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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 215 - The proud Karl’s version. Paul rattles the haughty one. Karl speaks to Jesus. Prayer for grace and liberation

1. Says Karl: “Where is Je. . Je. . Je. . well, unable to pronounce the name! What else is He called?” Says Paul: “Jesus Christ, i. e. Saviour; the Anointed! The reason you can’t pronounce this name is because there is nothing of Him in your heart. But there is no need for your arrogant question; where is the Jesus to whom I should go, because He stands right next to me and is perpetually the most proximate to me. You need only turn to Him, and you are with Him, so far as your condition will allow. Say at least in your heart: Lord, show grace and mercy unto me – a great sinner! I am not worthy to lift my eyes to You! The Lord shall then do what is proper and righteously lenient.”

2. Says Karl: “This most ordinary Jew is then supposed to be the Lord?” Says Paul: “It is He – the One and Only!”

3. Karl scratches himself behind his ear, saying to himself: “This is supposed to be the Creator of Heaven and Earth! Not bad, not bad! Would have all but given him something as a beggar, and this should really be God the Lord? The exalted regents of Earth do indeed sometimes travel incognito: why should God not do so? Paul will be responsible for this improbable step, the way common fellows seemed endlessly boring to me, preventing me from entering church for Mass if common proletarians were let in the door. The reason also I granted only about four audiences to commoners per year, the mean rabble being exceedingly obnoxious to me. I also kept the court aglitter to protect myself from unbearable boredom. Now I am going to throw myself back into dullness? So be it in God’s name! This common Jew; any Jew at all is already the most unbearable thing to me! As emperor I was minded to have all Jews exterminated, and now I am to acknowledge and worship a common Jew as God the Lord? Oh for the terrifying monotony! ’

4. Says Paul: “Mind you don’t get bored with other things yet! Do you opine the Lord an arch aristocrat Who finds anything not labelled noble as boring? I say unto you – just make yourself intolerable to the Lord, that would make you the most melancholy creature indeed. Whoever finds God’s works monotonous is a child of arrogance and pride and hence an abomination before God! The Lord always favours the little ones. He who does not become as a child of the lowliest beggar shall not eternally inherit the Kingdom of God!

5. Do you presume the Lord fancies the Earth’s regents? There you are way out. He indeed tolerates them as a necessary evil for the people, who are themselves malicious and evil, but they don’t constitute His indulgence! Not from love but wrath did God give the foolish Jews, who too wanted to be great through a king’s glitter, who then made them into servants and slaves, showing that kings are not a blessing but punishment to people, for people still love the world more than God.

6. Why therefore be conceited about having been regent upon Earth? God is the only Regent, all humans being brothers and sisters! Go over to God and confess your guilt, or end up with dim prospects!”

7. Says Karl: “Why should I have lousy prospects? As regent I acted for world history to cede me renown before God and man. Did not my peoples’ love for me actually follow me to the grave? Were not my commands strictly obeyed? What evil did I commit that would dim my prospects?!”

8. Says Paul: “Let’s not do further fault-finding with that; the thing is not what you were to your subjects but to your innermost life itself! If you say you ruled out of yourself, then your entire reign was evil. If you say God’s power and might cause me to act so and so, then the thing takes on a different aspect altogether. For the Lord does not look to the action but its basis and motivation.

9. In itself an action can be ever so righteous, but if committed for the actor’s glory then it causes him evil. Saithe the Lord: When you have done everything then confess and consider yourselves but useless and lazy servants! If you say: I was regent, you already give yourself bad testimony. But if you say I was but, a bad tool in God’s hand, and the Lord was Regent through my willingness then you are justified before God.

10. You indeed possessed the favour of your people, especially the high nobility, but it would have been better to possess the Lord’s favour and love! Hence my friend, not we but the Lord, and things shall move forward for you! I have spoken. May the Lord be with you!”

11. Karl, pondering deeply after that, turns to Me after a while, saying: “According to this Paul’s testimony, You really are Christ the Lord, the One crucified at Jerusalem by the wicked Jews, who are on that account supremely repulsive to me, so that I still regret not exterminating this brood at least during my reign!“ Say I: “Yes, I am He! But should you have any objection then tell Me what I lack in appearance as worthy Christ to you, great lord!”

12. Says Karl: “It's a strange thing; taken terrestrially, you lack a great deal for my acknowledgment of You as Christ. But my circumstances over here are such that I would soon accept a club as sceptre and nightcap as crown; hence why not yourself as Christ the Lord! Should I come across another and more plausible one then the thing can be revised – the right one accepted and the false one discarded! You do by the way act the role of Christ most admirably your genial earnest and majestically beautiful head with big blue eyes make you a good representative of Him. Hazarding the integrity of the one who pointed You out as the real Christ, I accept it, and as former, greatest emperor of the Roman – German Empire I fall at Your feet and say: “Lord, show me sinner before you grace and mercy!”

13. Say I: “Friend, I am well pleased that you have come along this far, and that we can now leave this tomb of the dead and move out into the open. Not much can be said about life where the dead live. Outside, where brighter light suffuses endless the space of the spirit world it will also be easier to see and feel Who is He that speaks to you now! And so let us leave this place and move into the open!”

14. They all shout: “Praise Thee oh Lord for doing this to us. Only now do we begin to understand where we were and what had overtaken us. You alone are our Saviour! Hence to you alone all our love, honour and adoration, for you alone are worthy of receiving and accepting it from us.” Says Karl, getting on his legs: “Lord, include me in this greeting wholeheartedly!”

15. Say I: “Out into the streets of Vienna, and it shall transpire where we will turn in. Robert, lead the way with Helena again! ’’

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