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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 196 - Robert and Helena’s anger before heavens’ portal. Cado’ wise advice

1. Says Robert: “Indeed my friend, my intellect is at a standstill! Whoever can make sense of this must be way ahead of me. If the Lord had said, tarry before yonder portal until I come and open the door of life for you! ’ then this waiting would be tolerable, and one could well put up with it longer. But the Lord spoke specifically of an open door, and would I and Helena hasten ahead to so-to-say be there for those in train! But he only mentioned an urgency due to portentous things awaiting us there.

2. We made best possible haste but found the portal unopenable, being stranded before the locked entrance for ages; what’s the meaning of it? It really is a bit thick. Upon Earth I can put up with being made an April fool by some villain; but from the Lord Himself over here, such leg-pulling is rather strange!

3. Surely we did until now carry out the Lord’s will as best we could, with the strength at our disposal, but we can’t take it any further and have to stay put. But I shall not concern myself too much with the fourth chamber from now on! It is written of course that one must take the kingdom by force, but can one do so beyond one’s means? We have done our best, so let someone else try their luck!”

4. Says Helena: “I fully agree; Where success is impossible one lets things go. Says Cado: “My dear ones, you judge righty, yet I can’t agree with you, as I don’t doubt the possibility or opening this portal; have we tried everything: surely not, is the door openable, with us trying in the reverse direction?

5. You indeed applied all effort at pushing inwards but, although noticing the mistake, I could not speak until you woke up to it through that seeking, asking and knocking. I well reminded you of that Gospel counsel, but did you not catch on. That’s why you failed to note that the door opens only outwardly, and that because it also demonstrates on the smallest scale that the kingdom of God must be seized unto oneself by force, not pushing it away from oneself! Is it not already so in the natural sense that if one wants something one has to as it were draw it unto oneself in all the heavens, one and the same unchangeable order applies, against which one strives everywhere in vain. So it is also with door-opening, and you hence accomplished nothing. Hence try again under this system, in the Lord’s name, and you are bound to succeed.”

6. Says Robert: “Dearest friend, I see my fault, but don’t understand another thing – yourself: whence do you obtain wisdom that even the wisest Cherubim must show respect! It mystifies me! Were the Lord here Himself He could not instruct me more wisely.”

7. Adds Helena: “That’s true; friend Cado’s wisdom is incomprehensible even to the heavens. Were it not so then the devil would not have shown him such respect on that hill! Hence I hold Cadoin the highest esteem!”

8. Says Cado: “But, dear friend, don’t you know that Cado himself was a devil, and one devil therefore was into another’s hair, upon that hill of the North? Says Helena: “If Cado ever was a devil then I was so ten times more. But Cado never really was a devil! Maybe by appearance, to better enable him to encounter real devils! And the truly great wisdom is beyond a real devil, as no love resides in the latter.”

9. “Well said” says Cado, you hit the nail on the head! For as long as there was no love in Cado there was no wisdom; but to the extent that Cado took up love, he animated wisdom and then fought the devil therewith a weapon every devil greatly respects.

10. But get on with the opening of the portal, because I see the entire company in the distance moving our way; what will they say to finding us at the unopened door!”

11. Says Robert: “I have only one more scriptural query regarding the portal itself: it is written in the Word: narrow is the portal leading to heaven and you must pass through the narrow portal if you would enter heaven, with words in the book of life continuing to that effect: yet look at the height and width. Do you consider this the entrance to heaven?”

12. Says Cado: “Friend, you still have materialistic concepts about God’s word: does not the narrow portal in the Gospel denote the meekness of heart rather than an actual door? But open it – this lofty portal - it shall still be somewhat narrow for you!”

13. Says Robert: “It is strange how foolish one can get! An ox stops at a gate, but our ilk was going to go through the wall – head first. I was going to keep pushing this door open away from me, and when force didn’t work I became despondent, disdaining my garments and calling for Minerva. It did not remotely occur to me to pull in my direction! You will be gleeful about my stupidity; right Helena! ’

14. “Ah, that doesn’t bother me”. Says Helena; “Am I not just as foolish: Could not Cado’s idea have occurred to me as well? Although we cannot be sure, we still haven’t tried pulling it. But try it inwards once more before doing it Cado’s way!” Says Robert: “No, no more inward pushing – towards ourselves now! ’

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-196 Chapter