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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 201 - The Lord receives the tax collector, whilst the Sergeant is rejected. Paul’s ministering to the house of ‘The Good Shepherd’

1. Say I: Indeed, we shall be glad to oblige but you must not neglect to do your part afterwards. Stay with us and pay attention to what we say and do, whilst doing what seems good to you, then you shall shortly be in the clear!”

2. Here the Sergeant steps forward, asking: Friend, can I stay too? I too have had second thoughts! ’ – Say I: You are too presumptuous and like a fox. Not all who come and say: ‘I too want to remain with you’ shall be accepted! Whoever wants to abide with Me must be of a purer heart. Having never believed in Christ, thinking Him to be a capricious Jesuit, how would you now follow Him? We shall indeed see each other once, but right now this would be too early for your insight. Hence go back to your post. Just give Caesar what is due to Caesar first, and then see how you will give God what is due to God! You were invited but did not find it worth accepting, wherefore those in the streets and fences shall come unto Me and dine with Me sooner than the first invitees.”

3. Says the Sergeant: “Talk like that would make an honest person sick; hence God’s speed to you!” Here the Sergeant returns to his post cursing.

4. But the tax-collector says: “This I would not have believed about this person. It is certainly difficult to accept Christ as the almighty God, because one imagines something endlessly great and exalted under the concept of ‘God’, Christ having been completely human like every other man, excepting that He was filled with God’s spirit to an even greater extent than a Moses, Samuel, Elijah and the other prophets. But to reject Christ out of hand, not giving Him the esteem due to a wiseman is rather thick.’

5. Say I: “Good, but what do you make of Christ?” Says the tax-collector: ”Well, as long as no greater better and more perfect God can be found, I take Him to be the highest divine Being. For I am not helped much by a God Who is so endlessly large that no being shall ever be able to behold Him. Christ is just right for me! And an endlessly huge God-Father or a still more incomprehensible holy spirit can be whatever these want to be, such will never bother me. I simply abide in Christ, He shall do the rest!”

6. Say I: “That’s good, cling as closely to Him as possible and everything else shall fall into place. But here comes Peter back from the house, lets listen for any results.” Says Peter: “Lord, things look grim over here, and little is going to be achieved without a judgment, there being an obstinacy, blindness and waywardness that might have been hard to imagine even in Sodom and Gomorrah. Were I vulnerable to attack then this brood verily would have torn me to pieces! Lord, these sick need an odd type of doctor and medicine!”

7. Say I: “Well, let us leave then. We shall not impose ourselves on anyone and shall therefore move on! ’ Says Robert: “Oh you Vienna! You too judged those sent to you. May the Lord forgive you! I intend to take revenge on no one, but since you are hell bent on forgetting the Lord, you shall be severely afflicted. You intend not to welcome the Lord when He wants to heal you, wherefore great tribulation, want and shame shall come upon you! You shall then exclaim: “Lord help me! But the Lord shall move on, and help shall be long in coming! ’’ –Say I: “Let this be correct, I shall not look ahead along this road, and take things as they come. But should such welcome be the order of things, then you Robert shall have been fully right!”

8. We continue our journey and soon reach a house with a sign: “The good Shepherd” upon the wall. Says Helena: “Lord, here it says ‘The Good Shepherd’, here superior spirits may be residing?!” Say I: “I don’t intend to foresee, but go in yourselves and investigate!“ Says the tax-collector: “So far as I know this house never sheltered anyone of good report, and may be worse than the last one.” Says Robert: “ Let’s try, it can’t harm us?”

9. Say John: “I’ll go in if you like?” Says Paul: “Brother in the Lord, I could be more effective when dealing with pagans, hence let me have a go, because you brother may be too gentle with such being and accomplish little, I am of a rougher mettle, and place demands where you merely request. Should I fail, then you and Peter shall not get anywhere either.” Says John: “Dear brother, I wouldn’t begrudge such errand within Robert’s house, but here your steps might be useless as well, because where love is lacking, there earnest misses by an even wider margin!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-201 Chapter