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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 197 - The portal opens, exposing the city of Vienna. Nature of appearances in the beyond. Robert astonished at Cado’s wisdom

1. Robert steps over to the door pressing gently and, lo, the high portal’s wide and heavy wings open effortlessly!

2. As it stands open, Robert exclaims with loud derision: “There this is a most rare heaven before us: no, this couldn’t be funnier! Have a look, Helena!”

3. Helena comes and looks carefully, saying: “That’s Vienna of course, alive and kicking, with ourselves standing upon Wienerberg, next to the ‘Spinner Women’ on the cross’! Oh heavenly morsel: Vienna, on and on; so this is the glorious fourth chamber of your house? Ah, now we can go and look for work again! Isn’t it funny – expecting heaven and coming instead to Vienna upon Earth; what do you say?”

4. Says Robert: “Did I not tell you, when you were heavily engaged in ‘lerchenfelding’ with Minerva that it may get us to Lerchenfeld instead of God’s pure heaven? My prophesy has come to pass, I must go fetch Cado – he has to see dear Vienna city!”

5. Robert calls Cado, saying: “Friend, how do you like the heaven of the terrestrial house of Austria? Quite a heavenly Jerusalem, that! See the palisades, gunports, plate glass fronts and the beautiful canons, mortars and bomb shells? Notice the guards and their lovely guard houses? Ah – lovely: the heavenly city under siege!”

6. Says Helena: “Friend Cado, tell me whether it is possible for us to make ourselves visible to mortals, and then become invisible again? I feel like teasing the jolly Viennese a little! And should Robert, I and yourself move into this city, then surely we would first have to terminate the state of siege!” Says Cado: “But, dearest Helena, do you think this is the real, terrestrial Vienna? This is but appearance! Did Robert not say that one enters the heavenly kingdom through a narrow door? Here it is on entering you to two shall still pass some tight spots, which will stress you, but it shall nonetheless be passable.”

7. Says Robert: “I agree, but who knows! This apparent Vienna has to be a depiction of the real one, otherwise it could not so completely resemble the real one. Permit me another question: “You said that this Vienna is only an appearance, and yet it stands there as vividly as we ourselves; does that mean that we are mere appearances to each other? Or are we what we seem to be in actuality? Is this portal perhaps also appearance? I can’t grasp the notion ‘appearance’. Appearance to me means no more than a reflection of some real thing or being – or perhaps created momentarily as explanation of some concept at a spirit’s examination time. Having served its purpose, it abandons its existence. That’s how I understand the notion ‘appearance’. But I must get into the clear about it, or I shall be forced to take everything I have encountered in my celestial presence as appearance.”

8. Says Cado: “Your idea of an appearance is quite good, excepting the notion that an appearance should be something void, on account of being so initially. Behold, an appearance in the world of spirits is whether in only a reproduction of something existing in reality, or a mere blueprint for a new creation, initially visible only to the Lord but afterwards to any spirit who has in his inward parts some love relationship with the Lord’s newly emerging idea. It is however the Lord’s wisdom that causes the idea to enter the beholder’s sphere like a parable, until the spirit gains the firmness that recognizes the real and everlasting within the apparent.

9. Over here, a newly arrived spirit initially is too fickle for facing the most telling spiritual realities. They would greatly offend him and ultimately wear him through like a newly-born infant placed upon wood and stone, instead of into soft swaddling clothes. Not evening encountering a newly arrived spirit however is appearance, but reality commensurate with a spirit’s strength.

10. The portal here is a spiritual reality, as are we to each other. But yonder Vienna is only an appearance, as an image of the real, terrestrial city of Vienna, which you two carry within your soul observably. The image still weighs down your soul however, producing also occasional dishonesty which paves its way into a telling appearance during some aroused life condition. Suchlike cannot find admission to God’s love-light the purest heaven, since nothing impure can enter God’s heavens. And so, prior to entering God’s purest heavens the last unclean image of the city of Vienna exits your soul, so that you may take note of it and then ban it from yourselves forever.

11. Says Robert: “Dearest friend, just tell me, also from where you derive your wisdom, as this once again sounded as if from the holiest mouth of the Lord Himself! I assumed that you came along with us to be made ready for the heavens by me and Helena, but the opposite is happening: you are an accomplished master to us and we hardly possess the capacity to comprehend you. Tell me, are you the same Cado who conquered Minerva by word and deed upon that hill? Or are you one of the chief archangels of God in disguise? Your wisdom cannot be explained any other way. Wherefore, dearest friend, tell me whence you obtained your wisdom!”

12. Says Cado smiling: “You shall find out everything at the appropriate time. Do not presently trouble yourself therewith, as much more important things await you. Behold, the large company is on the way; hence step into the portal!”

13. Says Robert: “Indeed, but you must come along, as you are ten thousand times riper for God’s purest heavens than I.” Says Cado: “Well, it speaks for itself that I won’t let you go by yourselves, nor Helena, who I fancy much.” Says Robert: “But how should I welcome the large company at the portal? What will I say unto the Lord, and defend my stupidity to Him and the prophets, apostles and the many other Wiseman among this holiest crowd? Friend, help me out of my scrape!”

14. Says Cado: “But – please, don’t be silly! Be child-like but not childish, intellectually; for the child-likeness are their feelings, which are most worthy before God. I shall secretly place my words on your tongue – not too many but just enough of them!”

15. Says Robert: “Wow, how can you do that: wouldn’t you have to be God Himself, unless the Lord gives you the power!” Says Cado: “Well, is not your gloominess depressing! Does everything have to be discerned at once? Eternity is long and gives ample time. Watch, the apostles are coming, led by Peter, John and Paul, They are the first to tackle.”

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