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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 195 - Minerva and Helena. Helpful explosion. Cado speaks of the necessary punishment rod through the kingdoms. Minerva leaves

1. Says Minerva: “I shall leave when it suits me and will let no one order me around, neither God nor anyone else that thinks they have power over me; understood Mr. Cado? I am a foremost majesty throughout infinity, and all creatures must tremble when I raise head and arm. From here on I shall adopt another tone with you all, my indomitable authority giving me the right; where is he who can take it away from me? I alone am lord, everything else having been subject servants to me from eternity!”

2. Helena interrupts her: “My dear friends and brethren, I can take no more of this! The conceit of this eternity-pig would not fit into infinity. Now she would be more than God the lord Himself! Filthy infernal swine, get thee moving, or my almond trees shall start to shortly blossom for you!” Says Minerva: “Shut up, Lerchenfelder puddle croakier, or I annihilate you!”

3. Helena, incandescent with range, yells: “What did you sub-infernal kindling wood say, perfume box of the world’s sewers, dried branch of the tree of knowledge; you heinous swine would annihilate me? Not enough that she wants to be more than all people and angels of God and actually more than God Himself, this is not sufficing the Satan of all Satans! He or she – which is same, would also destroy everything! Why indeed should that be possible to such almighty pig?”

4. Says Minerva, shaking with rage: “No, this takes the cake! God, how can you allow such filthy worm to thus malign your arch-primordial, most perfect being! Can you stuff this repulsive worm’s mouth, or I should have to lay hands on it!”

5. Says Helena to Robert: “Ah, she is now open for a little business – she is calling upon the dear Lord God! But He is certain to dance for her!” Minerva steps up to Helena, burning with rage, screeching: “One more word, and as truly as God lives I’ll let you have it!”

6. But Helena bounds up in anger, plastering her face with such good aim that the former tumbles down a few paces away, stretched out exhausted for some time. Says Helena, happy with her success: “There is your introduction – cockroach –stench from hell! The main act is waiting to follow, if you please!”

7. Says Minerva, getting up and wiping her face: “It is sufficient sample from the philanthropy and kindness of the dear little ones of the Lord of heaven and all Earth! But it is especially nice of you Cado, who upon that hill would have eaten me for love, letting me be slapped over here as if I was the last cowherd on Earth! But be advised this is now on record against you!”

8. Says Cado: “Serves you right – why did you not leave when I asked you.” Says Minerva: “Did I receive the freest will from God in order to have it rammed into a straitjacket of obedience? Had the creator desired my obedience he would have surely imbued me with an obedient will like yours. But since he is sure not to have wanted this, I am as I am – and that of my own mind – obedient to nobody! Had God furnished all creatures with an obedient will, who would have been suitable as rulers of the Earth’s blind nation? For you know how the former need to obey no one saves perhaps some welcome advice in their favour!”

9. Says Cado: “Oh, that I know only too well! For which reason Jehovah spoke to the children of Israel through the mouth of Samuel: “To all the sins that people committed before me it added this grossest one – praying to me for a king, as the heathens have them. It shall be given one indeed, one who will punish and lead them into captivity! Behold, that is God’s testimony of kings. Can you from that conclude that regents went forth from God’s will! I say unto you that regents in all ages – even the best ones, went forth from the peoples of the Earth! If a nation were to gain the insight that it will set God over itself as regent eternal in all truth, then God would immediately free this folk from such yoke, leading them himself through his angels in human form. If however people only plead with God for the maintenance of such rod, then they have no bear up to the blows meted out to them from same unsparingly.

10. Regents, good or bad, don’t go forth from God’s will but from the arrogance of people, who want to be great and mighty through the glitter of their kings. Since foolish mankind therefore prefer to set men over themselves rather than God – the Lord of all eternal glory, God grants that imperious power, which then punishes its subjects, as desirable for disobedience. And this power is then also from above and the king must wield it because directed from above. Do not believe that the king is free to do as he pleases, but that he must do as forced by the wrath of God. Notwithstanding that a king has to obey no man, he has to obey God, either knowingly or unknowingly. But if he dispenses love for justice, then God shall ameliorate his wrath through the ruling king and turn it into love; do you understand that?

11. If you do, then become gentle and practice love – whereupon God shall show you regard and soften your heart, and such gentle heart shall have peace and be respected! True respect and true freedom can be gained only through love. But whoever demands respect for him shall gain it only in appearance and from fear; such respect is a curse and the very curse that was your lot from the beginning! Grasp this and reform yourself.

12. Says Minerva: “Alright, alright, I will go and strive to change myself, if possible!” Here she turns her back on the three and takes off, disappearing from Helena and Robert’s field of vision, but not that of Cado.

13. Seeing no more of Minerva, Helena says: “All praise be to God the Lord alone, who in your midst gave me the courage to dent this primary foe of life her pluck! Are you sure she will leave us alone henceforth?” Says Cado: “We indeed but she will wreak much havoc upon Earth yet. After that however she will gradually turn inward through seven punishments and humiliations! But the question remains – what are we going to do as the portal has not sprung open yet?!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-195 Chapter