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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 55 - Journey of discovery. Timorous heroes. The Lord appears with Robert.

1. The three rise from the table, cautiously moving to the open door. As if awoken from a dream, they there, beside their own room, discover a bigger and more magnificent one. They peep behind the door to perhaps discover memorable things, not knowing who or what they could encounter.

2. After thoroughly scanning the room wherein I, with Robert, stand somewhat away from the door, with the twenty-four dancing-girls in the background and nothing further of note, Jellinek says softly:

3. “Friends, I see nothing dangerous whatsoever inside this ante-chamber. On the contrary, over there in the corner I see a table with a crystal bottle of some fine wine and some inviting pieces of bread. If there is no other threat, then we should not be too shy to go over. This obviously seems to be designed to give us an impression of our spirit existence more palatable than we have been jockeying upon. I think a little more courage may do us no harm. What do you say?”

4. Says Messenhauser: “Brother Jellinek, I couldn’t agree more, although, to my embarrassment, I have to confess that at such ventures of discovery I like being the last! Because in the even of potential retreat, I can be the first!”

5. Says Jellinek: “But dear brother, it seems to me that you are the chief of cowards! How, as such, were you able to stand in as an army commander? Now things come to mind. Look, had you given orders in the open field instead of your well guarded command office – who knows whether Vienna would not have been victorious? But forget all that; for your own honour’s sake, don’t be a coward now!”

6. Says Messenhauser: “But, most beloved friend and brother, since your are yourself a veritable Napoleon now, how about playing the scout for me and Becher? Since you are the most greatly imbued with heroes’ courage, be our leader! Because my feelings were never charged with indomitable courage. But that much is true nonetheless – that despite of my feeble hero’s courage I never had much fear of death – and so it is now. But I somehow shy away from this antechamber, the way some children fear apparitions in certain rooms. It really is something sinister – a hunch about an imminent certain happening, not to be shaken off! You will see whether my feeling deceives me when we step over the threshold. I sense that we shall presently hit upon great things and events, hoping that this will somewhat excuse my peculiar lack of courage before you.”

7. Says Jellinek: “Indeed, my friend, this is something quite different, of course. Because I am tormented by a similar foreboding. But mind you, a great spirit must never be troubled by that! When I examine that bottle of wine and that lovely wheaten bread, and my hungry stomach begins to sound its considerable approval – then I would rather be located at the table out there than in your jittery company! What is to actually keep holding me back – ‘boldly wagered is half won’! Hence forward, hurray!”

8. At that, Jellinek audaciously approaches the door, intending to wander over to the well-laid table. At the moment of putting his foot on the threshold however, his path is blocked by Robert and Me, with Robert speaking in his brash tone: “Halt, who goes there? Not another step, unless you and your two accomplices are first cleared for identity and intention!”

9. Jellinek is somewhat taken aback by this unexpected encounter, but, gathering himself up, he at once recognised Blum, saying in astonishment: “Oh, oh, Blum! Robert! Well, where – where have you been! No, this takes the cake! Be embraced and kissed a thousandfold! – So you in truth do not recognise us? – Messenhauser, Becher and me – Jellinek?”

10. Says Robert: “Verily, indeed, indeed! My comrades in suffering and fate – personified and exactly as you were on Earth! I have known for a long time that you are my guests here, but you did not know that your are located in my house. You let yourselves be stalked by ridiculous fears. But come out here in good cheer, and we shall live it up at that table over there! – Brother Messenhauser and you, brother Becher, do you still fear crossing over the threshold?”

11. Say Messenhauser and Becher jointly: “Be greeted a thousandfold, most estimable brother and friend! We shall join you wherever you lead us – especially to yonder table that bears a liberal blessing for our empty stomachs!”

12. They rush Robert joyfully, embracing and kissing him, and then walk with him over to the table.

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-55 Chapter