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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 202 - Paul at the proletarian club named ‘The Good Shepherd’. The disciple as gold manufacturer. Inflation-theory and feverish worldliness. Racing parable

1. Paul now enters the house, saying to a large crowd gathered in secret consultations about how to organize a demonstration against the government.” Peace be with you! I am a servant of Jesus Christ, sent to you by the Lord Himself. I remind you in all love and patience and Christian gentleness to desist from your fruitless counsels and their resultant works; turn your hearts towards the Lord, presenting Him with your problems, He shall truly help you. He will not close off ear or heart to you, if out of desperation you pray ’Lord, Thou most loving, holy Father, help us out of our great misery, for we too are Your children!’ If you speak thus, the Lord shall be in your midst, giving each according to need. Consider that human help is no real help. Seek help in God, the Lord of all glory and you shall be truly helped everlastingly!”

2. One of the assembled steps up saying: “What do you parson in disguise want? Get yourself going or you shall get to know Jesus Christ good and proper!” Says Paul: “Dear friend, to you and your entire crowd I say that you have not found yourselves in the world for quite some time, but in the world of spirits, yet still acting as if carnally upon the dim world. Let yourselves be counselled and realize your true state!”

3. Yells the one come forward: “Out with this arch cleric! The fellow would have us believe that we already died, taking joking overboard! His bragging can probably be attributed to the new Pauline community, and this Paul belongs to the nut house! That we should be spirits already takes the cake, let such Paul clear out of here!”

4. Says Paul: “Listen, I tell you just one more thing, after which you can either throw me out, or hang unto me. When two thousand years ago I was chosen as a messenger of Christ, I frequently received similar reception and sometimes worse due to the notoriety gained by Jesus’ salvation doctrine with the arch Jews and other peoples. But if said to someone: ‘friend, probe the doctrine and retain what’s good; it will not take you much good will and intellect to do so’ then quite a few who had previously been ready to tear me apart settled down and complied, some subsequently becoming activists for Jesus’ salvation and life doctrine themselves. Wherefore I also say unto yourselves; first prove what I said unto you; if finding something confirmed upon yourselves, what prevents you accepting it and orientating your lives accordingly? Verily, you should be out of your senses in discarding the superior and retaining the inferior. Hence prove everything before judging it!”

5. But what have I to do with the new Pauline community? By doctrine and aim it is further removed from me than the most material Earth from the spiritual heaven! As the living and actual Paul, I can’t tell you more. By my testimony you can see that I am neither a dim parson and much less a member of the Pauline club!’

6. Several of them say in typically proletarian fashion: “Well, that doesn’t sound too stupid, excepting two laughable things: that you would be the real Paul, and that we died already! That we have neither bodies, being pure spirits, or that we no longer exist at all – the more likely story. Or do your spirits also have bodies? If that were so then you might still be right, but not otherwise, ever! ’

7. Says Paul: “Did I not counsel you to prove what I speak!” Say several: “Prove, prove; easier said than done, how can we check it out? Shall we consult a minister perhaps?”

8. Says Paul: “Have you no money on you?” Say the others: “Money? What a silly question! How should we and money get together, and that in Vienna, where there has been none long since! Paper money yes, but no real money for ages! We can serve you a scrap of that if you like.” Says Paul: show me and we’ll see what can be done with it.”

9. Say the club spokesmen: “Look, you that insists on being Paul, here are our takings, a lousy ten Kreuzer (crown) rag! Change it into ten ducats if you can, and we shall be under obligation to you!”

10. Paul takes the ten Kreuzer note, instantly transforming it into ten real, heavy ducats. The club members are astonished beyond measure, saying: “Friend, your abilities go beyond how to roast pears! Ah, that truly takes the cake! That’s a magician for the Rothschilds and other millions! Listen Paul, we are going to keep you, you are our hearts delight! Just what the doctor ordered!”

11. Says Paul: “That by itself is not worthy of a closer friendship, but your becoming aware of God’s power within me is, making you realize I am no liar and deceiver! I asked you for money and all of you together did not have one Kreuzer. That reflects your lives, which you still regard as terrestrially material ones.

12. With the ten Kreuzer note however you exhibited your lives’ contents! Your current lives completely resemble this lousy paper money, whose inner life is as good as none. You would like to shake some real life out of your false and completely useless lives, but your efforts are vanity. Something worthless cannot be improved with more of the same. If you change paper for more paper, what value has the paper itself? None, I tell you. The more new paper is exchanged for the older, the more worthless are they both.

13. Just so is it with life! Earthly life is in itself completely worthless. It’s worth lies only in that through speculation, one can exchange the earthly, make-believe life for a real one through the divine-life stock-exchange. If however I utilize earthly life to enter upon an even move vain life in the spirit world, then I accept inferior paper for the former superior one, making me a fool and nonsensical speculator!

14. Have you never watched a race where good runners run to be first, for a prize, between one barrier and another? The prize is open to them all, but those not making the effort with competent running can blame only themselves if missing out. I say unto you all: run, for the prize is a big one and suffices for all! But to run well you need to be rid of all vain and foolish things, hindering you and tiring your legs prematurely! The run is a real contest; let him who runs do so in earnest. For the gain is in a good cause. He who does not apply himself seriously remains a poor devil everlastingly!

15. In response to your request I made ten gold pieces out of your ten Kreuzer note, which much pleased you! I did this with my secret power, to show you what could be done with your paper lives if you were motivated. Because your pseudo lives fully resemble your ten-Kreuzer note, whose worth is not real, having no substance to cover its nominal value. If however someone like myself can back up this note with ten real ducats, then of course it shall have a large value gain. Hence let yourselves be transformed too! Cast off everything vain, hollow and trivial. Lighten your feet and enter the race for life’s actual goal, and you shall win the right prize - at my side.

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