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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 56 - Jellinek’s heart is kindled with love for Robert’s Friend. Celestial wine. Jellinek’s toast and the Lord’s response.

1. But Jellinek looks Me over amicably, asking Me: “Dear, fairest friend of our brother Blum, could I too get to know you better, for you must be an exceedingly good person to be in our noble friend’s company?”

2. Say I: “The future shall reveal whatever is still dim to you. Come along with Me to the Lord’s table and fortify yourself first, whereupon you shall be much more suited to comprehend some things that had to intrigue you till now. Hence come along, My dear friend and brother Jellinek!”

3. Say’s Jellinek: “Oh friend, you voice sounds most cordial! Each one of your words makes my heart swell in unprecedented fashion. I should like to eternally forgo my humanity if you are not an angel of the heavens! Indeed, indeed, you must be an angel. I tell you I shall fully cling to you! For, as much as I love the good friend Blum, I inexplicably love you endlessly more, now that you have spoken to me! Hence off to the table, and a drink to the health of everlasting friendship! For I doubt whether they have here a Windischgräz or others of similar ilk, who could impose a military curfew over here?”

4. Say I: “Indeed not. Such fear you can lay aside forever! But off to the table now, as the others are already drinking to our health.”

5. Messenhauser is already coming up to Jellinek with a crystal beaker of the best wine, saying: “Oh brother Jellinek, this truly is a thousandfold essence of the best wine we ever enjoyed on Earth! Here, empty this beaker to the health of all our friends and foes! – Windischgräz too shall live! That instrument of blind earthly dictators too could one day achieve deeper insight.”

6. Jellinek takes the goblet joyfully, saying: “Dear friend! This way I like you better than during our meaningless debates in that little prison cell, where you, brother Messenhauser, were still despairingly awaiting execution orders!

7. “But hearken, I have chosen to make our Blum’s friend my heart’s bosom friend. And so you will forgive me if I do not touch this divinely fragrant juice until he has first drunk from this beaker!”

8. All merrily concur with Jellinek’s wish, and the latter passes the goblet with a friend’s fervent love, saying: “Dear, divinely exalted friend, do not scorn accepting this beaker from the hand of a poor sinner, – an earthly traitor! Verily, if I had something better, gladly would I pass it over to you as a mark of honour and respect! But behold, silver and gold have I none! But that which I do have, namely this beaker and a warm heart greeting you as a most esteemed friend, – that I give you. Oh take as I pass it you. It certainly is somewhat impudent and daring of me to offer you, – who are bound to be an angel, this goblet as a mark of my pact of friendship; but I just happen to love you with my base heart, because I perceive so much friendliness, love and wisdom in your few words. Notwithstanding my being a completely unclean spirit, just close your celestially mild eyes, thinking: ‘the chap doesn’t know any better’! You know, it will be a long time yet before I learn to conduct myself with spirits of your calibre. You can nevertheless rest assured that my heart and tongue are firmly intertwined! What of it, my friend, may I presume that you are not offended?”

9. Taking the goblet most amicably from Jellinek’s hand, I drink from it, saying to Robert: “Brother, in the cupboard stands another bottle full of My actual, personified soul wine; bring it over here, so I can show My new close friend how I esteem his friendship!”

10. Robert bounds over, bringing back an actually diamondine bottle of the most exquisite wine, handing it over to Me, visibly moved.

11. I take the bottle, filling the same goblet, then saying: “Here, dear friend and brother, take the beaker and drink from it and convince yourself how pleasing and dear your friendship is to Me! What are you saying about your sins? What man could regard a heart so filled with unselfish love as laden with sin? I say unto you that before Me you are clean. Because your love towards Me covers your numerous earthly sins! But whatever you still owe the world, – there I would have to be an indifferent friend if I did not relieve you of such debt and square it off for you! Hence go ahead, brother Jellinek, and drink to our everlasting friendship!”

12. Says Jellinek, moved to tears: “Oh divine friend! How pleasing and good you are! Oh, if only I could tear out my heart from my breast now and place it in yours! But hand me the beaker now.”

13. Jellinek takes the crystal, drinks from it, and says: “Oh no, you divine, angelic brother! If your friendship is like that juice then you are no angel, but verily no less than a purest God!! For infinity itself could not come up with something more godly in flavour and spirit! Brethren, you taste this too and say if I am not completely right!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-56 Chapter