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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 59 - The Lord about the misused phrase ‘The end justifies the means’

1. Jellinek turns to Me, asking whether this artistic performance may have pleased Me?

2. But I say to him: “Dear friend, I have to frankly tell you that in such cases, I look less to the means than to the end. Because the means can often seem ever so strange, as long as a noble and good purpose from every aspect has been achieved. For here in the kingdom of spirits, the best result achieved always sanctifies the means by which alone it could have been achieved. Verily there is little to the dancing performance itself, but there is endlessly much to it if tied to a most noble cause.

3. “I shall first throw terrestrial light upon this Jesuit-type of saying, so as to make its spiritual content that much more enlightening, and so hearken! Behold, the saying goes thus: ‘The good purpose sanctifies every means through which it may be achieved!’ – but we shall see from a few examples whether this maxim is correct:-

4. “A son has a father on Earth, who at work was unfortunate enough to break a leg, capable of healing only by skilful surgery. But what would the son, who loved his father above everything, do to a person who, out of rage or mischief, chopped off one of his father’s feet with a sharp axe? This son would grab the evil-doer and punish him for the rest of his life. Yet his father would have suffered far less through such an express operation – as it would have been a quick job with a healthy foot, than if carried out by a physician upon an exceedingly painful foot. – Behold without connection to the achievable result it would by itself be an abomination. But in conjunction with a good reason it is a blessing; and the son will show his utmost gratitude to the operating surgeon who saved his much beloved father’s life. Without it, the father would have died from an infection. But let’s go further!

5. “What would you do to someone who smashed one of your teeth with his fist? Behold, you would take such to court demanding substantial damages for pain. If however you have a painfully bad tooth, then you go to the dentist yourself, gladly paying him to extract the bad tooth. Who would recommend a tooth-extractor, however, who smashed or extracted people’s teeth just for fun? Quite different it is in the hands of a proper dentist, because with his often painful procedure he achieves a good purpose. You cannot deny that, here the means is sanctified through the good result. But let us nevertheless go further!

6. “Behold, the killing of a fellow man is one of the greatest sins a man can commit. – A father is going through a forests with his son. Some evil person, sensing much money on the father, jumps from the thickets and grabs the father by the throat, trying to throttle him. In the predicament, the son reaches for his gun and kill the murderer. Behold, one of the greatest sins is to kill. Is the son’s killing of the murderer who wanted to throttle his father also a sin? Indeed not! Commonsense already tells you: the killing is one of the greatest sins only if it is a means of achieving an evil purpose. But in conjunction with the best cause, it is as holy as the cause itself, especially if it is demonstrably the only effective means.

7. “As it is with these three examples, so it is also with every action that any human or spirit is capable of. If, after wise consideration, it appears as the only effective means for achieving a good purpose, then it is also good, righteous and sanctified through the achieved result.

8. “And so, my dear friend, you shall just have to close an eye with these dancers, for they are dancing for a multiple good cause, which has in truth been achieved, as you will shortly see. Say, should we therefore resent these dancing prodigies, or perhaps give them a glass to taste from the second decanter bottle?”

9. Says Jellinek: “Oh, if so, then indeed! Come over here, you sweethearts, you too shall have a good time!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-59 Chapter