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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 204 - One good response. Paul’s concluding words to the stubborn ones. The funny Viennese and the crude Tirolians. The company continues its journey

1. Says one of the remaining one hundred and thirteen: “This was a meaningful speech and uncovers many of life’s secrets for me. Whoever hangs unto the law hangs upon the gallows of law’s spirit. Sin and consequent punishment are but children of the law. The greater the number of laws, the more transgressions and punishments. For terrestrial people law certainly is essential, but nevertheless and evil, and a social curse.

2. If people were like true humans they would need no law and would be far above it. But since men are often animals of the worst kind rather than humans, relevant laws are needed by which wild human vices are tamed. What would be a large community without lawful order? Wherefore there have to be laws, like one evil against another. Yet one can imagine a wise community that has no need of laws, and hence a free and happy lot. We realize all this and can only agree with this Paul!

3. But can an ever so wise man put himself above the law, be the law a natural, moral or political one? If abiding by it, one is its slave; putting oneself above it one is hauled before the courts, where one inherits the curse of the law. If however one makes the law one’s second nature so-to-speak, finding real joy in its keeping, then it resembles an executioner’s joy at carrying out the sentence upon a poor sinner – becoming thereby the living law oneself. The law itself being a curse to the man who has become such law unto himself, he has become the wiliest curse itself. Verily, here it can be said; Lord, who shall be actually ever capable of liberating himself from law!

4. We are made up entirely of ‘shalls’ and ‘musts’; the ‘must’ is fully of the devil and the ‘shall’ not much better. Whatever is subject to an almighty Deity’s will is already under judgment. But that which is made subject to man’s free will shall certainly, whilst not judged yet, nevertheless tarry in constant expectation of same.

5. As a friend of yours I ask: “What are we to do? This person with the apostle’s name, or the apostle himself, for all I care, has made this thing clear and true to us, do we follow him? He is bound to not lead us to hell, which does not exist anywhere most likely, nor to haul us before a court! And so we can follow him into the street, where his actual intentions with us shall transpire.”

6. Say the others: “Indeed; should we be living in lovely eternity already then it would be foolish for us not to follow a Paul! And should it not please us outside, then we can turn back, for outside we are no more under coercion than we are in here.”

7. Says Paul, who had kept quiet: “You shall be just as free to follow my doctrine and good advice as you have been in here! Dear brethren in God, what can you lose by leaving this room? Just the vain expectation of some voluptuous whores that paint in your imaginations but are to be found nowhere in such natural state. What is vain imagination to truth? I nevertheless want to give you the fullest truth in place of this repulsive vanity! What therefore should still hold you back from following me to the holy spheres of light, truth and life, which is the love in God, Who is Christ the eternal and true!

8. You have now been discarnate over here with your imagined expectations for a considerable time, but with what successes? None, I tell you, excepting an occasional transitory apparition of a female creature, afterwards dissolving into nothing. This is all you can boast by way of bliss! Not even the most inferior wine and not a bite of bread; you have so far enjoyed nothing! Yet initially you would hear nothing of leaving this void, good-for-nothing place.

9. It is well for your decision to now follow me, for only now will you get to where primordial truth and reality of all existence are lastingly domiciled. In the world, everything is lie and deception. Your possessions, sciences, arts and treasures, your very lives were nothing but lie and deception! And were the material world to be anything better then it would have to endure, the way truth is everlasting! What is durable in the world however? I say unto you – not even the Word of God! For even that is dulled by the lie of the world and turned into every foolishness, falsity and evil, for which reason it is given to man in a veiled condition, so that it cannot be muddied in its holiness. The world is no more than judged lie for a predetermined test-period. Only when this comes to an end for man does God’s kingdom of eternal truth commence! You also therefore make an end to the world within you, so that the kingdom of God can take up residence within you! Hence let you all follow me!”

10. Declaims one of a humorous disposition: “Fare thee well, quiet house, we cheerfully leave you behind! Lovely building, how joyfully we suffered hunger and thirst there, and no money surplus to wit! How often were we moved to tears within your four walls, penetrated by light through a handful of clean window spots. Friends, it should hopefully be obvious no all that we have everything to gain by the loss of this house!

11. The funniest part however is that we have already unloaded our maggot bags, being only souls with skin, hair and bones. Yet we must suffer hunger and much thirst even as souls, without being able to appease either! It could be the reason for the worldly saying: there goes a poor hungry and thirsty soul! Nothing indeed beats a miserable life in Vienna! Let’s be glad we no longer live on Earth; oh Vienna, getting carried away by idle nonsense!

12. Look at this, several of us have ended up in the street even as I spoke. I can’t recall lifting a foot: what happened?”

13. Says his neighbour - a coarse fellow: “Stupid – its magic – God be with us!” Says the funny man: “If Tirolians could only shut their face - makes the Earth shake with stupidity!” Says the Tirolian: “Carry on and I’ll clobber you to make the red soup run down!”

