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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 198 - The crowd’s peculiar stand-off with the apparent Cado. Robert and Helena recognize the lofty, divine Friend

1. The three apostles move to the portal, gladly re-joining Robert and his wife with greetings. The rest of the huge company falls down before the portal, greeting the Lord with celestially harmonious hosannas.

2. Robert looks in every direction to spy out the Lord, finding no sign of him. But at the back of the crowd he notices someone who resembles Cado closely. The hosannas have not diminished, and Robert can see that the disciples are gripped with deep reverence, hardly able to utter a word for love and holy emotion. He sounds out Cado: “Dear celestial friend, these all seem to be gripped by incomprehensibly holy reverence; all are lying upon their faces. Even the glorious Virgin Mary, accompanied by the most worthy Joseph are no exception. Mine and Helena’s eyes have nearly popped out at such general seizure – even one spirit at the rear, resembling yourself, can hardly help himself for devotion! Tell me who is the focus of this devotion, the Lord being seen nowhere! Or do they already see him in the vicinity, whilst my eyes fail me? Dearest friend – don’t let me down!”

3. Says Cado: “Friend, what shall I say? There are no spectacles or binoculars over here; what could I do for you?” Says Robert: “Just show us the Lord if possible, for I must get to Him, to welcome Him with every live fibre. Where, where is He; is He coming – the heavens’ holiest?”

4. Says Cado: “If you still don’t see the Lord, then you are somewhat blind within yourself: Ask these three – perhaps they don’t see him either.

5. Says Robert: “It is strange, your giving me half answers at this portentous time. Nor are you surprised that this entire crowd lies crushed upon their faces, not even daring to look up for reverence! Verily, nothing can make you lose your composure, neither open heaven nor dark hell!”

6. Says Cado: “Quite so, dear friend and brother! I am indeed giving you complete-answers, which however you only half understand; why did you not ask those over there whom I recommended? They would have told you the Lord’s whereabouts long since. But you lack the pluck, which actually is a trifle foolish of you. For as dwellers of heaven they surely would not put themselves above us. All are equal in heaven, the lowliest being the best, and that is the Lord himself! Hence look for such and you shall find Him soon. But He does not suffice you and thus you don’t recognize Him, although you have been looking at Him for a while; do you understand! ’

7. Says Robert: “Ah, would that not be funny – to see Him and not recognize Him; I, who have been around Him already for a while since my arrival in the spirit world should suddenly not be able to recognize Him? Cado my friend, you are quite wise, but this assertion does you no honour, because not ever going to be me, nor the three apostles next to us, nor Helena, a woman. You are the plainest among us, your unsightly garb lacking all decorum, not in the least embellishing and hardly covering your physicality. By your words you would have to be Him, although resembling Cado like one egg resembles another! Hm. . . Should you then . . . be the Lord yourself!?

8. If this really were so, I would suffer a heart seizure for shame, notwithstanding my being a spirit now! For how much nonsense have I not said unto you! Something else strikes me too; you constantly referred me to the Gospel on an all-embracing scale – which the real Cado could not possibly have done! Now I understand your unattainable wisdom! You are indeed bound to be Him, it can be none other! I but since it is You oh Lord, which this profoundly stirred crowd testifies, please allow me and Helena to fall down at your feet, to remorsefully show you our heartfelt, long overdue thanks! Helena, look here, our companion – the all wise, celestial Cado is not the actual Cado but only his identical garments! Unrecognizably, the Lord Himself is in them! Do you get me? The Lord himself!”

9. No sooner hearing this, Helena throws herself at the Lord’s feet, exclaiming: “Oh Lord, don’t curse me, for I have been terribly rough and crude in your sight: Oh God, what have I done!“ Say I, still as Cado: “Arise, My most beloved daughter, for that is precisely why I love you because you are and have been the way you must be after my will! Arise therefore, for we must head for – Vienna!”

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