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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 61 - The dancer’s comprehension. Struggle against unclean nature-spirits within man. Stages of perfection. The Most High.

1. Say the dancers: “Oh, you wisest friend, most deeply initiated into the innermost nature of human life! We have understood you well indeed! You have given us a clear vision of what we often dimly suspected. How can we adequately thank you?

2. “How often did we in the world see people whose spirit was educated from every aspect. People who were deified in the subject of religion, and honoured and praised by all. And furthermore: people who showed unmistakable signs of loftier enlightenment in word and deed. These often came to make us offers of the most loathsome amusements. In truth, we thought to ourselves: if these are the consequences of such high Christian virtues, then we shall have nothing further to do with it! In those days, these were imponderable mysteries to us, but now it is all clear to us; for only now do we know the origin of these evils. – Now pass us the wine of life, and all of us shall take this goblet of humility to the last drop!”

3. Robert passes them the goblet, and they filled with joy on drinking from it.

4. Jellinek, Messenhauser and Becher are astounded at Robert’s wisdom, saying after a while: “Brother, this is too much all at once! You have known me to have always regarded you as a very wise man, but I never had the faintest hint of your profundity! Yet my instincts seem to tell me that this did not spring forth from your own ground. It does not matter however, because you have also kindled a light in me that makes me judge things and appearances much differently to earlier on.

5. “It also dawns on me why these dancing girls danced before us! Did they not tempt our unclean spirits from the occupied dwelling of our real self, the latter which then quickly re-occupied its rightful dwelling?”

6. Says Robert: “Indeed, you almost got it right; but your introversion was still somewhat too shallow; for how could you, dear brother, have thought about yourself and us all like that?

7. “I say unto you that precisely the opposite is the case with us. Our and especially your spirits fortunately find themselves in their proper life-dwelling, or you would not have found yourselves in this house, but in one into which no light and warmth of life penetrates eternally.

8. “Your spirits were only surrounded by the nature-spirits in such a way as to be hardly able to move and see through the spirits of nature-children, the reason also why you could previously hardly move in your chamber, and notice even less.

9. “Notwithstanding this, a sufficiently large number of nature-spirits remained as besiegers of your spirits’ rightful dwelling to cause you to not see in full clarity, but as if through a haze. Since these spirits, most stubbornly crowding the true spirit, desiring to lure him out into their sphere, mostly stem from the love of the flesh, they also in a certain aspect resemble the spirit of true love from God in our hearts. They are the ones most difficult to remove from the dwelling of life, because unlike any other variety of spirits, they desperately cling to life. Their greatest fear is to lose the life that brings them such sweet enjoyments.

10. “These stubborn nature-spirits, only through an exceptional temptation can be lured away somewhat from the actual spirit’s dwelling, whereby the true spirit can then somewhat enlarge its territory, and therewith become freer and brighter. And such exterior temptation was achieved through these dancing girls – your true selves having thereby become freer and brighter. Wherefore earlier on, my exalted Friend here said unto you, brother Jellinek – when you found the dancing somewhat peculiar over here that you should look not so much to the means, but to the good purpose to be achieved! Now you have the well-lit best cause before you. Wherefore I expect you have no further objection to the means?

11. “It hardly needs to be remarked that, solely on account of the good purpose achieved through them, these dancing girls are not pure angels yet. But we shall do everything to make them what neither they nor we are yet!

12. “I am myself only one stage ahead of you, and that is all. But the ladder for our eternal destination is an unending one, and this could easily cause our current differences to so even out that none of us should be in any aspect ahead of anyone else, excepting yonder Friend and Brother next to you, brother Jellinek, Who is so far ahead of us that we shall never be able to catch up with Him! Why? That shall imminently transpire through closer acquaintance with Him.

13. “But now we still have some significant work ahead of us, needing urgent attention, otherwise we should not be able to move around freely in this house.”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-61 Chapter