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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 62 - Among the bawdy Viennese crowd. Salutary healing for these heroes of the flesh Robert invites them to come into the house.

1. Continues Robert: “Take a look through this window and at the magnificent garden that surrounds this house far and wide, and tell me what you see?”

2. The three step over to the window and look out, stepping back horrified, with Jellinek saying: “Brethren, in the name of the Lord, what is this? Are these humans, or animals, or devils? No, this I could not have expected within the precincts of this house. Does one not see all the hideousness of filthiest heathen mythology in one heap, three-dimensionally and actually?! Brother, I beg you to lock the front door, or we are in danger of being overrun by these beasts, to devour us bone, hair and all.”

3. Says Robert: “Ah, have no fear! They do not actually look the way they appear to you at first sight. Their frightening look stems from their believing, still in Vienna, that you betrayed them to Windischgräz! Once they are persuaded to the contrary, they shall at once appear more human to you. For be advised that these all are Viennese individuals who in the disastrous days in October, as fighters for earthly freedom, were brought down by arms of the emperor’s troops. They believe that this would never have been possible if Messenhauser had not betrayed them. Once persuaded otherwise then, with God’s help, something can still be done with them. Should there be among them some who reject all instruction, then the Lord shall with His omnipotence know how to separate such stubborn he-goats for the better sheep!

4. “Wherefore we shall let them in and tackle them in accordance with the Lord’s will! Since we carry much responsibility for pushing them to that stage with our speeches and laws, it is also our responsibility to above all set them upon a better path. Therefore, follow me out to them, in the name of the Lord!”

5. Robert, with Messenhauser and Becher, moves out into the garden, towards the Viennese and their exhausted prostitutes and raped daughters. With Jellinek at My side, I follow into the garden, to where we meet the visibly uneasy crowd.

6. To Robert’s asking them how they fare now, they shout in unison: “Miserable, wretched and awful! – Help us or relieve us of this dreadful pig’s life, we don’t care whichever way! Would this not make you into the devil!? Just think what lively experiences we have been through in this filthy, foul-smelling spirit kingdom! It is certainly true that we went too far with mankind. But we are beasts and never were anything less, as we were never raised up to anything better – for which our nice and liberal regents alone are to blame. And so we enjoyed ourselves in the preferred style of father Adam with Eve. But listen, there is something outrageous here in the spirit kingdom: namely all of us, unbelievably, were infected! Is not this damning – infected here in the world of spirits! If one could only get help! Hence, be so good and find us help, or annihilate us all. For it is a thousand times better not to be, than to exist under such abominable circumstances!

7. “Another thing! Tell us who your companions are. We already know one of them, the so-called Lord of the house – a truly rare man of God. We don’t know the other three! Be so good and tell us who they are!”

8. Says Robert: “My poor, sick friends, are you so blind as not to recognise Messenhauser, Becher and Jellinek any more?”

9. Several shout: “Upon our souls, blast it! What! These major rogues? Ah, it would have been easier to imagine death than to get to see especially that chief villain Messenhauser! But he is lucky we are all so miserable right now, or we would have thanked him appropriately for his High Command in Vienna! But being still too weak for sturdy manual ingratiation, we have to contend ourselves with wishing this cunning rogue and scamp what is sure not to wish for himself! – Well, the convergence of all riff-raff! Really a lovely paradise, this!”

10. Says Robert: “Tell me, do you feel better, now that you have abused my friends?” – Say the Viennese: “Not exactly! But we had to tell them, because they really deserved it! You know yourself how and why!”

11. Says Robert: “Hearken, let’s leave it there; the past is past! None of us, with the exception of my exalted Friend, can say that he never erred! I believe rather that each of us worked through the entire gamut of sins, more than once. It would of course be foolish of me to present the three accused to you as innocent. They committed their portion of sins well and truly; but we were not too frugal with them on our part either. It would not cost the eternal Master of life much of a headache to work out at God’s judgement seat which of us is most suitable for hell. But if in my opinion none of us is worthy of anything before God, then we should not accuse each other of anything over here. It is better to shake hand under a general amnesty, forgiving each other everything, and in this new kingdom of life founding a colony of exclusively friends and brethren! This will in future bear us better fruits than to even judge one another, whether each one of us has to carry a considerable portion of judgement upon our shoulders! What do you say to my well-meant challenge?”

12. All shout: “Yes indeed, you are completely right! But only our health gives us much trouble, for you know that a suffering human or spirit is not likely to make healthy resolutions, a sick Viennese being too lousy even for a pig!”

13. Says Robert: “Now then, let that be! Let you all get up and come inside my house, and means should be found there to make you well! Because here in the spirit kingdom nothing can be done externally with a doctor, all maladies having to be healed from within; and for this it is necessary for you to come into my house, which is well provided with everything that is best! Hence follow me!”

14. At these words all get up, including the females, hobbling into the house after us as best they can, into the familiar large chamber that can accommodate thousands of guests.

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-62 Chapter