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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 58 - Womanising-test for Robert’s friends. Jellinek’s and Messenhauser’s good replies.

1. In response to Jellinek’s reply, Robert moves to the back where, as said earlier, the twenty-four dancers were located behind a curtain. Getting there and drawing the curtain apart, he says to the assembled dancers quietly: “Now the time has come, my dear ones, hence make your appearance and produce some prudent performance before yonder three guests. Make a good job of it without causing embarrassment to this house!”

2. The dancers do so at once, but before taking the first step, the first one says to Robert: “We ask you only that you don’t count it as our fault if our oddly opulent shapes should prove provocative! If you suspect this, then we would all prefer that you don’t let us appear before the new guests, as we would be much saddened to cause evil, now that we earnestly want to do good!”

3. Says Robert: “My dear sisters, this makes my heart happy, as I see your good intentions therefrom. But let none of you fear, as my most beloved friend over there will see to it that neither you nor yonder guests shall cause any mutual harm! Hence go ahead fearlessly, because you shall effect no evil but only what is good and beneficial upon these guests, with your dancing!”

4. On hearing this, the dancers step into the limelight at the front of the room, starting to unfold their art – all kinds of civil movements and friendly faces. Robert, once again with his three friends, asks Jellinek: “Now brother, how do you like our dancers of the house? Had you ever seen anything more perfect upon Earth?”

5. Jellinek says with a sigh – watching the dancing mistresses with concentration: “Ah, dear brother, I cannot help my feelings being the same whenever I watch such productions! I must be honest and say that I never really enjoyed them. On the contrary, I was always suffused with a sort of melancholy, leaving the comedy theatre in a peculiar mood. I often thought about this peculiar disposition on Earth, but could never account it to myself. But now the right light is kindled within me, which causes me more joy than all these dancing productions. The reason is the complete futility of the limb-contortions. Tell me what benefit can this art ever achieve? I maintain, none whatsoever! All the other arts – music, poetry, painting and sculpture, in their real and dignified stance, can be of substantial benefit to human disposition, by making the heart gentle and noble, often transforming a rough person to a sensitive one, awakening a righteous love in the heart. But take even the most noble and pure art of dancing, and the feelings is kindles in the soul are mainly those of uttermost impurity. After such a performance, man’s sensuality and desire are multiplied manyfold.

6. “Although these are pivotal grounds for my bad feelings, they are not the actual source of the melancholy that always accompanied such performances. The actual source of my depression at such artistic performances was mainly that, through my magic opera glasses, I regarded such well formed dancing mistresses as fallen angels!

7. “How often did I say to myself: ‘what could you not do for my heart! But as a fallen angel you are not able to recognise the worthiness of a heart that would like to see you lifted up again to a real angel, from the slime of your fallen nature. The world’s mammon is now your God, and you blind one only tread your own heart – with those magic feet with which you stimulate the most brazen randiness. Of what concern to you the hearts into which you shoot poisonous arrows with your every step?’

8. “Such thoughts always accompanied me, turning my soul singularly bleak. Was I not justified in thinking thus? Since I still think so over here, ask yourself whether these dancing-girls, who fortunately have now concluded their act, could be a hazard to me? They are indeed least hazardous to me under these circumstances, as is also the case with this my most cherished friend, who was visibly moved at my comments. Hence, dear friend Blum, I can assure you that these twenty-four artistes with their forty-eight most beautiful feet have not in the least detracted from my love for Jesus! On the contrary, they have only heightened my most holy love! For behold, I now feel only the greatest compassion for these poor fallen angels! I would give half my life if it were possible for me to lift them out of their fallen state, to true humans! But let’s leave that! – Now you two – Messenhauser and Becher, also say how you liked this spectacle.”

9. Say the two: “Sure, sure, not too bad! But the thing nevertheless seems somewhat comical to us! Upon Earth, such eccentricities of human stupidity are quite tolerable; but here in the spirit kingdom, such aberrations of human striving seem somewhat peculiar! Imagine us now returning to Earth and telling our friends there that we just watched a celestial ballet! The sheer laughter! But now tell us how actually, in the kingdom of spirits, you had the thought of keeping a veritable seraglio of the neatest two dozen ballerinas? Have you actually taken them into your employ? Or is this perhaps the New Catholic heaven? Ah, spare us your New Catholic angels, and rather fetch us another little bottle of the latest wine, one drop of which is worth more than all the forty-eight little feet!” Smiling, Robert picks up another bottle.

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-58 Chapter