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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 203 - Six are won over, and Paul tries out the others. Time of especial grace. Destructive sensuality

1. Say the initial club spokesman to the others: ”He talks like a book and knows something about black magic and has a hearty character. May it sound ever so crazy to take us for spirits and himself as the apostle Paul – it does not all seem so far-fetched! I haven’t mentioned a few things that struck me (p. s. still in heavy Viennese vernacular). But that’s how things are and I reckon we should follow him, he means us no harm!”

2. Say some: ‘We sure could try; if there is something to it then it can’t be bad, and if not, then we lose nothing. Well then – we five agree with you, let the others decide for themselves. We are with you!” Says the first : “One more, and it makes holy seven! One more guy from you there?”

3. One of the crowd comes forward saying : “Well, since I am the silliest among you agreed ones, I’m joining your holy number; that makes us the seven Swabs”, But you’ll let me be last and call from behind: go, go, jockey and boots. If it goes well, I’ll be in it, if not, I’ll be the first to turn on my heels. As it says in one of the Gospels: the first shall be last and the last first – to run!

4. Remember I’ve always been a funny fella, but it beats me that we should have died already because we ought to know something about that! Dying is not that trivial for forgetting. But be it as it will – it’s worth the ten ducats of fun. Actually I have another half dozen ten Kreuzer notes, maybe our good Paul is going to transform that into gold pieces!”

5. Here this seventh one turns to Paul, saying: ”Listen, my good friend, I have another six such rags. Are you able to transform them into gold pieces?” Says Paul: ”Why not, if it will serve your blind ideas; where are they?”

6. Says the seventh: “Here they are, almost in tatters!” Paul just touches them and they turn into sixty gold ducats. The seventh nearly faints for astonishment, saying after a while; “This clearly is a miracle of the highest order! With the first one I thought you produced mere magic. Now however I believed in Christ’s miracles one and all, and everything else that I would have never believed otherwise. Look, my good man Paul, now I believe that you really are Paul, and that we have actually died already.’

7. Says the first spokesman: ”I too am convinced indeed, but not so much on account of this wonder, but the chat preceding it. The old Paul powerfully shone forth from it, the way he was and lived! And the more I think of his speech the more of Paul and hence of truth I find in it! The ducat production is certainly brilliant, but it could be asked whether good and true. All sorts of magical things surely could manifest in the world of spirits; the good Paul only has to firmly think a thousand ducats, mentally, and since spirits can see thoughts, we shall also see Paul’s ducat thoughts!”

8. Says the seventh: “Yes, but how come that we, having as spirits busied ourselves with the clinking sound of the metals for a lengthy period, not even the meanest copper penny has emerged to replace the paper rags? Wherefore there must be something entirely different to the Pauling ducats – making them merely firm thoughts!”

9. Says the first: “Undoubtedly, although I maintain that his talk was more excellent then his ducat production!” Says the seventh: “Indeed yet his words also demonstrated the portentousness of his ducat manufacturing as applicable to us; hence we can put the latter on an equal footing with his words.”

10. Says Paul: “Your company consists of one hundred and twenty; seven have responded to my words and deeds, leaving one hundred and thirteen unresponsive ones: what about these?” Says one of these: “We stay, and need no more of either your doctrine or your gold!”

11. Says Paul “The portal to God’s kingdom stands open at this time; those striving shall gain entry. But he who does not strive so, now shall gain entry with much difficulty after the big portal of God’s grace is shut again! For notwithstanding the Lord’s unchangeable love and outsize mercy towards all his creatures and children, He is not always even handed with the gift of His special grace. Not everyone receives same, but only the few who were chosen from the beginning and were made capable of grasping and hearing his special grace without detriment to their existence. Nor are there always prophets at hand, not every Earth year bringing forth its own number, and their appearance is by the Lord especial grace, barely one per century. These see things of the spirit and hear the Word from the mouth of God, proclaiming both to the feeble and blind of the Earth, to enable them also to attain to bliss and enter upon God’s grace heavens.

12. Hear and see, ye blind ones, therefore: there currently is such epoch of the Lord’s grace; messengers of the highest heavens are criss crossing the deep and the lowermost sphere of the spirit world’s dim regions! The Lord Himself actually does so, to make the unfortunate ones cheerful! On the Earth as well as on all cosmic bodies, special prophets and servants of the Lord are being awakened, giving out the light and Word from the heavens to the other humans!

13. Only a small number respond. However, many do like yourselves: they laugh off and deride the prophets to their faces and even threaten them. But this period shall soon pass and God’s special grace portal shall shut upon the children for a lengthy period. Your distress-call shall resound but will go unanswered, and you shall not find, even when seeking. Right now, in this time of grace, you need only to be willing to be accepted! You are being called and we are knocking at your heart’s doors. You need only to say ‘enter’, and acceptance into God’s kingdom is accomplished! Right now the Lord is doing everything you desire for your eternal bliss. After this time of special grace however, you can try everything and achieve nothing!

14. But I get the drift of your minds, turning you away from the spirit and its gentle prompting from the heavens, because you hearken to the dead voice of your imagined flesh, pining after women, to fritter away the rest of your lives whoring! Women however no longer fancy your billy-goat shapes, and those that might still fancy you don’t accord with your lust for young and fat flesh.

15. But just hang in there much longer; the special grace period won’t last much longer, after which such women shall come over you whom you shall be serving most notoriously - you shall howl and lament and try getting away from female flesh, but your efforts fail. Those women shall put fetters of glowing serpents around your loins, sinking you into the pit of perdition forever, whence no future time of grace shall liberate you! Beware, all ye in the world of spirits and all fornicators upon the world, who turn their backs on grace, pining after women’s flesh! As God lives and His word is now proclaimed to you, just so certainly shall that which now shows up as your lust, tempting your hearts, prepare shortly for you and your ilk a hell of a most dreadful kind!

16. You complain about the regimes of the worldly princes because their expenditures short-change you, which however bothers you mainly on account of your unsatisfied flesh. You rage against the princes, and their choosing the most beautiful women, on account of your financial shortfall and having to as it were share the fare of the swine if called upon.

17. But you are unable to grasp that God the Lord permits this, to show you that you have been created for something more than the works of the flesh. Man indeed has to also attend to that proper measure and aim whilst living upon a world within the flesh of death, but should aim for existence in a sober and natural fashion, the way it applies to other temporal needs of dead flesh.

18. He who does so upon a world in proper measure and aim does well, although he who refrains altogether does better. For the Lord provided flesh with this sense not as an end in itself but as a tool for sober and wise use. He who turns it into a need however is a miserable sinner, and God’s grace departs from his heart as he hearkens to the dumb law of the flesh, setting up a heaven of rams and dogs for himself in line with the righteousness of death and judgement.

19. Grasp this: he who finds pleasure in a law burdened with judgment, keeping same for the sake of lewdness, has judgment within himself already. He is a slave and his liberty within God is under curse good and proper.

20. Hence you should stand above the law of the flesh through the power of self-denial and through love for and living faith in God the Lord, in order to be freed of all law and judgment! A slave to law, whether natural or moral, cannot enter upon the kingdom of God until he has rid himself of law in all its aspects. Notwithstanding the fact that in God’s kingdom, none are judged according to the law, the law is itself already the judgement. Only he who has truly risen above all law out of lover for God shall gain actual freedom in God! For love in God alone is truth!

21. Now you have all heard it and shall have no excuse not knowing! Hence do what you consider best!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-203 Chapter