaks everything for acceptance of the hidden Deity in Christ.

5. “Where might this Jesus, whose terrestrial existence cannot be questioned, be located in this world of spirits? In truth, this was mankind’s supreme friend! Friend Blum, have you had no opportunity so far of finding out more about this peculiar man?”

6. Says Robert: “Dear friends, I give you my word that He was the very One I first got to know in this world!”

7. Pleasantly surprised, all want to know: “How come? How did this come about? In which region did this take place? What did He say to you? Be so good, brother, and let us in on it!”

8. Says Robert: “Dear friends, as we have other things to do at present, we shall put this off for another time. But this much I can assure you, that He will again pay me a visit soon, when you too shall be able to get to know Him.”

9. Says Jellinek: “But are you not able to at least tell us whether you came to discuss his poorly acknowledged Deity with him, and whether he condoned such a faith or not?”

10. Says Robert: “Yes, my dear friends, we spoke at length about it indeed. And commensurate with your feeble comprehension of truth, I must add that Christ is the only true God from eternity! He is the Creator of all the heavens and worlds! More I cannot say unto you, excepting that you will be able to find out the particulars when He comes!”

11. Says Jellinek: “Friend, this would not be required for the sake of proof, but only for my heart. Because to be frank, if he came and waved at me, I would at once follow him, instantly becoming unfaithful to you! Because as the most perfect and best of all men, I already love him more than all people on Earth put together. How much more then if he really is God! I would not be concerned with the why and how, having once read a saying: ‘God is love; where your heart is gripped by a massive love, think: god is in this love!’ Behold, this is my barometer also for the presence of God in a person. - If I now feel a mighty love towards Christ in my heart, then this love tells me: Christ is and must be a God; for could I otherwise love him so mightily? Whence I also love this heavenly brother so much, as he is bound to bear much divine love within him! Am I right?”

12. Says Robert: “Completely so! Only the heart can understand God and the intellect eternally never! – But now to something else, dear friends. Since our subject is love it can easily be united with it.

13. “Hearken! Love is indeed the only proof of the Deity and its indisputable existence. But we also know that there is a tender female sex, which only too often so preoccupies our hearts that it would make us incapable of perceiving loftier, more pure love for God! Do you therefore think that God resides also in this mostly sensual love?”

14. Says Jellinek: “Indeed so! If God’s tenderness did not reside in a woman, then who could love her? But it is not to be doubted that such love can also be perverted!”

15. Says Robert: “If, for testing’s sake, a number of beautiful female prodigies, exquisitely costumed, – even amiably disposed towards us, were to make an appearance simultaneously with the strict but supremely good divine man Jesus – then tell me, especially you, Jellinek, what face would you heart cut? For I know that, especially the so-called dancing artistes, presented you with the greatest hazard!”

16. Says Jellinek: “Brother, although you hit one of my weakest points, I can yet say proudly that, notwithstanding all my weak points, I would momentarily leave ten thousand dancing prodigies standing or dancing, for one authentic hair of Christ, since love for God surely shall be somewhat mightier than for some adorned dancer. Love of woman can gain the upper hand only where someone either believes in no God at all, or in some God that is supposed to reside in some consecrated wafer! But where the Deity really exists, and that within the Person of Christ, so that one can see it, recognise and even speak to it, there, brother, you can take off with you dancing beauties! – Without Christ of course, some opulent Fannys could actually produce more warmth in my breast than none at all!”

17. Says Robert: “Brother, would you like to see some?”

18. Says Jellinek: “If you have such spirits around here, then let them be seen, so we can find out how much damage they can do to us!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-57 Chapter