14. Says the joker: “Stupid dill of a Tirolian – don’t you see we are just spirits, possessing only will and intellect without bodies? Peter, put up your sword: he who lives by the sword dies by the sword’ holy Scripture says. Have you never read same? How could I have, not having gone to school! But this much I do know – that I know holy Scripture better than you do!”

15. Says the joker: “Well, don’t get mountain-heavy and look to where our Paul now converses with a lovely plain man, who cheerfully shakes his head! And further right a girl second to none! Wouldn’t that one do! Let’s move up a little – my soul likes that one somewhat better than the Austrian national debt! What says ye flaky Tirolian?” Says the Tirolian: “You are still the same deft slob! Can’t you see that for the likes of us no figs grow on such trees? Let’s stay put.”

16. Says the joker: “Stay put, gutless wonder; but I’m going over to thank Paul for leading us out into the open for our own good! We are of course still in our dear Vienna, but at least in one of its livelier streets, with happenings, and that is already big gains!” Says the Tirolian: “See the rat-bag you are: don’t I know you? It’s that little hussy sparkle in your eyes – not thanking Paul! But get thee going, or find out how gutless a Tirolian!”

17. Says the comedian to one nearby: “Friend, do you feel like coming with me to thank Paul for leading us out of that lead-works? Nothing can be done with this four-pellet shot Tirolian. Come along if you feel so.” Says the addressed one: “I won’t be coming either. Being a Tirolian, although more literate than the other, you offended me as well. You Viennese are but crude dung-beetles and your company does one no honour!”

18. Says the joker: “Oy Oy, got myself into a spot with two crudest of barrels! It’s time to get moving, before Tirolian inclemency comes down!”

19. The comedian leaves his alpine crowd, hastening over to Paul, saying: “Worthy friend, you have done us a big favour delivering us from our lead-works by the truth of your words, although none of us have expressed our appreciation yet. I would now take the liberty to bring my warmest thanks to you!”

20. Says Paul with a smile: “Good of you, but you should have mentioned the main reason: the rough Tirolian being right in that it’s the little hussy that’s caught your eyes! Only truth in future therefore- because no soul can hide ulterior motives before us here! But go and bring the little hussy your compliments, and keep in mind she already is someone’s wife – the man’s at her side!”

21. Says the joker: “I thank you for this instruction, which is strictly true, but it would be somewhat unseemly to pay her my compliments while she converses with her husband! Yet the longer I look at her the more familiar her face, and his too! He has an uncanny resemblance to the notorious. . . hm. . . can’t think of his name! His looks are those of a leading democrat I saw frequently in Vienna a couple of years ago.”

22. Says Paul: “There isn’t that much to it, and there are too important things to do to toss names around. I will now give you other advice, which it will do you no harm to follow! Fall upon your knees before my supreme Friend and say: “Oh Lord, have grace and mercy on me poor sinner! Take me, a widely strayed sheep, up into Your immense grace and let me partake of the outflow of your love and mercy! ’ But say it in the warmth of your heart, after which great blessings shall come over you!”

23. Says the joker: “Friend, you ask much; consider what dope my acquaintances will think me! What if they ask how I came to slide on my knees as if before the holiest altar sacrament, as if he were our Lord God?” Says Paul: “Then just say to them: “Do likewise; it will do you greater good than vain asking! Because the One before Whom I fall on my knees is Jesus Christ – the Lord of Heaven and all the worlds!”

24. The comedian falls to the ground, roaring with laughter: No, too much is too much. Either you are a recurrent fool, or for a ride, getting fun out of our frailties! It suffices that we honour you, under the name of an ancient, famous apostle who with his doctrine has become a true apostle for us. But that the other two also probably two apostles, and yonder dame perhaps even the most blessed Virgin, together with holy Joseph, goes from sky-blue straight into cherry red!

25. To be honest with you friend, leave us out of such jokes, as they could backfire! Be advised, my otherwise most worthy friend, that although I am no Pharisee of the Roman Catholic variety, I nevertheless am a true worshipper of Christ, confessing His irrefutable Deity, for which reason He is to exalted and holy forme to drag down here into the street muck of Vienna! Believe me, notwithstanding my being no Plato or Socrates or Monk in respect or the fairer sex, I nevertheless am a great friend, revere and worshipper of Christ! Hence I beg you to treat this name of all names more reverently!”

26. Say also the seven who had joined Paul first: “Indeed, Pepi is right. One must show higher regard for Christ the Lord, and it is not nice of you, otherwise worthy friend, to try and drag down the Son of God to a mere human!” Says Paul: “Hold your peace – it shall transpire soon whether I am right! Let us move, for we have finished here! Move, for the Lord is moving!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-204 Chapter