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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 214 - Assessment of life-span in the beyond. Enquiry about world history. Parable of the conjuror glitter. Courtly Glitter

1. Says Paul: “You shall indeed be given someone else, but not right now, when you are still as materialistic of attitude, motivation and striving. I, Paul, am however the tiny apostle with the task of first grinding away the crudely material, removing the initial filth from the children. You shall not get rid of Paul until you exchanged your materialistic thoughts and desires for spiritual ones! Paul’s business is to first clean the site, enabling the proper builders to erect the building which then receives the appropriate and glorious set-up from the Master-Builder Personally.

2. Hence be content with me at the start; for he who receives Paul then also receives Peter, John and finally the Lord Himself. Let all who are willing, start with Paul, or same shall not get to Peter and even less to John. But he who does not get to John will not come to the Lord. For John is like the Lord’s love towards His children.”

3. Says the hard hearted: “Quite so, but your testimony is unreliable and I therefore cannot trust you. You said that I have detained myself nearly two hundred terrestrial years in this spirit world, but this is a complete lie, because I have been here hardly one hundred and ten years, making your statement miss by ninety! Should one assume that spirits of your calibre are unable to say how long a spirit has lived here? Climb out of that hole if you can, and I shall hang unto you! ’

4. Says Paul: “You’ll be hard-pressed taking up such fight! Tell me, you hollow matter borer – when did you learn mathematics in the spirit world accusing me of lying? Listen fool, here in the world of spirits we calculate as follows: from the moment the Lord placed the spirit into your soul (which happens when a child’s soul becomes capable of thinking – being possible already in the first year of birth, with some children)- that is the point in time from which every human is already an inhabitant of the world of spirits, something his dreams tell him all too clearly. Only during naturally waking day-time is man within matter with the greater part of his being, although some, through spiritual thought, observation, prayers, love towards God and noble deeds already find themselves in the spirit kingdom even in broad daylight. And behold, calculation takes its inception there, as we do it here. If therefore you add that to your one hundred and ten years, you shall not find the approximation to two hundred years much of a lie, as you crudely flung it at me.”

5. Says the hard-hearted one: “I was not aware of that method over here. Had you told me that in the first place, I would not have called you a liar, nor would you have called me a matter-borer, this being no compliment either. Wherefore we are square and don’t owe one another anything. Do you concur?”

6. Says Paul: “Fully, but you still have to put up with a few words with me!” Says the now gentler one: “Go right ahead and I will hear you, and tell me also how things are in the world now, how my descendants are faring; I heard there were upheavals in Austria?”

7. Says Paul: “We are now in the apparent Vienna itself, which will show us how things are in the world of matter. For the present however it behoves us to concern ourselves with what lies much closer than the world of matter. In general you are still too much saturated with the Spanish, at that time over-revered and supremely wealthy priesthood and courtly grandezza, and you think that the world can be impressed only with utmost glitter, consisting in gold and vain ceremonials. But I say unto you that nothing can be more wayward than such supremely foolish assumption!

8. Behold, a magician can entertain his deceived spectators only until they notice the skulduggery, after which the magician can start looking for the exit, having sold them bum-steer magic, which is different to an honest magician forewarning the spectators, who will happily depart after such make-believe.

9. So it is with courtly splendour, which can be either real or pretended. Beware regents who tried deceiving their subjects with false glitter! Should they find out, as was the case in France and other states, then such glitterati shall fare badly.

10. True courtly glitter consists in wisdom and a regent’s goodness of heart; in fair distribution and practicable welfare and wise policies that attract the world’s respect and only incidentally causing the regent in his residence to appear honourable and what is in fact – a wise regent of a truly happy nation.

11. What virtue is there to a regent travelling in gilded state coaches when his people languish in rags? What use in heaping burdens upon the poor for one’s own bemusement? These shall take up the fight against the regent with terrible revenge, and his title will be more deserving of a vampire.

12. Look at the proud rulers that Spain, France and England have boasted; they fell sad victims to nation’s unleashed rage! You are yourself still a captive to such courtly grandezza, which has no worth before the people and far less before God. Let that go for it shall bring you no eternal blessing! Behold, had your daughter Maria Theresia not been imbued with a completely different spirit to yours, there would have been no Austria a long time since; they would have attacked and torn it to shreds from every side, as was shown to be the case under your daughter’s son, and also becomes apparent under Leopold and Franz. It was you who cast the seed to all those evils! And as long as the descendant regents ride about in your gilded carriages, they shall not escape some fairly severe tests!

13. Oh Karl, were you a tough regent! Hence soften now before God your Lord, in order to heal those wounds that your exceeding pride inflicted upon the peoples. Many who were blinded under your reign still languish here in the spirit world. God before the Lord your God and Father therefore, laying your great burden of sin at Jesus the Lord’s feet, so that He may strengthen and heal you in everything you presently appear before Him as exceedingly sick; all things are possible to Him!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-214 Chapter