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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 174 - Cado’s wisdom and Minerva’s blindness. ‘Acknowledge the Man-God Jesus’!

1. Miklosch continues his commentary: “Says Cado: “But, dear mother of infinity – fairest and most beautiful Minerva! Why such disgust with this most benevolent sounding name? What has it done to you?In this very name I find such reassurance and comfort! So confess what is this all about?!

2. Says Minerva with fury: “Friend, this is about endless crookedness, not to be straightened out eternally! For in this name the Deity became insane, leaving behind both its loftiness and depth. Out of most foolish love for its imaginary beings it crammed itself into the tightest coat, from which it is not to be unfurled. Imagine a Deity, abused and hung on the cross by its most lousy creatures, out of pure ape love! A Deity that lowers itself to an ass instead of remaining in its exalted height and glory, in my light-filled company, to rule over all beings that take their imperishable existence out of me! What I ask, am I, as the highest wisdom, to think of such a Deity, gone mad! I could perish for shame and humiliation when having to watch such dreadful degradation! If I too were to go mad, together with the Deity, then all of Creation would turn to rubble and all beings cease to exist. Behold, such is the quandary!”

3. Says Cado: “It is strange – but why so? Surely of the abasement of the Deity to its beings! In my view this is nowhere near as strange as the most wise goddess Minerva having such spiritually paltry and stupid concept of the great Deity! I ask you: how can the Deity, as the purest arch-primeval spirit, as mightiest primeval power of all. Its emergent powers ever become weak? It, who encompasses infinity, and as eternal focal point should be capable of enfeebling and even becoming insane? Well, Minerva, you might be ever so wise, even as wise as you are seductively beautiful! But your joke about God’s weakness and insanity did not come off well! Besides that, I note your extraordinary domineering, and bent for fooling me around. Whence I am no longer offended by your evident stupidity.

4. But since I am exceedingly pleased with your beauty, and also earnestly love you, I give you some advice: it consists in putting yourself on a friendly footing with the God-Man Jesus! Let this name be called upon more often, to show you what can come of it. I am persuaded that you shall in a short time gain a quite different concept of the Deity. Consider that I am perhaps a much more wicked devil than you. I know Jesus only by name, and a few pillars of his doctrine, which are of truly godly wisdom, eliciting wonderment from every honest spirit and as any flesh devil it is truly not hard for me to pay him my highest respects; why then should this be so hard and impossible to you?

5. Be clever for once; you have surely been stupid for long enough. Consider that we two had much in common. Much evil shall still go forth, even if not originating in us. The good God shall still have much to do for a long while before getting on top of our descendants, even if we were to give up our devilish machinations. This ought not to give you regrets, since you always harvested dreadful wages there from. And it might once occur to God to nail you up forever: what will you then profit from your most sour efforts and work? Hence take my advice, particularly since you wanted me to understand that your existence, like God’s, is everlastingly indestructible!”

6. Minerva turns dumb, positioned near the hill upon her vehicle, an indescribably beautiful woman, seeming to ponder over Cado’s words.

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-174 Chapter