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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 60 - The dancers seek clarification about God. Robert counsels: ‘seek the light within’. Danger in purely external research.

1. To this invitation the dancers bow down respectfully, the first three saying: “Oh you dear, wonderful friends, you are too good and considerate to us! Because our bad and miserable art is of all arts the least to deserve consideration from spirits like you, and we cannot understand how you can be so good to us sinners! Verily, if we were still upon Earth in the flesh, then such sincerely good people would put us under great obligation. But here we are poor ones in spirit, having nothing besides what your exceeding goodness grants us. Hence we cannot reciprocate for your immense goodness in any way other than by respecting and loving you from the fullness of our hearts! If we can therewith come close to you then we shall happily join you in cheer. If however our maybe insufficiently pure love is not pleasing to you, then allow us to depart and bemoan our earthly sins!”

2. Says Jellinek: “Dearies, I beg you – don’t be so Roman Catholic! Where is the God Who considers love a crime? How should we scorn you for loving us? Hence come over here all of you, and drink from this true wine of life! Don’t be shy with us; we five want nothing more than your love, which you shall gladly bestow upon us. And so I hope you are now clear about what we desire from you – namely nothing other than your pure love and friendship!”

3. Hearing Jellinek speak thus, they join us cheerfully, saying: “We are your maids; your good and noblest will shall be our holiest commandment. We nevertheless have one special favour to ask: in the silly world we sought little opportunity to truly get to know about the supreme divine Being, and hence have arrived here as totally blind, in this foremost priority of human knowledge and faith.

4. “We actually were so-called Roman Catholics, outwardly doing everything this church lays down. Yet all our fasting, confession and communion did not bring us a hair’s breadth closer to the true recognition of God. As you see us here we all died over a period of ten to fifteen years, again finding one another as if by chance. But we are still in the same state we were in when entering this serious world. We never knew God and still don’t know Him; nevertheless, only one exceedingly good, wise and almighty God could have given us this existence!

5. “We don’t wish to be disrespectful, but if you dear friends could on occasion give us poor creatures a better concept of God, without our imposing on you, then you would make us very happy.

6. “In the world, they always presented the Deity in such a way that such very presentation robbed us of any true concept of God. God is supposed to comprise of three Persons, of Whom each is God in Itself, which must obviously result in three gods! Yet these three gods are not three gods but one God! Each of the three gods nonetheless has his own function. Thus God the Son can only do or teach what God the Father wants! And yet again it says: Son and Father are completely One! – And one does not know what to make of the Holy Spirit at all; is He more than the Father or Son, or less? He is supposed to go forth from both and is symbolised as a dove! – But add to that the billions of consecrated wafers (hosts) of which each one is supposed to be fully God! – can this clear up a person about God’s nature? Hence do not scorn our request, as we have need of being heard – more than of this wine!”

7. Says Robert, serving up a goblet of the best wine: “Dear sisters, in the name of God, the Lord and Creator of infinity, just take this wine and drink it confidently! Because this wine’s spirit is unlike the spirit of terrestrial wines which, according to Paul, carry the spirits of unchastity and fornication. This wine’s spirit is called the spirit of eternal, purest love in God, which therefore is also a holy flame of light, brightness and clarity. With this light you shall soon find within yourselves what you desire from us.

8. “Lofty is your desire indeed, and no angel would find fault with it. But seek its fulfilment not outside, but within yourselves, which shall benefit you everlastingly! If we give it to you, then you have a foreign possession within you, which externally can indeed give you a temporary advantage, but bring you internal harm with time, which would not be easy to undo.

9. “For behold, a simply external doctrine can relate itself only to external spirits, whose striving is material. It then indeed effects a revolution within these spirits, occasionally forcing them to accept such doctrine, the inner spirit soon becoming aware of it. It goes out among the nature spirits, or every man’s actual nature soul, noting the good crop and finding much pleasure in it. But a disaster usually occurs, whilst the person’s actual life spirit admires the external sowing, finding himself among his nature spirits outside his chamber, happily anticipating a bumper harvest, the most wicked and unfair residual nature spirits in the soul band together in order to penetrate the true spirit’s chamber, blocking off the latter’s return and indeed often making it impossible. When the real spirit then loses the seat of life, it at first seeks to establish a new seat among the best of its soul’s nature-spirits, living among them like a tenant of another landlord. But, having been robbed of all his possessions, not able to pay his rent, the actual landlord takes whatever he still has off him, making him on top of that a prisoner or even a slave of his domineering drive! As a result, the actual inner spirit has to join up with the most unchaste nature spirits and that yoke move under the banner of vice, which then amounts to man’s spiritual death. Because within such person, Satan has set up his throne, having made the actual lord of life within man into a slave of infernal lusts and drives.

10. “Hence let yourselves be told not to avidly seek after exterior instruction, it serving for nothing unless the spirit receives same in deepest humility, immediately arranging its entire life accordingly, which is a very difficult task for any spirit. – Behold, Solomon, Israel’s wisest king, fell, in spite of his wisdom. His inner spirit feeling strong enough to risk leaving his innermost life-seat and step out among his nature spirits, to order them by his wisdom. Having done so before his full maturity – which has to always precede from within and never from without to within, - he became captive to his unchaste nature-spirits, not being allowed back into his house, which soon enough was transformed into a dwelling for all vice, obscenity and idolatry! – Judas also, along these lines betrayed his Master, Lord and God, having taken up the doctrine of salvation only by his outer spirits, who have their seat in the intellect, and from that in all desire. Therewith he lured his actual life spirit from its innermost dwelling, opening same for Satan’s free entry. The consequences are sufficiently notorious not to require repeating.

11. “Therefore, drink this wine now! It shall awaken the right love for God within you, strengthening your spirit and making it grow. Once the grown spirit penetrates all its outer nature-spirits without leaving its original seat, it shall also find within itself everything it now tries to obtain from without. Have you understood me?”

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