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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 205 - The companions’ sublime suspicions. Further encounters. The long deceased ancestors of the Habsburg-Lothringen house

1. The comedian says, walking: “What is that to mean again, the Lord is moving, hence let us fall in step! Who is the Lord, and how come? This person is not going to seriously suggest that this Polish sharpie is in the end going to be Christ the Lord?!” Says one next to the funny man: “Seppl, now I’m in the clear about this mob!” Asks Seppl: “What about it? Dying of curiosity!”

2. Continues the other: “Listen, they are Russian spies making out to be transcendental pianists, pulling wool over peoples’ eyes! True, the so called Paul spoke like a book, and one ought to see no deception behind his dramatic two gold conversions. But had disguise is worse than none; these Ruskies have chosen a smart disguise – Christ, Paul, probably also Peter, Jakob, James or John, and perhaps Joseph and Mary into the bargain! A rare sextet! The Christ is going to be an ace magician and speak in hieroglyphs, if He speaks at all, such magicians normally saying little and keeping quiet. So-called Paul is likely to be his accomplice, not unfamiliar with magic but well-versed in speaking. The other two seem more like conjurers and the one up front with the beautiful hussy a fellow sharpie. The one right out front is most likely a con-man washed with many waters, and his sweetheart a temptress birdie for plenty of dough and equipped with massage paraphernalia. All human of course but somewhat rare for even our great Vienna! Now Seppl, you catching on?”

3. Says the funny man: “That version has merits, yet I would not fully go for it, for this Paul is a wiseman second Jew, seems an exceedingly good man and without the least business acumen. The other four including the hussy, look decent with no crude overtaxes; hence let us trot along as if expecting to get paid. To me the thing begins to take on a different shape to the start: look at the firmament; the sky pure; no sun, yet daylight. Look at this familiar street, do you see any one walking, other than ourselves? Everything is empty, and the dwellings as if deserted. And, unbelievably, the most beautiful grass upon the road! Say, does this not strike you?”

4. Says the other: “Indeed, the most peculiar part is the firmament - the sky an actual indigo-blue, and everything lit up as at noon, yet nothing resembling a sun, and no object to cast shadow! Uniform light everywhere, and no shining body anywhere, no sun, moon or star! You are right – it is most intriguing!”

5. Says the joker: “Well, I agree – the thing is peculiar. The city, the houses, streets and squares are vintage Vienna. Even the state of siege with its stockade and canons continues in its persistent fashion, except a less severe control of visitors to the bastion by guards who let them go their way. But look at the few stragglers one sees: mostly unworldly, wild and stupid like Chinese, and sad and melancholy as if struck down by cholera. See the frog faces those few gipsies near those house entrances are cutting, smelling each other for possible silver and gold. Did you ever see anything like that in dear Vienna?”

6. Says the other: “Truly intriguing; but–hey– what’s that un-Viennese thing heading our way? Golly! Big black ostriches with long neck and even longer legs! A stupendous number of them – moving in on us!”

7. Don’t fancy waging battle! –Friend Seppl nudge Paul, he should know!” Says funny man Seppl: “Why me? These birds will have escaped from a big sanctuary! Mr Cousin isn’t going to let these African capons scare him!

8. Says his cousin Holzbaumer: “Not exactly, but wouldn’t mind knowing where these beasts are from; could they be evil spirits? Easily the case, if we really are in the spirit world!” Says the joker: “They would be spirits for sure, but not evil ones, everything living must have spirit.

9. But the minxes are merging into fighting formation and look eager to take us on. Mr. Cousin could still be right about evil spirits! I will have to nudge the good Paul!”

10. The funny man does so, saying: “Listen, worthy friend, what’s up with those black ostriches, will they have us for a meal?” Says Paul: “Nay, don’t trouble yourselves – they mean us no harm. They’re putting on a pageant to canvas for our visit to their palace. Fear not it shall shortly transpire what these iron eaters are on about.”

11. This relaxes the joker Seppl and his nephew, re-assuring also the other troubled ones. As we approach, these ostriches lose their shapes, turning into lean humans. A couple come up to Robert, asking him to lead the group into their ancient royal palace.

12. Robert tells them he is not the Lord, referring the two to Myself. They say (heavy vernacular again): “If not the lord, why lead?” Says Robert: “Because it is the Lord’s will, as also that you turn around, if you seek real help. The rest of us can’t help you other than through advice, but the matter rests exclusively with the Lord: Hence turn to the Lord, and things will accord with His command!”

13. The two turn to me, Saying: (again in heavy vernacular beyond translating) “If true then follow us with your company, we pray you!” Say I: “What have I to do with yourselves? What are you, exalted ones, for I know you not?! What were your deeds? By their deeds I know the spirits, not by shape.” Say the two: “We are no spirits yet, we are duke, archduke, king and more, all residing in a royal palace, and you are to come with us and we shall understand one another better there.” Say I to Robert: “Well then – take us there, and we shall see what transpires there!”

14. Says Robert to the two: “If you heard the Lord’s words, then go ahead and lead us to your house!” Say the two: “No house have we, but most royal palace, as we are of the highest nobility!”

15. Says Helena, peeved at the boring ponderous locution of these high nobilities: “Well, make sure your royal palace is not a real piggy sty: These would own a palace, isn’t it laughable! This tattered mob and a palace!” Says one of the high nobility: “Dear mademoiselle, shut your trap, Lest I padlock it! Should be glad our Lord God lets you live, understood?”

16. Says Helena: “ Say how long is it since you died? Judging by your language, you must have lived in the world long before Adam? Language to drive you insane! If I am not mistaken, the road leads to the Capuchin friars; should that be the right royal palace?” Says the noble one: “Shut your trap – too young to understand us! We are indeed with the Capuchin friars, but not on, but beneath the Earth. Understood, miss?!”

17. Says Helena: “Indeed indeed, you, still and truly, domiciled interred below Earth! This will be the first time you find yourselves above the Earth!” Says an enraged one; “I have told you to shut your trap! Should you ignore me, I shall have to land you one: understood?”

18. Says Robert to Helena: “Should not say too much to these rough beings, my most beloved, for they might indeed harm you! I can see where they are leading us- one does not have to ask. These all are long dead

19. regents from the House of Habsburg and Lothringen! They now rest in the regents’ tomb with the Capuchins, and partly also with the Augustinians, with some from the Stephan’s Dome catacombs: that’s their most royal palace! We shall be at their coffins shortly; Hence, hold your peace!”

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